Monday, April 12, 2021

Trah La La

Photo by SnaggleTooth

I skip ahead , entirely over the month of March. Ending up in April, last vaca day of a week. Still lacking much energy to do that which I'd intended...

A long list left lingering, awaiting time not yet possessed due to the need for income and the job from hell I am returning to tomorrow.

Tried to do so much, but getting stuck in cyber-mud! After months of an inability to read , now getting lost in type everywhere I had backlogged.

Most painful it was realizing all I had mis-placed in my crowded space , due to my blindness. I had lost my memory sticks of pics, plus my new spiffy Cam that always let me see what my eyes would not. Thought the things were put in a spot, yet when searched, they were not. So a week's time was spent just recovering those, and sifting old work stuff. 

I almost feel like I can think clearly. Now time to gear up for work that makes me sore again, rats. I had bought a bunch of lottery tix, and didn't win large amounts to quit yet, tho they paid for themselves. Two more left to scratch, n quick picks to check. Would love to update with a jackpot. 

Sleep was improved , though most still interrupted. Living here in a place full of loud people and many dogs is hell on my up all night need a.m. sleep routine. In December I skipped sleeping 30% of the days to get my eyes done with all the required tests and appointments!  (10 of 30 days sleepless). I am still lagging in rested now. 

Mostly, I found myself sifting through FaceBook Stuff, while keeping quiet for others to sleep. Now I am going thru so many memory stick images, and not remembering original dates. Dates got overwritten when they were transferred to sticks as the copy date. 

This partial seagull pic is likely 2 years old, found on this Chromebook drive, from when I couldn't see well. Now I can, but I am so slow now! My eyes were so bad I was lucky to get the bird in the frame... 

Friend Bruce Marshall Solo Live Stream is keeping me busy at 7 est on Weds nights. He just had a 1 year anniversary for those performances on FB , but I just found it in December when I could read again. 

I have far too much to keep busy now, books to read, dvds un-watched, guitar playing to remember, and old works to find. 

I really must get to tax instruction reading now... last year done with a magnifying 20x glass. Very tough and excruciating. This year should go much easier than that.

Tempus Fugit. Time Flies!

The sign from The Matrix film at the Oracle place. My Brother used to say the Latin phrase often. He Passed away in 2018. He was right!

Friday, February 19, 2021


Photo by SnaggleTooth Feb 2007

We're used to being frozen here, but much of the southwestern states this week are putting up with freezing temps. Snow and ice are where they have never been before with power outs causing water and pipe problems for folks used to an almost tropical life in a desert setting with cacti in the gardens.  

Texans are fed up with frozen. 

On the Cape here, we are accustomed to heating methods, hand warmers, and wearing layers. I wouldn't dream of heading out without a scarf and hat in frozen temps. still, there are always hardy New Englanders who wear hockey shorts out every day, or refuse to wear a coat ever. Even with sub-Zero windchill temps and danger of frostbite. 

I keep warning kids at work it is possible to lose your nose and ears out there, but they think it is not a problem for them.  With the pandemic mask rules, I am keeping the face warmer. Those kids tho, keep refusing to wear masks and put me at risk each night I work.  

Friday, December 18, 2020

Where U Been? ??

 Well past Blog Buddies / Readers, I have been fumbling around on FB for many months, unable on post on ESR due to being unable to read any text or find a cursor on my laptop. 

The Pandemic closed down the Library and access to quick and easy photos from the cam, back in March 2020. I have been unable to pay bills with a hard connection, and still have a very past due book in my possession. 

I had to write and read with a thick marker, and had been unable to see lines or ink marks on paper. This month,  I just had two eye surgeries, (one two days ago), and suddenly reading is a world easier. I feel like I have a new lease on life, after feeling all I'd wanted was over.

I will now make an effort to do more artfull pursuits in my free time. This blog is one of them. Much of what has been in the way, like a job making me sore and tired are still there. I did manage to keep doing my job, and getting paid, although I was legally blind!

Now I just need enough money to pay all these medical bills... Maybe I can get around to making unicorn pics and get paid for it...

So glad I can do this laptop now! Still have cool art pc machine unplugged, so won't be doing that soon.  Do have a cam though, which was seeing way better than me. Maybe I can get around to see who is still out there. 

I have missed being in touch with you all, with the exception of 3 FB friends who are also Blogger Buddies.

ESR shall return...




