Thursday, October 31, 2013


Photo by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013

Yay! Got upload to work!
Some surprises are good!

Cool Ghoul I think-

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pump up Halloween 3

Photo by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013

The pumpkin-esk parade at the market seems to never end this month. I kinda like these scary flower pots.

I've taken a bunch of good Halloween theme pics that won't get uploaded yet. First, I suffered a front tooth abscess, Then I got hit with a gooey cold virus, which rapidly developed a blocked up, throbbing sinus infection. More hot compresses later, the pressure is less, but the sporadic runny nose n congested coughing continues.

Makes it tough to enjoy watching the Red Sox in Game Six of the World Series- but it's Day Off n I must, because My Dad would've really liked to- n I do like baseball because he took me to Red Sox games when I was a kid.

Have a good Halloween if you can, or a good day if you don't- I just like the creativity of the theme n all the costumes. I'll be saving some pics for next year...

A BIG Spider at the Door

Photo by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013

This large, amazing spider had been moved in for the past six weeks or so, outside right next to the deck door. I had to keep breaking the bottom, taut line of the three-foot web to get on the deck, n she adapted to attaching it differently so I could go around her work.

Finally this week she has disappeared, but I'm betting next Fall another the same type will come to visit n get me in the mood for Halloween....

This year I skipped putting up the fake spider decoration...

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Photo by SnaggleTooth

The third week of October already- Time seems to be flying past at breakneck speed...

I'm sure it's the waning daylight hours I rush thru after waking in an attempt to get things requiring good light accomplished. This week I'm grateful to get to the store n laundry at all.
The cold makes it easier to sleep, tougher to get up, n has been bothering my teeth.
An abscess at the front of my mouth has stopped me in my tracks. After a day of warm compresses n hot tea it's been a bit less painful finally. It's made me a bit anti-social,  as eating n talking has been difficult.The calling list is getting lengthy. So much not to do!

Leaves are getting deep n piling up. It's blustery out there, adding to my current procrastination mood.. I don't like letting chores pile up, but have learned I need to heal n feel up to it first. At least the editor is letting me post-
Now back to recovering again...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yummy Pumpkin

Image by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013

Could this be a brain on a plate, or a strange alien head?

My favorite table decoration this autumn so far comes from the Dollar Tree. It's a combo of two separate, unrelated one-dollar items that struck me as a perfect fit for the occasion.

Photo  by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013

First, an orange-yellow, plastic beaded, lei- type, long neck-lace from a summer purchase. Then I later saw this ceramic, chocolate n butterscotch colored pumpkin. So I put the neck-lace around the pumpkin on an amber plate.

The photo was tough to get due to the flash glare.
I think it looks very yummy...

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Photo by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013

Fall is still falling here in the NorthEast USA. A few leaves are starting to turn color, but it looks like a lack of rain the past few weeks will make the colors less vivid as I'd like. The customary vines turning red first are all around.

Some trees are just dropping brown leaves without turning color at all. I hope some of them get to put on the show I'm used to. Usually peak is about the first week of November, but it seems to be progressing earlier this year.

Days Off this week are overcast n a bit drizzly. I've been feeling low ambition this week, due to work action burning me out over the long week-end orders. Even waiting for the computer to co-operate has me stifled. Can't get either browser to open blogger edit at all anymore- so time wasting...

But  I'll still waste another night trying again before I get to use the other machine I get to borrow once in awhile. Guess what, it's working! wish it would've much sooner... I wanted to post last week-end.

Pic is the opposite side of the D-bridge at the previous shown sunset. One of the pics previously put in a draft to use later. Wish it was sooner tho! 

Yup, still here- barely...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkins Everywhere

Photo by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013

All shapes n sizes
To cut to surprizes

Bright orange all over
One cut no do-over

Spilling guts
Spitting seeds

Messy art
Stringy bleed

Painted faces
Festive places
Photo by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013

Less work
Not scary

Wearing disguises
Silly guys us
poem by SnaggleTooth today

Friday, October 04, 2013

Horseshoe Crab

Image by SnaggleTooth

What a beautiful bonus Summer-like day we just had here for Day Off! Perfect, clear, almost 80F, clear, slightly breezy day.
I'm now so far behind blog-reading, it may take awhile to catch up on everyone- So much distraction just trying to be able to publish a post. I just devoted hours tonight figuring out a way to get in edit.
I've realized an hour after work for blogging is not enough time for my current set-up to do much online. I've been choosing needed sleep over waiting for loads most days- Someday I hope this gets alot easier so I can keep up.
Since work resumed I have had such limited free time. Now I have too many projects going on, begun on vaca still waiting. Perhaps the ceiling paint n blankets to the laundrymat can get done this week, but my newer, more interesting stories to write are back-logging, n still I haven't picked up the guitar this week.
This pic is from last week's Day Off, walking the almost isolated Main Beach
Photo by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Two

Photo by SnaggleTooth Sept 2013

After two entire weeks of trying to post this one, I have given up on Chrome, which will not load my post list or editor after endless attempts. Here I am finally in HTML mode using IE, the only way I can get Blogger to work from home! Sorry I seemed to dissappear, the frustration n wasted time I endured have been unbelievable. The following post should have been posted last week:
Something about passing the Autumnal Equinox time marker has my mind go into reflective mode. It's tough to look forward to icy winter temps, tho it's a relief to have more quiet around home. Of course there's home improvements banging away on a neighbor's addition nearby every day as I try to sleep a few hours, but I'm feeling less crowded at least.

My projects got about half underway last week, n I was running right up to the wire of the last night to get to list items. I always feel better when some things get accomplished. So much I didn't get to. If I hadn't been so run-down exhausted I could've done more. I'd finally started wanting to do things about the 4th day in, with only three left to go-

Image by SnaggleTooth Sept 2013

Going thru old comment files I saved in Notepad years ago sparked up a iridescent childhood memory this week-

I'm not sure who's blog I once commented on about:

My brother got a black light, painted his entire room black, then used fluorescent neon colors to draw cartoons of crazy stuff (as you'd find in Mad magazine) all over the room!  My parents stopped complaining at me for pinning up my paper drawings in my room.

Image by SnaggleTooth Sept 2013
All these decades later, I can  remember those silly images glowing under the black-light, n how brave my brother was to do that- incurring punishment from my parents, n having to paint over it soon after.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Sept 2013

I've been missing my other cat this week, as Mischief has been a pain making messes all over for me when I'm at work. She's turned 14 this fall. If only she could understand that work isin't optional...
The same sunset from the previous post is shown, different minutes.It's amazing how different the light angle of rays affects coloration.That's the same altered pic with different color combos, made from the top pic.
Sorry for the involuntary two-week blogging absence...