Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Photo by SnaggleTooth July 2014

I was halfway
Down the hallway,
n I'd forgotten the key.

I walked halfway
Across the bridge
n I'd found some peace

Image by SnaggleTooth July 2014
Halfway in my picture
Green faces
Spoke to me.

Halfway information

Image by SnaggleTooth July 2014

Are we halfway
Thru the Summer
So speedily?

Halfway thru life
Before the Key to Peace
Tells me to look... ?

Poem by SnaggleTooth today 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Set a Spell

Photo by Snaggletooth July 2014

Just alot of rain this Day Off, n the plants are lovin' it-
But no sunsets to see except last weeks takes, which you'll see more of. Everyone's phones buzzed at the same time last night at work with the Flood watch alerts, n for sure the drivers were bummin' out with downpours during deliveries.

Image by Snaggletooth July 2014
Last week's storm measured 4.5 inches on the Toad rain-meter. Today just got read at 2.75 inches, so I guess the local drought is officially over, n no watering needed for a bit.

It was pouring with thunder n lightning to beat the band after I got home, so I had to stay off-line as the power flickered. I really needed rest after another tough week anyway.
Now back to the chores....

Monday, July 14, 2014


Image by SnaggleTooth July 2014

About the only thing I'm enjoying lately is making rounds with the water can around the deck to see how the plants are coming along in this different, later growing season. So far only one of the impatiens I planted from seed has had a couple blossoms. The Wildflower mix has a few Buttons n a Cosmo showing. Violas are plentiful.

Image by SnaggleTooth July 2014
 The Herbs are doing well, n the veggies are beginning to get productive. I picked the first red tomato off the little "Beef-eater bush" today. It has about 12 more little green ones already! I splurged $3 for that Bonnie Plant n It's earning it's keep already.   I'm still waiting for pea n bean flowers to turn to pods, n the rest of the seedlings are at least growing- Many out-dated seeds just didn't sprout.

Photo by SnaggleTooth July 2014

The petunias are doing better than the pansies, but the stars of the week are all the Lilies which boldly opened a few days ago. If only my cam could do them close-up justice...

Last week, I didn't get to post due to my finicky machine n lack of free time- I hope to catch up a bit more this week, if thunder n lightning allow- I have some awesome sunset pics from last week to post soon.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Revving up

Here comes the busiest time
of year for my village, when tourists from everywhere will descend to vacation n day-trip here in time for the Independence Day celebrations. I'll be working like a dog to keep up with huge orders all week-

All the cottages fill up, n the roads get crowded, along with the shopping lines. For some local businesses, this week makes or breaks their year.

I'd rather be playing in the refreshing salt-water... I have yet to swim or BBQ any food.

But tales of hurricane n storms heading this way for the week-end may wreak havoc in folks fireworks n BBQ plans. My 6-day work-week beginning with an extra early shift once again, has reduced my plans to just trying to get thru the week until the following 2-Days Off next week allows me to recoup.

I hope everyone else has a fun Independence Day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Photo by SnaggleTooth June 2014

One guy is out there most evenings just fishing around to see if the big ones are running in yet...
Heard tales of some Stripers being spotted here this week. 

Today a Beluga Whale was spotted in Gloucester harbor, n a 18 foot Great White was filmed from a vessel in Sandwich waters of Cape Cod Bay. I myself noted a small. translucent jellyfish at the boat ramp beach today. Suddenly the water is heating up, n here come the sea critters!

Blogland has slowed way down this summer... but I'll keep doing it, especially when I get a fun image to share like this one. Enjoy these long summer evenings while they last! Pic is from last week Day Off, still unprocessed, straight from the cam.

Update: I heard on Fox news tonight about a pod of Orca spotted off the island of Nantucket, the second species of displaced Arctic sea mammal found off the coast of Massachusetts this week! The Beluga whale is currently in the Taunton River, as read about on the  Mystic Aquarium Site. My theory is the young whale was chased  by the orca,  or other large predator long distance, so the whale is hiding...