Monday, October 31, 2005

~ Halloweenie ~ ooo ~

Happy All Hallo's Eve costume wrecking everyone!
I'm dressin up for fun, even though I'm gonna stay here n answer the door. Gotta set a good example for the little ghoules. I realized this morn that I already possess all the elements needed to be Indiana Jones, n it would be so easy to do... The brown leather hat n whip I bought in South Carolina in Fall '01 on my drive to Fl. Been lookin for excuses to wear the hat (for sun-shade, for rain, ect). Jeans, a light button-up shirt, a neck bandana, a brown suede shirt and brown Leather backpack with paper mache` egg inside, and I'm all set for the Temple of Doom!

My big thrill of the day will be seeing the almost 11 month old baby nicknamed "Boo" dressed up n seeing what else it means for the first time. He's gonna think everyone's calling him!I always really liked this holiday, because it allows me to be acceptably very creative. Artwork is fun, though a little grotesk sometimes...
but I'm keeping it G-rated for the kids these days.

"Boo' James as a furry skunk n Cousin Johnna in a fluffy floppy bunny suit just came in n ate some baby fruity snacks. All the parents got real goodies. Usually it's pretty slow around here, most of the people are seasonal in this section, lots of empty houses. The most trips to the downstairs main door I've ever made is 14. I usually average about 5. I'm gettin in alot of runnin now... there goes a few more... That leaves alot of candy left-overs usually saved for Xmas stockings, after I eat a few choice selections... like the Reese's Cups. I actually like very dark chocolate best, which I don't get, so don't eat much from Halloweenie. My kids usually buy me some for B-day n Xmas pres, comin up soon.

The weather the past 2 days has been great, compared with the snowy Saturday. About 4 hours in the afternoon of no jacket needed and openned windows, but still cooling off a bit after 3pm. This am began in the upper 30's, went to 62, now 6pm, back down to 56 degrees already. But I'll take it! Not scared of freezin today!

Well, all ya Goths , Wiccans, Druids, n Sugar worshippers have a grand ole Party!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Shovels n Ice-melt

Why's my main subject of comment always local climate?!? Seems it's so easy to complain about, lately......
Another chilly and cloudy drizzly morning has turned into the first steady snowfall of the season here on Cape Cod today! I'm still wonderin why the weather reporters never even guessed the frozen possibilities for this area. I saw news this am, n snow was beginning further North, but they didn't warn us at all. They didn't want to believe the ocean storm with Canadian air-flow would back up into southern MA. It was supposed to stay North n West, n not accumulate. They couldn't be more wrong! Always they go with the most positive scenario ...
So after driving errands and raking, going back in, settling in n getting back to work on my back-log to-do list... with the window thermometer reading 38 degrees, it started snowing those big, fat, wet ones!
Right in the middle of my puter chores I had to stop n go out n cover the poor flowers recovering from last week's wind storm out the window. Or I could watch the new buds croak before I get any pics at all, after all the work n time growing them! Just can't let 'm die on purpose, gotta try.

If I'd known I woulda done it early while I was already out, not mess up my project progress like it did. I'd had the TV off, didn't want the noise... but then tried to get a radar update (without going online). Saturday sports are more important to ratings, n Mr Ortek was selling vaccuums on NECN again, waited n waited, just info-mercials, n no news. Finally during the Breeder's Cup Horseracing festivities in NY (I always wanted to train my own racer) they piped in the scolling marque text above the video about accumulating snow in southeastern MA. No visual graphics update, no radar, just unexpected, unnecessary inconvenience in the info-age...

I've been making an effort to limit blog-read n online hours, n really got alot of off-line stuff to keep me busy for awhile... I tend to get very sidetracked once on the net...I need to get more done, so you'll need to cut me more bloggin n commentz slack...

So here I am still workin at 10:30 pm, n just gettin online...For Sunday they'd been predicting 60 degree warmth. Now I bet that's all full of frozen water out the window too...

