Monday, May 29, 2006


Ba-an-ner Yet Wa-ave by Snaggle Tooth

Memorial Day is associated with celebrations.
On Cape Cod, it's the local kick-off to a fruitful tourist season, n Summertime sports at the beaches after a long wait for prosperous times again. The three-day week-end crowds from the cities cram into cars n drive into town, tripling the town populations. They take full advantage of all the place has to offer. Often, the city chaos follows them here, with higher accident rates n police needed issues, sirens echoing all over town.
Memorial Day is a long week-end when most extended families n friends get together for parades n barbeques. On Cape Cod they gather as well, bringing the powerboats n kayaks. Visitors bike the Canal, walk all over the villages n park-lands, go camping, test the restaurants, shop the stores, n have extended house-parties without fear of reprimand.
It's a place to feel free to enjoy time, made possible by the dedicated local year-round residents who maintain trades n businesses here, n work hard to please.
I chose to stay put this year, no travel, no party, no Barbeque, no large gathering, n I'm glad to have the choice of how to spend my free time amid all these suddenly present party-goers.
None of the freedoms enjoyed here would be possible without the lives of veterans given in service to the cause of our country's freedom in the Revolutionary 1776, 1812, Civil, World Wars I & II, Korean, Viet-Nam, Desert Storm, Afganistan, n current Iraqi Wars.
I don't like the casualties of war action, or agree with some decisions that began these actions. I do however, enjoy the freedom of expression we are all allowed here, regardless. I'm grateful. I respect all the lives sacrificed for the greater good.
All have incredible value.
Without the sacrifices we might be cowering behind locked gates, under Marshall Law, without choices, n without hope.
May all soldiers of the United States of America be forever remembered by their decendents, friends, families, n country's people for their sacrifices.
May your loved ones come back from overseas safely to a more secure freedom at home.
You are saluted, Veterans! May they rest in peace...
... - Let Freedom Ring -

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Snaggle Tooth

The seagulls are swarming back in by the flock here,
n I'm not talkin birds...
After the foggy, damp a.m., the Sun came out n so did the people. Not a parkin spot by the ramp to be had, n about twenty small-craft launched in an orderly fashion on the new lot n ramp.
A Propane Truck rolled over, went off the highway, closed down n tied up Rt. 24 both directions in Brockton all morning (on the way here), so I guess lots more folks coulda arrived here quicker...
The next door "R" neighbor's summer house sleeps twelve, n they look full-up.
I count four vehicles for downstairs, not includin the 25-foot boat. There's at least six young-adult/older teens n six middle-aged parent-adults downstairs. In the last post I forgot to mention there's a tent just outside my kitchen window (look down) again full of young men. The girls are in the trailer on the other side of the place,
which explains that crowded n squeezed in feeling I get lately...
For here, this is normal!
This is why I so loudly bemoaned losing all the peace to be had in our off-season.
Another thing I can't stand, is every time I decide to wash my hair, no matter when it is, some one down there has to flush or run the faucett, stealing away all the water pressure from upstairs so I can't get the soap out. So After work, I waited last night until after 2 a.m., for all to be relatively calmer down there (maybe they're sleepin)
but NO! In the beginning of rinsing my hair, They did it again!
I had to shut off the water, n wait until the water-running stops down there before I can get enough to finish.
They know, n yet they still do it.
Yet, I'm still not mean enough to do the same thing to them. (It's my rule not to do things to others I don't want done to me). So I guess that kinda makes me a sucker for punishment. I sometimes think of what I could do, if I really tried to get them back, though.
Lucky for them, I'm not the vindictive sort.
Today there was a 6.3 earthquake, in Yogjakarta, Indonesia.
Lots of damage, deaths, n homelessness. It's the 3rd recent Quake there, n fears of another Tsunami are understandably causing lots of stress for the victims. They're barely over the December 26, 2004 tragedy, for heaven's sake!
N I thought I was stressed...

Here's info from my visit the earthquake link in my sidebar.
6.3 2006/05/26 22:54:03 -7.977 110.318 35.0 JAVA, INDONESIA
Earthquake Details
Magnitude 6.3 (Strong) Date-Time Friday, May 26, 2006 at 22:54:02 (UTC)
= Coordinated Universal Time
Saturday, May 27, 2006 at 5:54:02 AM
= local time at epicenter Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
Location 7.977°S, 110.318°E
Depth 35 km (21.7 miles) set by location program
Distances 20 km (15 miles) SSW of Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia
115 km (70 miles) S of Semarang, Java, Indonesia
140 km (90 miles) SSE of Pekalongan, Java, Indonesia
445 km (275 miles) ESE of JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia

Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 9.8 km (6.1 miles); depth fixed by location program
Parameters Nst=126, Nph=126, Dmin=451.6 km, Rmss=1.62 sec, Gp= 43°,
M-type=moment magnitude (Mw), Version=8

Event ID usneb6
Now, I'm sure some of you will go absotootely buggy trying to read that, n will skip it! I'm the strange sort who likes to read it, n understands most of it. I have far too much patience!
I put up with alot...