Photo by SnaggleTooth 2008
"Hey GreenSix, I can see ya over there. How's it going?"
"I didn't know you were awake, GreyEight. It's getting pretty late in the day."
"Yeah, it'll be a long night. I see your Captain was too lazy to flip you over again!"
"Cappy had alot of clams in his basket today, and was so sore from all the mud-claw digging, he forgot all about it. It's real cloudy out, too. Looks like rain! Sigh."
"Maybe he wants the rain to wash the mud out so he doesn't have to."
"I wish he'd take better care of me, he is really lazy when there's no immediate payment involved. At least he tied me to my little sign-pole this time so I don't float away again..."
"It's about time the Harbor Master finally lifted the Shell-fishing ban! That orange warning sheet isin't tacked up to the placard anymore, now that it's just us townees, and the littering tourists have all been gone awhile."
"I'm sure glad there's a reason to get out around the coves again, myself."
"I hear ya, it's good to rest for the night, but I can't stand watching the tides come in and out, without ever getting into our saltwater all month!"
"For shore!"
"Uh-o! Hang onto your paddle, GreenSix, here comes those seagulls again!"
"Aw, come on! Please miss me this time you pesky, messy, fly-by bombs."
"I'm glad to be hull up for this round. Sorry about your sore, sandy Keel."
"It would serve Cappy right, if I spring a leak and he has to bail me out to get back here with those heavy clams next ride out!"
"Time for my nap now, Better luck tomorrow, small craft!"
"Talk to you later, GreyEight-footer. Stay afloat!"
"...Shore snore..."

Thursday, March 05, 2020

SUNDAY, MARCH 14, 2010


Image by SnaggleTooth March 2010.
What thought I knew,
Was old news.
I can build,
Seeds will sow,
Spring will leap,
Up from below.
Clocks jump ahead.
Hearts skip a beat.
Image by SnaggleTooth March 2010Life zooms away,
So very incomplete.
Assuming you have time,
Never very wise.
So make your calls
Today not later.
Saving for tomorrow
May be for some one else.
Will tomorrow come?
Not for everyone-
Can't know all.
Grass will grow

Photo by SnaggleTooth March 2010
.poem SnaggleTooth today


At 7:32 AMBlogger G. B. Miller said...

Springtime in New England.
At 8:01 AMBlogger Lynn said...
At 12:40 PMBlogger TALON said...
So true - we often take time for granted. No time like the present to really live.

Loved your poem, Snaggle.
At 6:32 PMAnonymous Anonymous said...
What a beautiful poem, and one that so simply states the importance of being mindful of what's happening NOW.

I've enjoyed your blog, and was happy to be introduced to it through the comment you left on Lance's guest post.

Much love & joy to you!
At 2:12 AMBlogger Snaggle Tooth said...
G, thanks. Won't be long now-

Lynn, thanks

Talon, I'm getting tired of doing so much for later this week! Unfortunately all I can choose to do for my now is sleep! Thanks for enjoying it.

AAjoy, Welcome to ESR. Thankyou- I wish I had alot more now time to spend, instead of preparing for work tomorrow- I did read the main page of your blog. I'll go back n read again. Nice to blog-meet you also. i'm having a trying week- thanks for your wishes.
At 4:58 AMBlogger LL Cool Joe said...
I've been thinking a great deal about this. Tomorrow isn't promised, so enjoy each day while you can.

Lovely post.
At 3:51 PMAnonymous Anonymous said...
I really loved this! Beautiful to say the least! :) Your art is super-gorgeous. I especially love the colours. G :)
At 6:15 PMBlogger Thomma Lyn said...
Beautiful poem -- thought provoking, a bit sad, but it celebrates the spirit of life while lamenting the speedy passage of time.
At 6:53 PMBlogger Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...
you are so very smart and inventive!
loved the inspirations you bring!
At 6:53 PMBlogger Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

an award for you,
Happy Monday from Jingle!
At 3:13 AMBlogger Snaggle Tooth said...
llcoolJoe, I was forced to really chew on it when someone died this week- which makes 2 of my peers recently- both Moms whose kids grew up with mine- yikes! I'm still here= yay...

Another G! Welcome to ESR Gina- I'm glad you enjoyed my offering. Joe up there reminded me to start playing with color more, so I'm doing alot more for blog pics this year, besides my usual landscapes. Thanks

ThommaLyn, Thankyou. The subject is weighing heavy on my mind this week- read my Com to Joe above. I've been very sentimental lately-

Ji, Thanks I was inspired by several things- the post I'd read, a real life current event, n the pics. Sometimes it's easy-
If in turn I inspire you, I'm glad!

Jingle, Another award! So many awards- so little time! Wish my 'puter was working better-
I previously won the Kreative Blogger award, n redesigned the pic to suit my taste too... somewhere on ESR-
At 10:51 PMBlogger Blue Bunny said...
hay -- i knew wot that wuz!! i good wit hay ans stuff i eets.


i lieks your poem too, verry deep!
At 2:04 AMBlogger Snaggle Tooth said...
BB, That particular hay, across the lot at fav beach, is six feet tall! thanks, poem written due to a friend's untimely death this week-