Friday, June 28, 2013

Sum Ah Tiem

Photo by SnaggleTooth June 2013

Post written on the 27th:
It's noticeably Summertime n living isin't easy on the other side of tourism. Weather has been hot, muggy, this week, in the 90 F's n the local tv news crew was joking "Welcome to Florida"...

Work has been flat out - n chore catch-up is going alot slower than I'd like. Now we're getting into a T-storm afternoons pattern, n I only have a little daylight to get to the deck plant care n outdoor things.

The summer folks close to my side windows are down for Pre-4th of July R&R n the road is now densely populated as I come n go-
As predicted, un-interrupted hours of sleep are at a premium, quick store lines for errands are rare, as are empty roads to travel.

The pic upload window for blogger won't load after hours of failed attempts.... Grrrhhh! This week I have to switch  to a new ISP, n it keeps opening IE when I need Chrome to  post to ESR, causing more slow-down. I've been looking things up that don't want to load within 20 minutes per click, n getting frustrated.

Written Tonight:
What a wasted online time yesterday was. Had trouble loading things the whole way. Needed important info I couldn't get, n spent too much time unable to plan anything.

But, today the hot haze broke to the 70 F's n the day was overcast. I went for a long walk on a pic taking mission.
Got to talk to some dear ones on the phone all evening, been awhile since I got to do that. Now free time is almost up n it's back to work-crazy-time trying to make it thru another week- Can you tell I'm still exhausted with too much on my mind?

Image by SnaggleTooth June 2013

Well, lucky readers- the glitch was apparently just on blogger yesterday, n I got the upload button onscreen today! So you get the image of a gangplank n section of a large vessel tied up at the pier, n it's altered counterpart to contemplate after all, just a day later...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cove n Lilies

Photo by SnaggleTooth June 19, 2013

A beautiful, sunny, 70F Day Off finally! I found sunset reflection magic in the cove by the bridge after a long day of errands n laundry chores. It'll take awhile to process all the pretty stuff I clicked there, so I just picked out this one to do today. I was so glad there were peeks of sun thru the clouds as it descended. After all these weeks of rain in a row, the biting bugs were numerous. I had to keep walking while there. Clouds of gnats followed me the whole way, n I had to put on my hoodie for protection, tho it was still warm. No Off for me- I'm allergic...

Image by SnaggleTooth June 19, 2013

Today's altered pics are texture n color altered, without the rotating mirror, due to not finding those results interesting today. I like all three of these as abstract images, even if the top photo would be ok alone, they make me think so differently of the original pics.
Photo by SnaggleTooth June 2013

I was recently given some plants for the deck, n the Chives n red Lilies began to bloom last week in the overcast conditions.  The air has been so saturated until today, my clothes hanging inside were drying too slow. It'll be much better to have everything dry n put away this week.

Image by SnaggleTooth June, 2013

Most of the deck plants are doing well, considering I haven't even finished spring cleaning part of the deck yet. Some Viola seeds from a plant two years ago have decided to reappear in two old pots. I've been working on making a new garden bed in the yard, n so many plants are waiting to be in there it'll be crowded. I'd stopped part way done of removing the grass sod before all that rain made me wait. Now I have too much to catch up on there...

Photo by SnaggleTooth June 19, 2013

This week I have many Lily buds opening to catch the rays out there. I've been picking alot of Petunias for the table, n the Impatiens are growing slowly. There are flowers on the tomatoes, n some Pea pods will soon be edible. the Beets n Carrots that sprouted are few n slow so far. I replanted more seeds for those. Many seeds never sprouted at all-

Image by SnaggleTooth June 19, 2013

Here comes another busy Day Off without rain full of plans. Maybe I'll get a bit more caught up here
this week.
I hope everyone else does too-

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Image by SnaggleTooth spring 2013

The bright, sunny-looking form is glorious to behold as was the rare, ten minutes of sunshine peeking between the clouds to bask in late today. We've been getting so much rainfall that the ground is over-saturated. The container garden n mowing work is on hold, n I need to rest my weary feet anyway.

It was a fair, mostly cloudy errand trip, windy, n cool. I must've missed some flooding near the market recently, because there were sand-bags at the lower end of the plaza sidewalk...

Too much rain does wear you down. After two weeks of work n last week's one Day Off, today I totally lacked motivation for additional chores after errands n laundry- tho I should've done more. Last week the mess was left to grow, so now I need to totally clean everything in here again, especially the floors.  Now tomorrow we're expecting rain again. The next day too...

Photo by SnaggleTooth spring 2013

The weather's been so un-summer-like for June here. I like looking at this pic of walking thru the front beach water, (I was wearing shorts), on my way home the last week of May when it was hot those few days.
Sometimes sunshine equals energy to me.

Sunday, June 09, 2013


Image by SnaggleTooth June 2013
Image by SnaggleTooth June 2013

Photo by SnaggleTooth June 2013
Many dinghies are back in residence at the short pier, always good for a jumbled assortment to behold, n a fun pic to alter.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

So Busy

I'm currently having Blogger Edit mode difficulties, n am now in html mode trying to get a post in to see if it works. Regular edit mode has no edit text window!

This week is super busy at work for me. I'm already very sore from all the constant, bigger summer orders. I'll only have one Day Off to get so much done, then face massive impending order numbers for a new promotion. Not only do I have to give up a needed Day Off, It will be a day of no sleep to begin 6 hours early n then go until regular delivery time in the early am. Then work another busy week-end... What a way to start off the busy summer.

The new impending ObamaCare laws have resulted in zero, normal, new summer help hiring- compared to the ten to twenty of previous tourist seasons. I'm not sure where I'll get the energy for all the extra work I'll have to do. All week I've fallen asleep before getting to blog read at all, just exhausted! Now I'll have to wait until next week's Days Off to get a full day of sleep, if the summer folks noise by then lets me...

Pics are from the Last Day of May sunset. I just want nice stuff to see, while I'll be too busy to get around Blogland much the next few weeks. Now, let's see if I can get this post up.
Woops- don't know why the link underline above, no html tags there for it to remove!?! Hope the glitches here go away soon! Whew- Is it fixed? Yay! Don't know what that was...