Friday, October 28, 2005

Good Ole Daze

This is James Montgomery and Bruce Marshall in an old photo, circa 1996, (I think) about the time "The Oven Is On" cd (JM) came out.
I poached it off of the BM page. It reminds me of the good ole daze when I used to get outa the house every week. If it wasn't for going to see James down the street from my house over a decade ago, I wouldn't have met Bruce. I used to hang out with them every Monday night at the Casino By The Sea in Falmouth. Musicians know how tough it is to get a Monday gig and get people to show up for it!

James is quite famous in New England, USA, with the bikers especially, for making a living playing the harmonica. Recently he's done several Katrina fund-raisers. He's hung out with and learned from many blues legends, his fav unique talent is playing Detroit Shuffle tunes. He's written many tunes, like "Train/Ready Teddy."
Bruce is also a talented song-writer and friend, who has several cd's and can play a Dobro, Delta Blues, Country Rock, and Rock music of all kinds. He's played with BB King and many others. His claim to fame is being in the Marshall Tucker Band and Toy Caldwell Band. The past two years or so He's been playing gigs with his band, JM, Treated and Released, or solo all over New England. He doesn't get down close to the Cape anymore.

How unusual, me posting pix! N I didn't even take them. I must be out of better reasons to write, n a little down missin the music...

Another cloudy, uneventful, boring Friday in the land of off-season in a tourist town. Yesterday I counted almost two hours of sunshine before the clouds took over again. I tend to become depressed when I don't get a couple of minutes of photon energy, I'm one of those. Never mind a whole month, n the weather dude said maybe snow n def more rain for the week-end again. Ugh! Maybe I can get the chilly fingers to warm up long enough for a bit of playing.
Wow, I miss the live music!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Will A Me? Nah...

Having a blustery storm day of the well publicized nor'easter kind. It's going fairly well in my area. The usually very calm, sheltered cove near the window actually had the largest breaker waves I've seen since Hurricane Bob in '91. At two hours past high tide, the water level's still at the regular high water mark. The seaweed deposits show the water was up to the grass area above the beach sand. I didn't check the beach out until the storm waned. I feel fortunate to be on a south-facing shore village. The Portugese fisherman left his boat n platform at the mooring, n it's still floating. I'm sure North-facers aren't fairing as well. Seas are pretty high up out there. It's hangin at a steady 43 degrees F on the thermometer now.
Looks like lots a high altitude snow in hills north and west for MB. I heard this pm that even Pittsburg got snow.

This morning a dump-truck hauling a mobile house-trailer tipped over on the Bourne bridge, glad I missed it! Bet everyone was very late for work. That's a very windy spot with all the construction sections flapping loudly overhead. That off-season traffic has been hell on the daily bridge hoppers this year, worse than before when I was doing it. The ferry service was down too.

I still have power. The worst of the mess seems to be the wet, wind-blown leaves n branches everywhere in the road. Ya know it wasn't too bad here when none of the couple hundred trees across the street are down (that I could see in my travels). They've already gone through many high winds before. The rest of the hardy flowers out on the deck that'd still survived all now have bent stems. It could be much worse, I'm lucky. Still pretty gusty out there, The 3' tall cosmos are flagulating themselves against the window... ouch!
The stores were dead as a door-nail during errands around noon-time, usually it's much busier. It's another economy-buster!

I feel for all of the many villages blown and flooded to shreds this year, the list is getting so long for one season, I hope it doesn't get longer. Looks like alot of places I've seen when in Miami got a good whacking. Wonder what the 6 pm high tide will do to the rest of the MA coast. Looks like I'm getting through this one alright, and I'm grateful! It's amazing my connection is working!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Seal of Approval

Sharks are eating their way into the news again. One CA surfer girl with a very long leg wound lived by fighting off what's thought to be a great white. Another fisherman caught a whopper of a 16 foot white off the Aussie shore near where they'll be holding a surfing competion this week. When they chopped open the bulging belly they found a 300 pound seal in there... now they're planning studies on the other shark parts. My research indicates surfers on the lunch menu next week... The sea-predators seem to be numerous, larger, and hungrier this year.