Here's a pic of connect the dots I happened on by accident n said "Wow!" It represents the last 8 to 30 days of quakes.
Hmmm... interesting pattern going on...

I wonder what's next...

Friday, May 26, 2006

Early Party for Some

Oh joy! The loud people decided to arrive two days early n start having fun already, while the rest of us still need sleep n have to go to work!
Wish I could think of somewhere else to go (cheap) this week-end to get away from the intrusion into my space here. It'll be tough trying not to get on their case because they're some of the rudest neighbors I've ever dealt with, n they (actually their parents) own the place- so I gotta kinda kiss-up a bit...
I could tell they were here because as I pulled up around the corner I could see all the lights on, two of their trucks, then the huge boat taking up half the yard, on the lawn I've been mowing two months now...
Hey, at least they didn't tie the husky dog where he pees on my railing n jumps on me as I try to go up my outside steps- yet. (That'll prob happen on my way out tomorrow)
I can't let my kitties out on the deck at all when they're here either, because they bring their cat, who fights with mine.
Good thing I got all the stuff I needed done before they ascended yesterday! I split up some potted ferns n put some in the border garden out front. I hate being watched, so once the people're here downstairs I tend to ignore the garden area unless they go out.
I hope I get to use the new hose I just got to wash pollen off the car tomorrow so I can drive to work without a reaction. They usually hook it up to the trailer out there which is a teen-ager's bedroom.
It's an inconvenient thing for me they've decided to do, making the holiday week-end last almost a full week! Just hope I'm not incredibly grouchy by work-time on Tuesday, going without so much sleep... (They like to blast the oldies radio station 24/7).
Sorry I felt the need to vent again, good thing for this blog !

Sunday, May 21, 2006

More WaterViews

Ipswitch River cresting K. Monroe

Today I finally had time to peruse all 384 of the slideshow photos sent
in by the local folkz for a few choice picks...

The slideshow pics as a collection also give ya a good idea of the locations n areas affected. There are many cities n towns on the that list: Gloucester, Salem, Amesbury, Tewksbury, Wilmington, Lowell, Peabody, Saugus, Lynn, Danvers, Middleton, Lawrence, n I may've missed a few here...

The link where These were found is in the post below. Locations n Photographers are listed in the file names n the hover-notes.
Here are the main River characters who were over-flowed, a bit on the class-5 Rapids category side-
 Text n pic by Andrew Powell Text on the above pic explains it.

... Merrimack River from Falls Bridge Lawrence, Shari
There was this one Real Estate sign stating "Waterfront Property" on the top, that about 20 different people seem to 've taken a pic of n uploaded (not posted here...). Eventually it was shown mostly under water. Also a restaurant's outdoor deck in Amesbury had a crowd taking it's pic from the nearby bridge.
A few folkz took the op to get the kiddies on the web next to flood waters (a bit too risky for my taste, according to that RE sign, where one child was posed before the water came up...) , or playing in the kayak out in the watery backyard,
(They didn't read about the sewage overflow, I guess- yuc!).
These are the areas MB commented about under my "Lotsa
Water" post below, n posted on her blog this week. Her job took her by these places.


Falls Bridge Lawrence, G. Percy
Rt114 & Rt495 on Lawence n Andover line, Shaundra C.
May your travels n rainfalls be much friendlier !

Speed Bumps

Some road pix from After the 2006 Flood in Massachusetts
pic by Dan Webb

Pics are from the (previously mentioned public slideshow at: pic by S. Gershaw

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lotsa Water

Flooding in the state of Massachusetts is reaching a 70 year record (1938) for some areas. My family is safe on Cape Cod n in Western MA. The North n East sections of the state, Southern New Hamphire n Southern Maine are all rushing downstream...

