Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hey, I See

 Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012

Cool Man! Thumbs up-

Blue crab- treading water...
 Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012

Little guy swimming down-

Cool cat! Blue Point Siamese?
 Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012

Dramatic thunderheads reflection around the cove near sunset Tuesday evening-

Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012
 Cartoon super hero cross between Pumpkin Head n the Green Lantern... "Illuman-eye"

A naked, plucked, headless, chicken- spread-eagle-

 Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012

Another towering thunderhead reflection in the cove near sunset Tuesday evening-
Looks almost like an elephant leaping, I think.
 Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012

Reflection in the cove before the other pics were taken. The storms were all around the village without raining on us again.The pretty clouds blocked the view of the setting sun tho.
I think they made fun altered images. See anything else?

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012

A scene of billowing purple clouds rolling below and above, 
In a dream full of watery love I swam thru the sky with the heron n hawks.
Low tide cooled my heart ache until it was still, beating slow rhythm  in deep sleep.
where the wishes keep good for a lifetime of hope... always
by SnaggleTooth today

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Photo by SnaggleTooth July 2012

I first saw him working the beach in July. It was a beached whale...
Photo by SnaggleTooth July 2012

I didn't bother him, just took a few quick shots from the pier.
Photo by SnaggleTooth August 2012

Then today I found a dog with all his belongings on the beach by the pier.
Photo by SnaggleTooth August 2012
He'd started "tinkering" right after high tide started going down. I asked him how he gets the color on n I guessed right, non-toxic spray paint used with a very light, loose touch.
Such patience he has...

Photo by SnaggleTooth August 2012

That's Sandman monitoring his work by the pier n the main beach as he awaits the evening free concert. My cam was facing the Sun n gave him an odd purple marker, which has only happened once before on the haunted hill across from my house.
He was nice to chat with, n from out of town, but visits often.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TV Turnoff

Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 21 2012

Why do I always procras- tinate past the last minute when my service companies or daily used web services (like Blogger) decide to upgrade n change my way of doing things? Then I'm forced into a big hassle of changing when it's too late to avoid getting shut off from previous known proceedure. (n I'd never really wanted to... that's why).

The latest warning I ignored was a snail mail notice recieved in July, when all that other stuff was going on. Neighbors interrupting my sleep daily, extreme heat with no ac, loss in the family, quick n long trip, truck breakdown, plus OT every day at work but still broke- I was just too overloaded to pay attention when I read the "going to all digital channels" notice from the cable company.

Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 21 2012

Then I got a warning "Robo message" call a few days ago, startling me into realizing I'd had no time to deal with the thought of preparing in advance for it. So when I got home last early am for Day Off from another week of tall order n machine breakdown hell, I turned on my usual background tv channel n found a buzzy test screen rainbow. N the next channel, then the next... then TG finally, 4 channels came in- whew!

I'll only have a handfull of program choice until the converter I had to order arrives. (update: later on I was suddenly reduced to only 1 channel- joy). It reminds me of what it felt like to visit far northern cousins with only 3 tune-able stations as a kid, after being spoiled with 15 Boston stations all the time. I only get basic cable, but it's nice to watch what you're used to. When I go somewhere with 800 channels, I'll still watch my regular choices.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 21 2012

I guess being that way n not wanting to change how things are done everyday is part of getting old- plus I'm just too tired n overworked to want more on the docket in my limited free time...

Seems like almost all my time is spent recovering from work, n preparing for work again. I definately need more relax n play hours, n way less forced hassle... 

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Image  by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012

I gave myself an award! Well, Joey said I could...
 N he got the idea from Jeannie. Plus I could think of answers when I was reading the questions on Joey's new list, saving time...

What is a Liebster Award? What does it mean?
According to
 "German To English - Liebster   
(der) n. sweetheart, beloved person, darling"

Image  by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012
 N then There's a foundation:
Arnold Liebster Foundation "Purpose of this foundation is to promote peace, tolerance, human rights and religious freedom through education.
That's a noble cause...