Got some word in this week from family people in the Florida division. In anticipation of Wilma's impending approach, a few prayer's for the folks wouldn't hurt. Basically, if they need to evac, there's nowhere closer than South Carolina for a vacant motel room. "Nowhere to go" all over again. Of course, no one has the funds for that fuel ride, either.
I wanna pipe over some of our 40 degree coolness down there in exchange for the 90 degree heat they have today, to heat my house... (my heat is still "off" BbrrrhhHH)!

... My youngest nephew, The "Y-guy," now has a learner's permit and has begun supervised driving! He's learning the fine points of a standard shift. Wow, Good for him! His older "Sis-A" is about 5'9" now, pretty tall. Last time I saw 'em, he was about my height about 5'2", and now 18 months later, the Y-guy is up to 5'7"... His mom says he looks just like "Link" on the '70's show, The Mod Squad, with a fro. (He's got the cheek-bones too) I still have trouble picturing him tall at all... n his voice sounded adult on the phone, what a trip! We're hoping to see everyone up north at ThanksDay this year except "The Deer-hunter." Some people just aren't happy until they kill and eat Bambi... or are anti-social, or both (which he is)!
... Also flleenie asked to to pass along to her readers that although she has time for commentz on your blogs sometimes, it'll be awhile before she updates her blog because she has no home PC now. Access for internet travels from her work machine is only during the half-hour lunchtime. So she'll be post-orphaned for a little while longer, apologizes, and askes that ya hang in there.

I'm having a chilly, damp time today, despite my three-layers of clothes and hot water bottles. Yep, that Rhuematiz just sets in afta awhile... Guess I'm glad it's not snow yet. I'm still sore from last week's rain, but that was 20 degrees warmer. Maybe I caught some one's cold virus, or having a reaction, very sore n hadta take anti-histamines.
This morn MB, BBM, J, Ty, ST (me), and 2 BB's all Ihop-ped to the bridge construction traffic for a cute breakfast to celebrate and visit. I hang with a young crowd... I hope that the Woods-Hole continued-trek got the seal of approval from the little ones... (They went to see a seal, the live animal, hopefully not future shark lunch). I didn't go. Tough for parents to keep all that wiggle-worm energy contained on a cold, rainy week-end. Good Luck!

Update on dam probs, here in MA: In Taunton the 173 year-old wooden dam structure has successfully been replaced in one day by a new rock n concrete construction, fully functional and safe. Apparently, they just don't have money to pay for it, n are seeking to recoup some federal funds. Further proof that repairs made before the emergency state is reached helps the working-class people not lose their shirts.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Whether or not Weather

The Whittenden Pond Dam in Taunton, MA yesterday was deemed to be in tough shape, due to the recent unusual 11 to 16 inches of rainfall in the area. The 100+ year-old structure, which is privately owned, could possibly break apart, flooding the center, shutting down two state routes, and cause a good deal of damage. Business in the police cordoned-off area has been shut down two days already, and loss of income by businesses and individuals is impacting the evacuees and area.
Of course Sen. Ted Kennedy, Sen. John Kerry, Congr. Barney Frank, and Gov. Mitt Romney all made a media show, press conference out of it at their earliest convenience.

My personal tie to Taunton is it's my birthplace. My original family lived there for a time in my early childhood.
What I learned from the news today which disturbs me more than the thought of that dam breaking, is that there are approximately 2,900 dams in this state alone, all in danger of being overwhelmed with record-breaking rainfall. If one goes, so do more down the line, like dominoes! The state's dam inspector force has recently doubled from 4 to 8, so exactly how often are these structures being officially reported on?
The dam in question today was reported unsafe to the state by it's new private owners of the past 30 days. Of course the owners have to keep butt-saving safety-check sheets at intervals in a file, for liability purposes.

Who gets blamed for unpredictable natural occurrences? Usually, God, although the planet itself seems to have a punishment mind-set of it's own lately.

All of the weather issues encountered in the region, the country, and indeed the world, have been unprecedented this year. Nothing can be taken for granted as being a safe place. Clearly human-kind have been far too complacent that the surfacing make-over completed thus far is insignificant to the planet as a whole.

We have Wilma, another cat-5 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. Is that 3 or 4 cat-5's there in a row now? It's such a surreal weather picture this season. Watching the report feels like a sci-fi movie! Is this now our on-going alter-reality? No mercy from the Earth which formed us?

