Thursday, August 20, 2015

Holding On

Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2015

Where I'm staying the house owner's been in the hospital, so I've ended up with a few unexpected responsibilities like front n back garden watering n some animal care. Still haven't made the beach yet. The tide is too early for me  this week- tho I may yet find ambition to make a bike ride down there to toe dip this week. Haven't been taking many pics that have come out well either.

I should just give up doing extra things until my planned days off in a couple weeks, n would if we weren't so roasting hot here again this week. The humidity has been up there, n of course I'm getting lots of exercise n sweating.

No ac at home, n the one window with the door shut just is killing me, never mind cooking tea water or food- watermellon, ice cream, n cold sandwiches will do for now. I finally started using the ice-box ice cubes in my Kool-Aid tonight. Finally got over-heated in here doing dryer laundry. Much more convenient n faster than having no machine, but some of my ancient clothes are shredding.

Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2015

What's messing me up is most of the stock has been moved to the yet to open location, n I can't get things I would have by now- like a new lunch bag n backpack. The old ones are all ripping to shreds in the meantime...  Patching away with a sewing needle lately.
Also I'm not looking forward to walking miles in the new store to find the same things I was getting there before like tea bags n eyedrops.

As I age, all this "new progress" stuff seems to always mean "figure out new ways to get everyday things done again," without any extra time for  learning fitted into your schedule.

Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2015

Pic is the interesting above ground roots of an Oak tree outside the library, turned purple. (It was very grey).
Still trying to fit Library trip plus other things into the same Day Off n keep running out of time for other things. This week I'll be skipping sleep Saturday to fit in a Sister visit, n hope to recover quickly while not missing a day of work. I've been so overtired- n waking up with allergy head-aches. The Ragweed is crazy out there now, n I'm weeding it, plus getting a blast of new chemicals (soap) around the new place too.

What a different summer I'm having this year...
Hope your's is going better! 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cut Off

Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2015

A whole week was just spent wondering if that previously mentioned plant was Sharon's Rose, n I was unable to check it online or go back to correct it...

Well, at least I remembered the first n last letters.

I could've unconsciously been avoiding using the name Sharon, because I once had a dear friend with that name when my kids were young. Several years after the last move 30 years ago we permanently lost touch. I wonder whatever happened to her...

Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2015
It was a bit upsetting to me she never called me back after I decided I couldn't afford to purchase a water filtration system she was trying to sell...  

Be warned sales personnel, I'm the hardest sell in the book you'll ever encounter. I've turned down so many pitches, including vacuums, cemetary plots, n once told a heat sensor detector guy I'd rather die in the fire than pay $800 dollars for the system he was selling... Never mind it was for an apartment I soon moved from.

I'd rather have copper wire phone service that works when the power is out, than fiber optics you pay electric use for n the squirrels eat every other month, dependability being the point. Right up to the last week in the old house I had to argue with repair guys that I did not want the Fios line...

Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 2015
But not having any (already paid for) cell service in my free time is really slowing me down paying bills n keeping in touch. I hate making calls while at the store or in public too. The library here cuts you off all day after your one hour, even if no one else is using the computers. I posted that last week's post with less than 3 minutes to spare, btw- n the one hour is never enough.

The dvd player provided here with the cable won't work after fiddling with it again n again. I want to see my movies n can't do it yet. A long summer without my treasured collection to take comfort with. Star Wars would really be nice to escape re-runs with now... Especially the music. Comfort has totally escaped my life lately. Everything has become very inconvenient. 

I have been feeling very cut-off from everyone n everything I'm used to. Luckily I needed more quiet time to read books, but still- it feels like wasted free time! Also it's very tough being totally quiet after work when I want to unwind n everyone here is asleep. I want to walk around, garden, speak, n sing music, but I have to be stifled to be considerate.

At work I've been aggravated beyond belief recently. I can't believe I haven't quit with all I've had to put up with. These few things are making summer seem way longer to go thru, n there's 3 weeks left to endure n try to get to the beach down the road.

Hope yours is going better than mine-

Thursday, August 06, 2015

A Gust

Altered Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2015
Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2015Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2015Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2015The skies looked threatening Tuesday, but my area was spared any damages from weather. The news had reports of a water spout near Boston off of Hull, n 2 inch hail.  Luckily the tropical weather here doesn't last very long.

Most of my house plants are beginning to adjust to the different conditions of their new window. The one casualty so far is the small pot of Thyme I have inside. The Lemon thyme is still alive tho- I hope this is not an indication of how my time will be here... The one out in the back yard is doing okay.

I have so few plants now compared to what I'd have if I hadn't moved. It's pathetic I can't seem to even keep up with them, making sure the heat doesn't boil them while I'm out...

