Saturday, April 28, 2012

Altered Edge

It's really difficult to predict which pics will end up being more fun this way...
I really like this altered image. (Zen meets Buffalo head?)
Hey Dude, got some cool shades on in this version- which is actually upside-down.


It's one of the D-bridge abuttment bases, visible from overhead on the bridge. Sometimes folks use the large, flat rock part as a boat landing, but it's tough climbing the rocks up the embankment. I just like seeing the textures of rocks against the High Tide water ripples.
(Pic from last week)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where have all the Flowers Go--

The woods are slowly filling in. Rain the past two days is finally jump starting more growth. These pics are from the past week. Today the bamboo has shot up like magic. I need to mow, but ran out of daylight too soon again.
 Too much to do around here. I'm still water challenged- lugging dishes n shower supplies down, n water to wash hands, cook, n drink up from the downstairs empty apartment. Due to the lack of lights n pre-dawn heat there, I've been taking a short nap n waiting until daylight to shower after work, then sleeping a few more hours before work again. It's been a major hassle for two weeks now. I've been long-duration sleep deprived all this time.
Squirrels in the side yard feast
on my bready leftovers in the periwinkles.
The landlord folks finally decided they couldn't handle doing the needed work themselves, n now I have to shop around here for some one to help out- which I wanted done weeks ago already! More missed sleep to do that now...
 Just what I needed, more to do, less relaxing, n even less sleep- calls waking me all day, with no time off from work! Meanwhile the house is non-functional with stuff moved around n hard to get to until the work is done- no telling how long this will take.
Vincia in a 5-gallon bucket transplanted from the side yard
 are thriving out on the deck.
After spending weeks of my free time cleaning up the yard debris, some still deposited from Hurricane Irene, I'd done the major raking, n pruning. N Then this week they removed the trailer from the yard. Now I need to fix where it sat for decades, remove wild vines n more raking. '
I just want to sleep, read, n play guitar, not worry about all this other stuff like being ready for work again, having clean clothes, dishes, n food. I can't even consider getting out the blocked art supplies! I'm really burnt out! This is not what I'd planned to do for spring cleaning (making more of a mess moving supplies out of the bathroom n kitchen to other rooms instead of cleaning dust from the other rooms-ugh!) N now here comes the tree pollen, so I can't hang out the clothes n have to hang them all over the backroom.
Blogger will take more time. My pics are not in the intended order here, n I give up for today- but did finally find the preview button, n where they hid the html button, but then I can't get the edit box to come back! I decided to copy my text from notepad.
Guess my life just wasn't hard enough yet...
Edit Note: I'm going crazy unable to format this post right!
<><><><><><><><><>Tiger Lillies across the road are half grown already.
Vines in the woods across the road
are original to the altered pic above. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Image by SnaggleTooth April 2012

I really don't want to deal with the new Blogger updated interface. It decided to take me by surprize today, n I really don't have time for this new proceedure, which incidentally reminds me more of my experience withTumblr-

I want control of my HTML back. Now that my browser is suddenly no longer supported by Blogger, I can't even see the new toolbar, just dots from the top of it, n have to read the hover-notes to see what I'm doing. I really want my pic captions to be in my post pics hover-notes n don't have all this time to wait at every single click I make in here, as I now have to do. The edit post box is in the way of editing! There's a delay between typing n seeing what I did. I have been so stressed out at home n work- n now I'm even fed up with this new thing being forced on me already. I'm feeling hasseled instead of relieving my stress...

I was just going to do a quick post upload n finish editing a draft, for about 15 minutes...but I'm out of time. This new stuff took me over an hour already! This is not what I wanted to post today.

Photo by SnaggleTooth April 2012

This is not working well on this computer at all, I thought I'd try to do this post to test if it will appear as it should on the old ESR template, btw.

The 18 foot Boston Whaler was trying to get out of the M-cove under the D-bridge at the sunset previously shown, but was stuck until the High Tide water went down another foot so they would fit, n they all had to duck down.

I wish I had a newer computer to go with this update thing... (This stinks)
I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling suddenly stuck...

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Photo by SnaggleTooth April 2012

Tuesday I had 15 minutes to get thru the market for a short list of supplies n I' d make sunset at the D-bridge on my way back home... n I would've made it- but they picked this week to re-arrange all the product isles! I'd whipped across the store until I was faced with a blank shelf where all the toilet paper had been for years. Then I realized what had happened n had to backtrack half a football field to find the new location!

Result, missing the disk of the Sun stage of the day's end transition, n this "after-light" reflection color offering...

Not a total loss, after all-

Monday, April 16, 2012


So many silly, beady eyes staring back at me...

Even the forms of color don't betray the true nature of the original subject. Perhaps a landscape again...

I like this version.