"I'm sorry, the planet has decided you've been cutting too much timber, moved too many mountains, and displaced too much water, please try again after the next cycle of life..."

The Pakistan Earthquake toll is up to a mind-blowing 79,000 death toll. With this kind of natural catastrophe we certainly don't need to be adding to it with stupidity deaths! We need to build the next structures to withstand any force imaginable, and perhaps even float and fly. Moon base, here we come. Up there we'll only have to worry about getting pelted with asteroids...

Monday, October 17, 2005

High Ground Party

There goes another 400 miles under my tires.
I was right, had to leave the wipers on the entire trip up there to the White Mountains. I couldn't even see any mountains, except the one(s) I was on at the time. Low, grey clouds were blocking the view.

Many natural features in northern New England have the nifty native-American names. I went over several rivers, such as the Merrimac, which was over the banks into the trees on both sides and looked like class-type 5 rapids the whole stretch I saw, moving very fast! Ya'd hafta be a suicidal fool to rubber-boat that one! But the bridges were all good. No detours needed, though off the highway there were a few large puddles, especially at mountain-base locations. The other water of note I passed very close to in places along route 25 was Lake Winnepesaki, which is constantly being drained because it's filled to the brim. Two cottages were actually in the lake instead of next to it! All the road-side ditches and fields were awash in water. I didn't encounter any damage scenes in my travels, and wasn't about to go out of the way to find them...

I was surprised the leaves along the way were still green. Usually by mid-October, they're at peak changed-colors (shades of yellow, orange, red, mid-browns). Folliage wasn't really turned yet until I reached the mountain place of destination in Choracua where the pahty was being held on a mountainside. The pouring buckets never let up until well after 9 pm., and I didn't get to take any disposable cam photos of leaves at all!
Originally the ceremony would've been idylic at the garden-archway outdoors, in sight of the mountains and colorful fall trees there, but the rain moved the show to inside the huge barn building nearby where the reception was set-up.

I must say the bride planned well, alot of good, healthy foods, and alot of variety. Many youngsters, some belonging to the newly wedded, were in attendence. The hor d'ouvres Platter had a selection of cheeses, crackers, strawberries, red grapes, pineapple, and three different mellon, all cut bite-sized and picked up to plates with tooth-picks. They also had waitresses parading about offering stuffed mushrooms and scallops, and briese.

The ceremony took place with all the guests ascending to the second-story wrap-around-balcony to watch. It was the quickest ceremony I've ever been too. After inspecting the architectural cross-beams leading up to a 4-story hieght with catwalks to entrances at the upper levels and the roof doors, I decided I liked the structure. Ya could fit alot of hay up there. Up on the beams overhead was this huge, carved from one tree, native canoe. I joked we might need it to get back to town. Then we descended and the party was begun. I had cool digs at table #2 with my dear friends from our baby-daze, the parents of the groom, with her other grown kids and spouse not in the wedding party, and grandkids. The DJ was a weird dude with a German accent who played Rod Stewart all through the dinner-hour.

Beware! If ya get hungry reading about food, skip this next paragraph, ya may go off your diet plan...
I'd picked beef for main course selections on the RSVP, and I got a 16-ounce steak with sweet potatoes, and asparagus. I only regret there was no deciding the doneness of the meat. It was rare, and I prefer well-done, but oh well, it was marinated, tasty, and edible (but the center was too red for me). The dancing went wild from that point on, with kids twirling and bouncing and plenty of party-movers. I only had one drink after the champagne, but some folks were very sloshed after 7 hours of open bar (free drinks!). Then after the cake which had a strange, crushed-egg-shell, sugar-batter consistency, were the good snacks, real macintosh and delicious apples, Italian canollies which had Ricotta rolled in a cookie with one end dipped in chocolate, finger-sized eclaires, and about three-hundred huge, candied apples in different varieties. I took some home with me, because I was already full from the main course food.