Well we've been doing steamy here a few weeks. No ac n only one window open in my room. The kittens destroyed the other screen right after it was repaired. I have two small fans going in here, but it has been oppressive trying to sleep to say the least.

The Kitten gang is getting famous for wrecking stuff around here lately. A few minutes ago they erased my desktop game score, n this text- luckily I have this app set to only save on command, so I could exit n open to get it back again. Of course, I had no idea they were even in the room, where
I always keep the door closed...

So much to get used to here- like giving up finding something when there's no time left to look. In most cases it would be easier to buy new ones, looking always makes another pile to move in order to eat or sleep.

I'm having quite a tough time getting used to fitting in showers n laundry around the 4 other people here. When I come home late from work, two other people are getting ready for work at 5 n 6 am, so I have to wait for them, or sleep n then wait around the other after getting up.

 I'm really going to make an effort this week to get to the beach down the road on my bike before the weather gets cool again. I've lined up a few vaca days off in September to get this place a bit more functional, hopefully.

Susan's Rose Trees (I think that's what the name is), are blooming out in the garden out back, n I've spotted some humingbirds which I missed with the cam. Oh well. I'll just be grateful If I can get any altered pics of them uploaded because they came out awesome last night.

Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2015

Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2015

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Pre-Dated Pics from 2 weeks ago

Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Place, New Post

Our next exciting episode:
This is your life!
Awww- I forgot all about these people, pics, things, momentos. I'm finding all kinds of stuff from my childhood, teen-age-hood, n young adult existance that I'd not focused on in eons. If only I had time to really read n play through all these things. Original recordings, on cassettes n 8-tracks, so many uncountable notebooks full of verse n ideas. But it  was old cards, postcards n letters which seemed to always choke me up. Tons of forgotten college works have been uncovered as well.

 I've had a few surprises in the past few weeks.
Mostly about how long it takes to clean up 30 years of stuff. I'm a really hard worker, but this move has gone on ad-nauseum far too long. I hope to never live upstairs again... my legs are toast- We've had several very hot n humid days I had to work all the way through the past week, instead of sleeping n continue to work the night job. 
Finally this upcoming week things will slow down from mad dash storage runs, n stuff trips will be limited to clearing out some items from storage which were thrown in unsorted. plus I have old bills to sort n toss, but the current ones are still lost in a pile of similar boxes along with the stamps n checkbook somewhere.

I have way too much stuff in my one room here. But the one dresser is still almost empty, laundry must be washed n re-arranged. Food is not allowed in storage, so I have boxes of canned bargains keeping company with a minimal dish n pan pile in one corner. Also a whole stack of cupboard items in plastic bins.
Shared refrigerator n freezer space has been reduced to two shelves each in a side-by-side, n two short (tall boxes won't fit) spaces in one cupboard. Didn't realize how spoiled I was to have the space I did when I thought that was small... I'll work at whittling down the bedroom pile n shop much less.

Seriously, after being in the same spot for 30 years re-learning maps of where items are stored n how to do day to day activities is huge. Probably moving more often is better because you are forced to sort through stuff n not let it accumulate. Of course if I'd gotten previously requested vaca time off work to sort stuff, I would not have had as much to do these past few weeks.

It took me over two weeks to hook-up my computer again, maybe first chance to get to internet at the library in another week from writing this. I have yet to go for a beach swim, but toes have made a few walking dips.

I haven't had much time for anything else.
Whew the old mess is done, now I have a new one to sort n sift here.

Another surprise is my cell phone service only gets a sometimes one bar in the house, n has cut off most calls so far. I'll have to walk down the street a bit to make needed calls. That's pre-paid n I don't want to switch service until minutes are used up. Apparently only Verizon works well in this area, n I hate that company due to old problems they caused (cost) me. So sorry if you tried to call n didn't get through. Texting works better.

Poor Mischief never made it to the new place. She became too debilitated to walk, n was dragging herself using claws- very sad to watch... So after a trip to the vet I decided it would be better to put her to sleep. That cost a small fortune, as did cremation services. Now that I've slowed down a bit, I really miss her.
Luckily I'm playing with cute kittens in the new house to distract me, n have made friends via doggie treats with the Chiwawas so I can walk thru the yard to the garden n shed. My poor plants are all in shock n dealing with new light n insect issues. They were all doing so good until this week here. I had to use bug spray for the caterpillars n grasshoppers.
Still alot of moved stuff to sort thru here, n need to find about 20 things in these boxes. Hope to catch up on blogs really quick on the speedy Library machine, plus get the bills done.

(Can't get the library machine to upload my pics right here- n guessing these are all thumbnails I copy-pasted from the dialogue upload box - will try to improve the images another time)

Thanks for checking back in.