Nope, it's a skyscape! Opposite the sunset from the D-bridge last week, I turned n took a pic of the moon in the cloudy sky thru the power lines. I've been showing so many sunsets lately...

I never get sick of seeing the sunsets, or trying to get a perfect pic of it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wah Why

Image by SnaggleTooth April 2012 upsidedown

My neighbor from across the street out the back way knocked on my door today n helped explain what was up with the dumped furniture. I've known her since I moved here decades ago, tho we don't talk much. She was afraid I'd think it was her putting the stuff there, but I knew she wouldn't do that. I thought it was college kids a cottage away on that tiny road back there.

She saw the couch, my sign, n blockade after she got in from work about 11pm. n called the cops to ask what to do. She brought the couch back to the yard of who she thinks left it here. She believes the couch was put there to get in her way (across from her driveway, but actually in my yard) in retaliation for when she puts some used things out on the public grass corner for folks to take which is across from who she believes did the deed. Folks do this here every year.

The offender lives across from this pic of the "corner"which they consider their yard, tho it's a public property.
The second altered pic in this post shows stuff left on that corner someone else may want, left by my neighbor who believes to be the intended receipient of the nasty couch deed. (*If she is correct)-

So probably it wasn't the Mass Maritime kids, n I was somehow unintentionally punished- Much energy has been spent on my time off to clean up the section of yard, along with alot of broken glass there at the roadside, n my back neighbor helped out, feeling bad that I had to deal with such maliciousness- plus we both had the day off.

Photo by SnaggleTooth April 2012

I'm so sick of chores n stair trips right now- I haven't done anything else in days. Funny enough two days in a row the setting sun hid behind thick clouds in the western sky, so I didn't get any really good pics I'm spoiled with- so this was from later on the 4th.


Photo by SnaggleTooth April 10 2012

Not only have I not partaken in any cocktails or vino, but this section of the US is going thru a spring drought. Red Flag brush-fire warnings have been up for weeks now. They forecast some showers for this week, but we're still waiting-

As a result the spring green is going slow, so at least I still have time to rake before mowing is needed.

I'm really glad the special holiday orders are over. Work has been very difficult this week, because I'm hardly getting any sleep.

Image by SnaggleTooth April 10 2012I'd asked for time off the boss wouldn't give me, so because of emergency house water repairs, my home life is now carrying buckets of water up from down stairs. At least the shower downstairs is finally useable after getting some scum off the floor. (It took a few days). Guys to work on pipes will return in a few days to interrupt the next work-weeks rest schedule also. N then I get to move everything in the Kitchen n Bathroom, ensuring the non-functionality of getting ready for work on time. After work showers will be joyful by flashlight in 50 degrees or less without the heat on down stairs, but it beats the bucket washcloth washing n doing hair in the sink, which got my neck really sore.

Photo by SnaggleTooth April 10 2012My temper has been really terrible. Then today, after finally the landlord moved all the junk furniture (most left there by kids downstairs) out of the yard yesterday, which I waited over a year for- in less than a 24-hour period, an unknown neighbor deposited another (has done it before) couch in my yard out back- (sigh)-

I got so mad, that I pushed it back out to the side of the road, n pinned a "Please stop putting junk in my yard" sign on it. Then blocked access using some large wood from picked up hurricane damage. I went to the dollar tree to get nylon rope to put across higher, then hung a water-proof "No Dumping" sign on it. I want the other neighbors to know what's going on here- I'm still really PO'd- What kind of neighbor does that?

I've been having a difficult time from all angles this past week n patience is in short supply... honestly when I saw that couch it was the last straw... n I've been venting ever since! Sorry for the rant, but it is a strange story to share...

Hopefully you didn't find similar rotten eggs on your hunt...

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Photo by SnaggleTooth April 3 2012
It was worth freezing my hands out on the D-bridge this evening, waiting awhile for sundown on my way out to errands. The past two weeks sunsets I captured were both very yellow n barren of sky features. I could see earlier the clouds would be partially present today to spice it up a bit...

Why is it I see so many bargains I can't get during rent due week? There were these dwarf Daffodils for $3, the Spielburg "WarHorse" dvd on sale for $20, n huge hams for $10 that I had to pass up at the store today, as I have to wait another week for any extras, n I know they'll all be gone by then! Plus next week will be the after holiday candy sale...

Again I regret I don't get to celebrate Easter due to working all week-end. Not having any free holidays in years is getting pretty old. I really miss the ham dinners my Mother used to have every Easter n wish I could have one. Plus watching Little Ones chase eggs while visiting is always fun. When I was young, I had a few Seder dinners with Jewish friends which was s good time with the wine ceremonial script reading.
I just feel like I'm totally missing out on everything... Well at least I saw the sunset-

Are you having a family dinner?