After the shing-ding I followed the mother of the groom back to the couples (full of over-night guests) house they were baby-sitting, where I had a place to park overnight and snooze. At least the air temperature stayed above 55 while I was there, with the wind picking up near dawn. I had a good visit. For the first time I saw my friend's and her hubby's siblings all in one spot. Some I'd met at odd intervals over the decades. It feels strange to see the kids you baby-sat when they were less than ten years old, now all around thirty years old, partying like you used to way back when you were that age and used to baby-sit them...

The little kids had a total blast, and every one got along well. It does feel wonderful to get to attend a happy occassion with such a fun-loving crowd... Even in the middle of nowhere on a mountain-side in the pouring rain, with umbrellas required to save the fancy outfits, was a good place to be.
There was a canope area attached outside for smokers, I've quit, but hung out a few times to talk with people there. Not bad, considering how the weather might've ruined plans made at a lower altitude location!

After a cup of tea I woke up enough for the trek back south. It still drizzled until I got out of the mountains, then finally let-up enough for me to pull out the wiper-fuse for the rest of the ride. There were even a few sunny breaks in the cloud banks.
By the time I got home, late yesterday afternoon, I was ready for my nap, very drowsy. But I brought in my gear and got it put away anyhow. Made a few calls, ate some canollies (Yum) then was out for the count until this am. Ready for another busy week... (yawn)
It's been very windy here since I got back, should help things dry-up a bit. The TV showed more rain was back-swirling in those same mountains today.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mountains of Raindrops

It's raining, it's pouring,
The o'river's roaring.
Water's over head, no river-bed,
And couldn't dry up in the mourning!

There's still three people missing in Alstead NH, finally made national news, we've been hearing it all week. The son was off to college out of town, and the rest of his family is now missing, likely buried in the mud, or carried far away by the rushing waters in the middle of the night. Seems there's no area spared for long of natural tragedy...

I'm packin it all up to be ready to head out early Sat. am. to near the White Mountain National Park area in northern New Hamphire. I'm an honorary family member of the people finally getting married, I used to babysit the now 30-something kid... n he was a wild one!
... I've got maps n gear, and the wipers are still working, although it's inconvenient to open the door to shut them off by removing the fuse... I may need them on the entire couple hundred miles! Don't know if I'll run into alot of extra traffic time due to closed roads, The rain's supposed to continue until the stubborn Nor-Easter winds off the ocean pattern is broken, may be awhile yet. The winds are wiping on spring tide fairly brisk today, and we even got away with about two hours of no rain this afternoon, then back to driving rain again.

I'm going to miss my bloggin budds, n tryin to read some, but really short on time, so forgive me for not commenting these days as I usually would. I'll be up to more online write-time after 17th hopefully.

Happy Galoshes, until I write again. It's raining...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

P.O .'d

I wasn't gonna post today, really! but I just decided I didn't wanna put so much under commentz. Forgive me, (for being negative today) but 2 hours of sleep isin't enough! I started responding to Ellen's comment on Karma...

For every confirmation I find that I'm not the only one left who's not completely evil, another person makes me ashamed to be human... I don't want to be punished, so I don't punish others, I therefore heavily depend on Karma to do it for me...

Well, the previous post mentioned loud partiers who were keeping me and the family neighbor hood awake (on a school night) til the wee hours, apparently wee'd off the front porch infront of my neighbor, Marge, who was walking the dog! She was so pissed, at the (illegal) pissing, she threatened to call the cops and called my landlord to complain!
Never mind the kid with the key is 18, and beer cans are all over the place (illegal) along with trash and lights left on. A big mess out front here, to say the least, it reeks! I'm sick of picking up because I DO NOT tolerate litter. This is my home, not a dump. I already talked to them about it, explaining I would gladly pay to throw their trash away if they could just get it into my trash-cans... but no, another mess!