These pics are a few from the slideshow to publicly share photos at

The following are excerps from

"...The Merrimack, Spicket and Shawsheen rivers are all above flood stage, according to the National Weather Service. Romney said the rivers are expected to crest at around 3 a.m. Tuesday

...Romney said the regional sewage treatment plant in Lawrence has been compromised by the flooding. The plant treats sewage from Andover, North Andover, Salem and Lawrence. The plant failure could dump as much as 115 million gallons of sewage into the river per day.
In Peabody, hundreds of residents were evacuated to temporary shelters to escape the rising floodwaters. Much of Peabody's downtown is under water. ...
The flooding has also created gridlock on the state's highways and major roads. Major sections of Route 1 North and South in Saugus and Peabody have been shut down, paralyzing traffic in many parts of the region. It is unclear when the road will reopen.

"We have closed (Route 1) at the jug handle in Peabody. We have to divert (traffic) to the side roads through Lynn and Lynnfield," said Massachusetts State Trooper James Gilhooley.
Rising flood waters led to the rescue of about 60 people along Hawkes Street in Saugus by firefighters.

"I am just scared. I don’t know. It is a scary thing to leave your house," said one resident.
Fire officials said Walden Pond got so much water the overflow system could not keep up, leading to flooding. ..."

Go n read more or see the Flash 8 videos of more if you're still curious-

Wow, I'm feeling very fortunate today!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


wallpaper pic by Snaggle

Mother's Day
Jan was my Mom's name, n I've really been missin her lately. She braved having five more children after the first one didn't make it. She was an incredibly strong woman who was fiercely opinionated, n valued for it by many friends. Few dared go up against her in arguement. In my adult years after having my own children, I learned how amazing she really was. Especially after my dad died in the early '90's we enjoyed spending time together at every opportunity. She became a golden person to me, priceless...
Her last Mom's day was in the year 2000. She refused to have a 'puter in her house because she didn't want a "work device" in her home. (Problem-solving skills I possess), So for a combo-sib B-day / Mom's Day gift, I got her hooked-up with "Web-TV" n created her a web page n email, (paid for her subscription) so she could communicate with all her siblings n other family members while she was house-bound due to her chemo n radiation treatments.
The following is an excerp from her tribute web page, in which I later published "Jan's Kitchen Wall... a few things you could read there," because we all used to treasure reading the collection of accumulated plaques around her kitchen desk/phone nook. I decided to re-post the lines here for others to enjoy n remember. Most of the plaques were indeed, received by her on Mother's Day...

bar pic by Snaggle

A mother has a special way
of bringing joy to every day,
of bringing laughter to your eyes
As childhood years fly quickly by-
A mother has a way it seems
of understanding hopes and dreams,
of knowing how and what to say
a mother has a special way.

bar pic by Snaggle

Home is where parents and memories live
full of the love only families can give,
It's a place where you learn and a place where you play,
it's a cozy retreat on a cold winter's day.
It's warm and familiar yet always new
a place where there's always a welcome for you.

Home is where laughter and happiness grow
a place you'll remember wherever you go.
It is rooms filled with dreams
and bright moments to share,
it's people who listen and people who care
People who love, understand and forgive,
home is where parents and memories live.

bar pic by Snaggle

What is a mother
by Katherine Nelson Davis

A mother is someone to shelter and guide us
to love whatever we do
with warm understanding and infinate patience
and wonderful gentleness, too.
How often a mother means swift reassurance
in soothing our childish fears,
how tenderly mothers watch over their children
and treasure them all through the years.
The heart of a mother is full of forgiveness for any mistake,
big or small and generous always in helping her family
whose needs she has placed above all.
A mother can utter a word of compassion
and make all our cares fall away
she can brighten a home with the sound of her laughter
and make life delightful and gay.
A mother possesses incredible wisdom
and wonderful insight and skill,
in each of our hearts is that one special corner
which only a mother can fill.

bar pic by Snaggle

This term is reserved for the special relationship between an individual
and the female parent of his or her own parent. The name mother is derived
from the first century Anglo-Saxon word "moder,"
and grand refers to one worthy of respect.
Together they form the cherished word grandmother.

bar pic by Snaggle

Happy Mother's Day, enjoy!

