Thursday, February 27, 2014


Image by SnaggleTooth 2014

A Search Keyword Entry appearing on my stat page jumped out at me today. Underneath the ever popular "Spongebob" party idea input was "sunset without hope"...

Sunsets shown on ESR have always given me hope. Hope to witness another marvel of creative composition visible only from here, that seems to be happening just for my entertainment. N I always have hope I'll get a decent pic of it to share.

Photo by SnaggleTooth June 2010

I've really been missing the sunsets this winter. Cloudy horizons moving in to spit out snow showers seem to obscure good colors lately when I'm free. Or something else needs attention at sunset time. Also, I'm out of sd card memory again, except for just a few frames deleted, n so I feel the snaps have to really count.

Photo by SnaggleTooth  Sept 2010
Then it hit me I could really use some old sunset pic therapy to brighten me up on this 18 F degree am of yet another "Polar Vortex" week here. Maybe you do too...

Photo by SnaggleTooth Sept 2010

I hope pics found by the searcher on ESR inspired Hope, n not the lack of it!
(Just a few old pics from 2010, One newly altered)

Friday, February 21, 2014


Spoiled having Olympics to watch in the early am the past few weeks- Soon it'll be back to dodging infomercials after work. I think that Snow-board Cross was a crazy sport! First time I ever saw it this round- after hearing it's been there 15 years now.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Blizzard 3 Winter 2014

 I had to grab a pic of MapleBeard's snow-plastered face before shoveling during the last blizzard. The flash reflected circles off the moving snowflakes. The yellow one is a streetlamp. I do most of my shoveling after dark, usually about 3 am.
I finally finished shoveling the side path n sawing off the broken tree branch leaning on the house just today, because it was still light out after walking to the post office- Yay!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blizz Take III

Photo by SnaggleTooth winter 2014

Just what we needed here this winter, another Blizzard! Early work after working late, Heading home in the height of the storm, more worry, more heavy shoveling after work, n before work again the following day, n that night too...

About 1.5 feet of water-heavy, then refrozen snow, n huge snow-boulders from the plow to remove from the driveway. I still haven't done the second pass at the side stairs deck door. I hope it'll melt in forecast rain tomorrow.

Think it's the first time I've ever had a winter season having three blizzards...

Photo by SnaggleTooth winter 2014

A Huckleberry tree branch I'm used to picking berries from at a window every July broke halfway off at the trunk, slid down n stuck itself with ice to the side of my house. It's still stuck there, with the thin top twigs frozen against  the window glass.

I'm depressed I'll have to saw it off n will get no more easy to reach berries. I'll miss them in my plain yogurt...

Valentine's products production was crazy. Alot of folks I know call it a Hallmark Holiday, undeserving of observation. All it does is ruin the day's shopping for everyday folks- with the long lines of guys here, pathetically waiting until the last minute to get their girl n Mother something acceptable. So I never go into a store that day-
I do like the day after sales for my goodies at least- Dark chocolate truffles preferred.

I should have more time for normal stuff this week, as long as it rains n not snows this Day Off, n I get fewer shovel hours to put in. Another major slow-down on the keyboard now are my two mashed fingertips, one on each hand with acute pain at the touch- No, that doesn't keep me out of work either! But I'm depressed about not having the option to play instruments this week- Got a few new song lines to work on n feel stifled. I'd dreamt that I  was playing my violin the day before the left hand ring finger got nailed too...
Now onto a massive chore list, eating, n sleeping- (It better rain!)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bbrrhh Beachy

Image by SnaggleTooth Winter 2014
Hopefully I don't have to keep thinking of all the chilly headings too much longer... Didn't the Groundhog say there would be an early spring? - I mean the Temp here now is 9 F n there's yet another storm heading in , for the 4th consecutive week!

This altered pic gets my mind doing back-flips. Wish my body could do those too... but I'm  way too sore.
Another frigid week to get thru, n another holiday soon messing with my schedule. Only 1 Day Off this week, full up of doing taxing taxes, errands, n laundry. I just so want to say Nevermind n sleep thru the whole day- but that is just a pipe-dream.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Winter 2014

The B-cove opposite the ramp beach was frozen over n then snowed on last week. It was really cold when I walked over to the D-bridge for this shot, so I didn't linger, n rushed back to the house.

Image by SnaggleTooth Winter 2014

I'm not sure I why I like this altered pic the best in this post.

I've been having machine problems here all week, n have been unable to get around reading. I apologize for the constipated computer behavior. I have to keep purging cookies n temp files. Think I may have picked up a bug somewhere- well I did go to the IRS to read some instructions- A good place to fall asleep n get tracking cookies to drag you down.

Image by SnaggleTooth Winter 2014

When I went to try loading Grannie Annie's this week, Chrome blocked access saying there was Malware installed there! Ugh! So with this even more slowness (an hour to load my own blog) going on here, I began the paranoid thought that maybe that was this machines problem now. I have been trying to get THIS post up all week, n the machine has been too slow to get it done- n I keep falling asleep waiting for it.  Well, I do need sleep, n sitting down is Yay! (Bird, Fish, evil Troll?)

Photo by SnaggleTooth Winter 2014

These are some beached ice floes at low tide. Yep, still frozen here,,, Hope this week goes better for page loading so I get to read before I'm out for the count!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Go with the Ice Floe

Image by SnaggleTooth Winter 2014

 Another snowstorm day!
TG it's Day Off!
But work messed with my ability to feel rested again by waiting until "My Friday" (not a regular work-week for most folks), to get everyone to come in much earlier to avoid having delivery issues in the storm.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Winter 2014
It would've helped if work didn't run late the night before, plus snow 4 wet-heavy inches. I finished shoveling after 3 am. Then had a repeat of not getting enough sleep to get back out to stressful work again.

No errands to run today- just shoveling slush again. Most importantly the drain so the road doesn't flood n freeze in the driveway. I'll be happy to have bread for sandwiches n milk in my tea this week, if I can manage a store trip tomorrow.

Image by SnaggleTooth Winter 2014
I should be catching up on sleep now, but my brain is on overdrive with too much backlogged to relax. The plows are making quite a racket out there too- 

At least I have blog catch-up time.
Pic is last week's ice flows by the ramp beach, B-cove. Think I see a Polar Bear...