I tried to give the kid a chance to be responsible before siccing the grand-parents on 'em, but here we go anyway. If he were my kid, I'd lay it all over him, big-time! Now, because of the neighbor happening, I HAVE to call long-distance to complain, and explain the timing couldn't be worse for this to be messing with my important appointments. I feel like I'm ready to rip their heads apart now, this is what I get for being a nice guy! Today is the opposite of Karma for me.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Dizzy Bizzy

Been soooo buzy reading n commenting recently, I've barely time to think straight enough to post ! Been on the line I bit more than I bargained for today, checkin up n out a few more things. Looks like the pace of my non-blog life will be pickin up speed by next week, so if my posting becomes even less frequent, u know why... "Run, run, run, gotta get it done"- exerpt from an ancient poem I wrote "Space n Time"...
And now that I'd like to rest, there's head-bangers blasting down stairs 10:50 pm again! Like clockwork whenever I want to get up early, they're always messin up my plan. I'm such a light sleeper, looks like 6 am is yet screwed again, messin with my attempt to get more done in fewer days...

There's been some nasty, rain-driven flooding in NH and Western MA, due to river and dam over-flows, quite like a mini-version of recent southern floods as earlier commented on under prev post . Glad that MB's home is still doing ok, but looks like some folks had float away homes, mud damage (in Hadley), and some roads and bridges have ceased to exist, again where nothing like this has ever happened in remembered history.
That seems to be the common thread in all the recent natural threat happenings ever since Tsunami day on Dec 26. ... Just one worst disaster after the next... We've passed threezees already! I can't fathom the loss of the 20,000+ in the Pakistan Quake 4 days gone....

I know flooding, my home being caught in a water-world, is my worst night-mare, an actual re-occurring dream I've had and remember well, about waking up to find my apt, has become a houseboat isolated and adrift. In real-life it's more likely to collapse than float, and the most depressing thing to me of that thought, is all the artwork which would turn to mush were it ever to occur, and all the stringed, wooden instruments which would warp beyond play-worthiness. I'm fairly certain I can't happily live without any play-able guitar! I wonder how many today are suffering that very fate... ?
On top of my link sidebar, I've just place the "Eden" blog link by proffesional photographer, Clayton, for those few of you who haven't yet noticed it up to 2nd place on the dashboard's most visited list this week, worth checking out. It's a tear-jerker by the time ya make it down to the first post, guaranteed. I'd like to thank Neo for first bringing it to my attention. An eye-openner! The main lesson being, the problems are lingering for those who need help, a month later there, the very basics are still absent for many...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's Over

There goes baseball in MA again, it's almost like normal... - Wah!
The Red Flops, or BoSox, missed their last injection of amazing luck, and went down hard, 0-3 to the Whiteys. Well, Chicago does have a good team set-up this year. We can only hope they get to beat the next round. The game was over so early, I was depressed up all night waiting to get tired again. It didn't help there was a wild, late party downstairs, either.

I'm trying to leave the 'puter off-line more lately, need to get other things done. I'm working on some art projects previously mentioned, basically finding out everything not to do so next time works out more smoothly. Like, so I don't have to hand ink lettering twice. Now I want metalic inks, 'cause two-tone would be fancier, but it'll have to wait for more resources. I need matting and framing materials, and don't want to spend 20 bux on it, but will have to anyhow if I drive to go get it. I really hated the Wally-World selections.

One week left to see what's done for my New Hampshire travels.
Can't believe how warm it still is for here, and muggy too. Been raining quite a bit since last night. Bet the White Mountains'll be a bit cooler than this. Gonna dig out the coats. I'm all ready to camp out in the cap of my truck. I used to drive up there all the time, to Manchester and beyond, following Bruce Marshall Group all over. (my old buddies). I really haven't been anywhere much except Western MA to visit MB, Burlington VT, n Millinoket ME for funerals this year. Slowin down (and cheap!) lately. Used to head out every week-end, of course the fuel was only a buck! Thank goodness I have a baby 4-shooter truck, and not the monster kind.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Red Flops

My dad used to call the Red Sox that, because they'd lure ya in, make ya watch, give ya hope, then lose! He never lived to see them actually have a good year after the '67 season, last time they were AL East Pennant winners until last year, when we all got shocked with a miraculas World Series Win. And no one saw that coming... everyone was so used to the lost cause!
On "LOST," the TV series Jack's drunken doctor dad even says, about not knowing when to give up, "Thats why the Red Sox'll never win the World Series." The joke's on those who'll never realize it can happen, out of thin air, when it's least expected.