I had to look it up, because I didn't know what it meant, even with the heart after the title...

Image  by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012

What rules? Everybody makes their own here- We're artsy folks in Blogland! I was gonna use Jeannie's questions, but actually came up with a few during this refreshing T-storm we're having, cutting off my connection...
There are 11 info things about you or make up more questions. Pick n choose, mix n match! Whatever!

 "Do or Do Not, There is No Try..." (Thanks Yoda)
(I Kinda altered the award picture... The larger one is what I love doing, finding faces in sunsets again)

Image  by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012
11 questions Joey thought up Plus my answers:

1. Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong? 
Of course I never feel the same about them again. I don't get revenge, but don't tend to like or speak to those folks again.

2. If your blog had a theme song, what would it be? Why?
Gilligan's Island- So much water, boats, n dinghy pics here. Plus the lyrics were posted on ESR  ages ago- twice! 
I'd put an original tune up but am afraid of steal-age...

3. What is the most daring thing you've done recently?
I drove 830 miles in two days without sleeping. Then later I involuntarily drove home from work without having a brake pedal to use. All chronicled previously on ESR. I haven't swum with the sharks yet, maybe tomorrow...

4. Do you like your life right now?
Some things I like: Where I live, my cat Mischief, eating ice cream, my curly hair, local folks
Somethings I don't : my stressful job, when the truck needs fixing, when folks don't let me sleep, I need more free time, ...
I'm not sure which wins-

5. What was the last lie you told? 
I didn't swear out loud at a work peson who really got me mad making me do extra things because they were lazy. More of an omission-

6. Is there anything hanging from your rear view mirror?
A dangley, pewter, Betty Boop sitting on a carroussel horse my Big Sis gave me when I drove the truck to Florida in '01. "Boop, boop, de doop!"

7. Do you consider yourself successful?
I'm successful at taking sunset pics usually. But the geese came out all blurry! I was a successful single parent for decades. 
 I could use alot more play time n money tho...
I'd like to get some books out, art out, songs recorded, games developed, n movies made. Then I might feel a little more furfilled. 

8. What was the first music album that you bought?
- "Revolver" - Beatles in '73

9. Do you feel you express your "true self" on your blog?
Sometimes it's a journal for me. But I do make an effort not to rant about all the stuff really ticking me off every day. The list is long! Then there's the protecting identity thing. I leave alot out- but explain enough I think to begin to understand me.

10. Would you ever give a hitch-hiker a ride somewhere? 
When I was a teen I hitched a few rides with unknown people, n all turned out well, TG! If I saw a car breakdown n someone needing help far away from other help- probably. I used to walk everywhere around here, so don't feel too sorry for local folks who just don't wanna walk- but I have picked up a few people I knew in the rain before-

11. Have you ever acted like you understood something when you didn't have a clue?
I work with alot of people who speak almost zero English. Mostly they speak Creole n Portuguese. I believe in non-verbal communication. When I speak a bit in their language sometimes they say alot quickly that I don't get- but nod, yep!

Image  by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012.....................
11 more questions I thought up:
(Plus my quick answers)

1. What's your idea of a good birthday activity? (singing)
2. Do you have a Favorite movie? (Star Wars)
3. Do you have a favorite Movie song? ("Twisting the Night Away" in "Inner Space")
4. Do you dance at weddings? (Yes)
5. When you don't know an answer do you guess anyway or leave it blank? (Always guess)
6. Do thunder n Lightning storms frighten or fascinate you? (fascinated since a child)
7. Is there anything on your kitchen table which doesn't really belong there? (Two rocks from Marshfield Beach last year, used to hold my book pages down to read hands free while munching- One looks like a tongue)
8. What's the last thing you impulse bought not on the shopping list? (5- 11 x 15 " bins to organize stuff from the Dollar Tree)
9. When faced with a, b, c, d, multible answer choices, do you always choose "e- none of the above"? (Yes, n once wrote a song with that title)
10. Do you like doing Memes or is it too stressful?  (sometimes, but I do like to read them!)
11. Do you have a favorite number? (mine is 11)

