Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yo Bubbles

Loading pics window is a blank from here- want to get it back! Thanks

 OMG- After a month of not being able to choose pic files from an in-active blank dialog box- I got it to work today on an old draft edit, so will save it with a new title- YAY! ( btw- *Used to be "Yo boo-").

I was getting really bored being unable to post any new altered images. There's alot to be said for blog post spontaneity, n it stinks knowing you can't due to the bummer computer gods of old-version technology...

But if you just keep digging thru those old clicks, occasionally there's a long awaited reward.
A few week-ends ago I got to go to Marshfield beach on the south shore from Boston, an awesome place.

The water was great fun to play in...,

More pics from home machine soon-Yay!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lil' Car

Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 2013

Isin't this just the cutest thing to see in some one's driveway? Who didn't want one of these as a small child? I could've spent hours per day driving dangerously in that- trying to stay out of the actual road...

The pic was taken near the beginning of summertime. I still wonder who the lucky driver is, n I'm jealous!

I wanted to post this days ago- but this new ISP thing with Chrome keeps timing out n giving me blank url re-loads as saved history for blogger home! So been a long week- finding another way to get in using the blog id # - but finally finagled a way- whew!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trash Policy

To save budget money this year, our town changed the trash policy to end town garbage pick-up, n barrel placement on the beaches. You're now supposed to take home your own trash.

It's tough to teach folks who've left stuff for years about following brand new rules tho. Several folks I've spoken with at several beaches are spending much of their free beach-walking time cleaning areas, as they hate to see it spoiled with so much crap.

I have many more pics of messes at the beaches not shown today. The town has been made aware they do need to perform some upkeep, even if the old, each week cleaning schedule has been shelved.

You can always count on some folks to make a big mess n not care about its impact. Also we can count on a few devoted local folks, who dedicate themselves to picking up the places they appreciate.

Yay! n a big Thank You to the picker-uppers!

(This pic was of the beach across town in July)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another One

Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2013

Well Summer is moving along, n I'm walking much slower this week. Actually limping a bit with a newly broken pinky toe. Something very heavy at work unexpectedly slammed down on it.

A great excuse to go extra toe-dipping during this weeks afternoon high tide, as the salt soaks are sorely needed for quick healing. Alot of extra sitting down with feet up too. I may need to let the lawn over-grow this week.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 2013

Standing up at work for eight hours after that injury was so difficult! I used some frozen bagels as ice packs every few hours. It hasn't stopped me from doing what I need to tho- just more painful.

Back to the grind again-

I loaded a bunch of pics into drafts to use later from home. Same sunset previously mentioned, later, different angle. So pretty- Had to share...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Here's one

Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 2013

Here's some pics to go with the previous post.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 2013

Image by SnaggleTooth Aug 2013Photo by SnaggleTooth Aug 2013
ImGE by SnaggleTooth Aug 2013

I'm posting from another computer today. I'll be posting images separately until I can figure this glitch out with my machine.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Back-Log Time

I have a list of images to load for this post- but can not get the "insert / upload image" window to load after hours of trying again. Will try again another day...

Finally I got some long-awaited, unscheduled, free-time to get to many waiting things on my back-log list, including sleeping later n reading alot. I paid attention to Mischief, the deck garden, n the lawn.

I cut some tree branches getting too close to the house, n sprayed weed-killer on the three types of vines trying to take over the shed n back of the house. They spread so quickly this year, I can't keep up with them. Last year's cutting back barely made a dent in their rapid progress across the sides of the house.

The neighbors were back, n then finally closed up n left this afternoon so I could open the curtains to let the light in again. That made puttering around the yard so much easier. But before they left I sneaked a pic of their unique colored rainbow kayak.

Wish I had another free week like all these other vaca tourist folks- Hopefully I'll get one in September before it gets too chilly out to paint some worn out spots, n spruce up a bit in here. It'll be amazing if I can not just sleep thru the entire week n do nothing else- I'm so worn out!

Time has been my main Bone of Contention this summer. I've barely had any time for blogging or reading lately. With my new ISP, all is taking longer with additional steps n a slower connection. Posting has been taking hours this way. Blog reading has suffered as well.

Someday work will slow down, n it won't feel like Mission Impossible to complete orders on time every night[ then I won't get home so late. One more month I need to wait for relief... n more time.

Until then at least I get some relaxing pics to sooth me in my few minutes...
There's something wonderful about those clouds over the water.

This week's Day Off treated me with another awesomely decorated sunset. It reminded me of another posted on ESR that appeared to have Japanese written across the sky. The criss-crossed cloud lines really are a strange phenomenon, n still I wonder how they form like that here, reminiscent of very wide contrails or bold brush-strokes across an otherwise normal cove-scape.
Yep! Missing some awesome pics here! Shall return...

Friday, August 02, 2013

A Gust

Image by SnaggleTooth Summer 2013 
Summer breezes have brought in a couple of beautiful, perfect weather days in a row for me.
A month of summer remains, n already things are more calmed down from the July craziness here. Traffic n store lines are still lengthy, but around town there are noticeably fewer visitors.

Image by SnaggleTooth Summer 2013
This week I had an extra Day Off for 3 in a row to get in some visiting folks time. Along with some rest n hanging out, I got some walking, n a little high tide beach swimming too.

Rumors of spotted Portuguese Man-o-Wars n numerous sharks come from the other side of town, closer to the direct feed of the Gulf Stream Current heading up the East coast. I feel fairly safe at the inner harbor beach, with so many manned kayaks n boats being around to spot anything that gets close to the pier.

Image by SnaggleTooth Summer 2013Now my visitors have returned home, the rain n humidity is moving back in, n it's back to work again. Even the one day made such a difference to me...

Hope I can get in more play time this summer