Now everyone thinks they're gonna do it again, even with all the New Wells and Schill pitching head-aches they've endured, and missing a few key players, Pedro the Met, and Cubby deserter, Nomar Garciaparra , from last year's roster. Matt Clement gave up a big, embarrassing loss against Chicago's White Sox last night. Mass. people are back to skippin outa work for their religious uprising of baseball faith.

I, myself, have belief that the game possibilities are never predictable until the last pitch is tossed. I used to be such a Cape League follower, until last year, and then the Sox won, and while I was choosing to watch them .... So I didn't break my pattern this year, trying to keep the luck flowing... again following them instead of attending the previous habit of local games. Also at my uncle, Mike's funeral last October, a toast was raised in his honor including participation of spiritual Benedictine Monks, a toast that the Sox win for Mike, cause he'd never given up hope for them. Then the Sox actually did it! But now this year, there has been no Uncle Mike toast with holy men in presence... I, myself, won't pray for such a petty want when there's so much other suffering demanding urgent aid. Perhaps my uncle with his brother Monks will pray for it.

How far does hope take us? How much does luck and chance actually play into outcome? Does wishing or praying make any or all the difference? Although I think I know the answer to these questions, maybe even I will be surprised when the answers play forth.
Oh say can you see... Batter up!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Well, I took the Serenity quiz today, and I'm a triple-tied personality, at the top of the heap! Also, I'm glad to report Jayne got the lowest score on my assessment sheet. For some reason the html didn't put pix in MB's table right, so here're my results in regular, shiny, alpha-numeric text :
Result of Quiz :: Which Serenity character are you?
created by corone

You scored as The Operative.
You are dedicated to your job and very good at what you do. You've done some very bad things, but they had to be done. You don't expect to go to heaven, but that is a sacrifice you've made for a better future for all. comments on these results
The Operative ........ 88%
Capt. Mal Reynolds .... 88%
Zoe Alleyne Washburne 88% .. Yep, talented and dependable fighter
Kaylee Frye ..... 81% ... I'm very good with machines and tools
Simon Tam ..... 75% ... I have some med knowledge
River Tam ...... 69% ... didn't see any psychic questions... ?
Inara Serra ..... 56%.... not good as meek "companion"
Shepherd Derrial Book .. 56% didn't see ques, do pray
Hoban 'Wash' Washburne.. 56%... steered outa the driving question
Jayne Cobb ...... 50% ... I shot out the weapon question
Yep, that went well...

Monday, October 03, 2005


I'm a slowin down on the post front, here...
Not only am I a registered Browncoat, I used to be a slacker! Back at "Have it your way, BK" the founders of my local past store franchise invented the term "Slacking Fries" to describe the act of pouring frozen bags of fries into the baskets on the set-up rack, in the proper amounts.
But really, I'm wearing myself out knocking stuff off the priority list. I had a slight plan delay due to a day full of 10-month-old cuteness. Then I went right back to getting ink stains all over the place, trying to get the art needed in two weeks lettered prior to paint-step-two.

Never mind all the puter research to read. Then I did a quick local run around to determine how far I have to go to get set-up with uncut-Matboard to customize. It looks like a half-hour-ride I wanted to avoid. Never mind paying for it stressin me out... But it's fun doing the artwork, itself.

The season Premiere of Saturday Night Live was great this week-end, due to the generous helping of political debacle to criticize in the past 6 weeks while re-runs were playin. Now even druggies can get the gist of what's been up in FEMA and the how Prez-B made visits "Eight times without my suit-jacket on!" Wish I'd taped it, I was amused enough to laugh- and I'm a tough contestant on "Make me laugh." (remember that show?)
... And well, oil well, looky now, the new Supreme Court nomonee's from Texas too... what a suprise! NOT.

I'm having a good time watchin all the new premieres on the major networks. Still only have a bare-basic cable set-up here. No HBO or Dish selections. I'd never shut it off enough if I did, and I do like quiet time and make music time every day if I can get away with it. I got to play Baby Bongos and Marraccas with cute Jr's intro percussion lesson, fun...
Now it's time to get back to today's double-B-day card designing... BBM n MB don't forget K&D !

Yep, juss been slackin off the bloggin loggin...