Photo  by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012

Here's the M-cove sunset yesterday. Today was rain, good day to meme! Feel free to do it or not...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Trumpet Vines

Photo by SnaggleTooth summer 2012

Image by SnaggleTooth summer 2012
Photo by SnaggleTooth summer 2012

Photo by SnaggleTooth summer 2012

Image by SnaggleTooth summer 2012

Photo by SnaggleTooth summer 2012

All pics but this one were taken down at the Boulevard next to the M-cove.This side view is from my side yard vine. The blooms average 4 inches long. Altered versions are just before the originals used.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Yellow Purple Red

Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012

Water bridge to sky

candy for the mind

Riot of beauty

Lost at color sea

Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012

Same place minutes pass

Different view past

Riches far away

Temperature turn

Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 2012

Amber violet rose

Halfway summer goes

Off to China Sun

Medals champions hold

Poem by SnaggleTooth today

Photos from the D-bridge of the same sundown, minutes apart on Tuesday evening, the first not too hot n humid day here in weeks... Now back to the hot muggies...

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Image by SnaggleTooth July 2012

All my grand plans for this Day Off came to a screeching halt when Little Truck's brake pedal lost hydraulic pressure yesterday- To the floor! What a way to end the month... But I made it home alive n with no problems, thanks to neutral gear, the emegency brake, n the complete lack of traffic or red lights in the dead of night- whew!.

No errands to run, just pouring rains all day n no ambition to walk to stores in the gushing deep puddles. (Otherwise known as "Swimmin'")

Photo by SnaggleTooth July 2012
 I called a guy about the cost of a tow for two miles down the road, n the price has gone way- up! They wanted $90 bux cash, n all I have is plastic. I wasted all kinds of time going thru the accumulated junk-mail pile, looking for an old Triple-A auto club ad that apparently is no longer sent out by snail mail. I wanted an idea of the price, n a number, or website url.

Image by SnaggleTooth July 2012
 There were tons of AARP paper ads tho... (The Old Folks Club) Another one I should sign up for one day soon. So the Google search got me to a sign-up page, n I still hadn't seen a price quote. It's been years since I was a member- Then they wouldn't let me sign-up online, cause I was "a duplicate account" in the records, n had to call on the phone. More wasted time... Have I mentioned I detest wasting my time?

Photo by SnaggleTooth July 2012
 Well yay, finally signed up over the phone via plastic card, n for only $52, but I have to wait a day for a tow, or there's a same-day fee of $35, n then I'm a mere $3 shy of that original $90 it would cost to get to the service station the easy way.
Maybe August won't begin by raining on me...? 

Image by SnaggleTooth July 2012
 Today's post pics are swim area Buoys-on-a-string by the bathhouse, my toes in the M-cove water, traps (lobster anyone?) near a neighbor's beach steps, n a pretty M-cove from the bridge on Weds evening (a day before my long drive north).

Photo by SnaggleTooth July 2012
 I feel pretty safe in our sheltered bay waters here, but any large fish would be easily seen, reported, n followed in a boat by the harbor master, as has been the case with a 6-foot Sturgeon in this cove, n a Dolpin in the past. Further down Cape out near the seals in Truro, a swimmer was finally victimized by a White shark on the last day of July. TG he's expected to live.

Photo by SnaggleTooth July 2012

The last line of this online news report states "Scientists confirmed it was a great white shark, the first in the area since 1936." For details about what is meant by that quoted year in the article, read my old ESR post "Shark Tail Soup" which has had tons of hits this year since the recent shark sightings here, btw-

Normally I like to swim like a seal over my head in the deeper water, but this year I'm not pushing my luck...