Saturday, May 13, 2006


It's been raining all week here again, with some lovely foggy n murky night drives home mixed in.
Back in my cranberry-bog-work-era, I made this up:
"The fog on the bog is mainly for the frogs!"
At least ya can still hear the peepers out there...
Snaggle's family pic from many years ago

Mother's Day week-end is here n a couple family birthdays are happenin. I don't get to go anywhere, but at least BBM n baby J live down the street, so I'll get to see them. The younger off-shoot is about 250 miles down the road, n $3 per gallon fuel has me parked in the driveway. Wish I could have a BBQ like my bro used to do for the Mom's every year. Someday... can't afford that now, either! I'll be lucky to get to work n pay rent too for these few weeks. My charcoal grille is very rusted also...
I'm just not on the ball, lately. Still haven't gotten my Puter-cards runnin right since on the new system, so haven't sent out any cards this year yet, until this week. (You know who you are...) It's takin me forever to get around to b-day greetings tho, so sorry you'll all be gettin belated cards this year, maybe by July... if I can get my fonts CD to load into the old files correctly one of these dayz! I managed to get them all to lean-lefty instead of normal! Uninstall, reload, ugh! Another day if got more playtime...
There's a writing contest deadline I just missed because I can't come up with the entry fee. Would hafta wait until next fall to win anything, anyways, but makes ya look good when submitting. I'm barely finding Blog-writin-time, lately. This current job is slowin me way down in my (What) free-time (?) with recovery. Need to find something a bit less physical. It feels good whipping into better condition, but it's tough to maintain the energy-level for months on end. Of course I'd like to just ditch work, n just paint n write all day, but rent is unforgiving.
Doing all of it is just exhausting, n I'm there, already! Not time for much rest, n feelin it.
Work's been suckin eggs without decoratin them lately! The people have been difficult this week. Of Course, today is a full Moon also... (Aahh-roooowwW! Ar, ar, ar!!) Seems like they're ready for blood...
Got tons to get done before the summer people descend here. Once they arrive, there is no escaping them. Have ya noticed I like it quiet? if not, ya haven't been readin this blog!
Update Note: Keep up your get-well prayers for "A.T." who had clean liver biopsy results last week! She's now back in stage III from the final IV they'd given her, n there's now hope worth millions where despair had taken over!
She's convinced it's a miracle of prayer.
May she be correct!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Da Race

Another week-end's slippin by. The Temperature finally got up to no-jacket-needed weather for the past two days. It didn't even get to the forecasted cloudy sky until late afternoon. Got the errands all done, n hand-mowed the lawn again.
A bunch of construction equiptment showed up out front again today, in the middle of my free-time party... cause they couldn't fit up the little side-street next to this house to put in a paved driveway up there. They seemed pretty perplexed to see me hand-mowing. I suppose it's a lost art about to become alot more popular...
"That's manual labor!" a construction worker proclaimed to me while drivin by at 3 mph on a roller-tractor-combo.
I thought, "(... Yeah, no SH--!)"
I don't mind the exercise, really. Walking n pushing on the dirt n turf is good for the feet. I'm not a fan of long walks on cement, anymore though. Cement floors at work get the soles sore.
I do mind that I prefer not to deal with the loud gas-powered machine, n the work crew were making loud engine noise I wanted to avoid! I'd also prefer not to be watched or bothered, as quiet time here is in very limited supply until all the summer visiters descend. About 20 days, to be exact, most of which I gotta work away from home.
Just can't win lately!
No peace for the weary worker...
I slowed down enough to watch some of the "Run for the Roses" Kentucky Derby horserace sports show on NBC while I was working on a puter project. I guess all the women have to wear wide-brim-hats n they dish out "Mint Julip" drinks to get the crowd rowdy.
The only wide-brim I own was purchased at "South of the Border" in South Carolina on my road trip to the Florida Keyes in 2001. it's brown leather n looks just like the "Indiana Jones hat. I use it for shade sometimes, n Halloween. Not today, though. I'm really not into fancy hats...
Number 8, "Babaro," of KY (extra $100k bonus!) took the roses.
Then, not getting my fill of running horses, ABC showed the movie "SeaBiscuit," which I have in a pile of VHS in the corner, but I got sucked in n watched it again, anyhow. I also have the book in a box somewhere in my collection of horse-themed literature from my childhood. Always liked the feel-good story of a long-shot "short-guy" fighting a way to the top of the heap... (I'm short, too)! one of these dayz I wanna get somewhere better, myself.
Lately my free-time is over before I'm recovered or done with the priorities keeping me up n runnin in "Da Race." Back in '80's I wrote a silly Progressive Blue-grass tune titled "Escape Da Race." I still haven't found a way out- except for hittin the lottery, which is very long-odds! At least I'm still in the running. I drew a long-shot post position, n I'm gettin weary of the long distance traveled, patience wearin thin. It'll take so much to keep up, to win...
"Meanwhile, back on the ranch" (one of my fav silly sayings) I really need some rest n pasture time! N the finish-line's no where in sight!
(Please don't use the whip!)