Friday, September 30, 2005


Take my love, take my land,
Take me where I can not stand.
I don't care, I'm still free,
You can't take the sky from me.

Take me out to the black.
Tell 'em I ain't commin' back.
Burn the land and boil the sea,
'Cause you can't take the sky from me.

There's no place I can be,
Since I found Serenity.
You can't take the sky from me!

~ ^ ! ^ - ^ ~ ~ (spacey fiddle)
by Joss Whedon

The new "Serenity" film comes out today. I've been watchin the cds again (thanx MB, and Ty). Haven't seen a new film since "Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith." About a half-year ago... Don't know when I'll make it to this one. I read an interview article creator Whedon did during film production several months ago. He said there wouldn't be any horses in this one, because they weren't part of the storyline, just couldn't justify paying to rent them. The show is a scewed version of a high-tech western in space... frontiers, settlers, sheriffs, and the like. "...and the like" is a Malcolm Reynolds phrase.

So I'm wonderin if there's no horses, say, in the previous intro, are they gonna even use the old intro music, or come up with a longer perhaps unsung score? This is why I wanna be in film production... I wanna film or computer animate cattle in zero gravity... although I'm sure that's not in the film either, I just wanna see what it does... Me and my vivid imagination!
You can't take my ideas from me. Zong Da Yi.
Only true fans know that one...
Yeah, some time before I die I'm hopin' film production lets me do my flix. Not now, Not today, light years gone from this stagnant place!


Thursday, September 29, 2005


The wind's whistlin today! Just got the squall-line of showers promised to dampen my afternoon. At last, after 2 days I got my clean, heavy sleeping bag to dry out, and got it inside in time. Been cleaning the truck-bed out, cause it's gonna be my home on wheels when taking off to Northern NH in Oct, for a wedding.
The landlord finally showed up this am to get the heap of roofing garbage left out of the yard, after I already had to chase it down twice last week, and put it in a tarp. Littering is a pet peeve, I don't tolerate it well at all. Of course he didn't get the smaller stuff on the other side yard. Makes me real happy I'd already cleaned and hand-mowed the yard the day before the messy- worker-guys showed up last week. Ya know, I just can't win!
... I'm not supposed to eat salty food, ... don't tell, but I just had a bag of those fish cheese-crackers last me over a month as treats... Been working hard for days now going through all my old floppy's from the old Win'98 puter, looking for original materials already typed and copy-proofed just cause I don't wanna type out all over again. The ancient paper pile I have is unreal. I'll eventually get through all my old notebooks, and when I really get ambitious, I'll boot-up the 8-meg Mac SE, on that one, when you type in a word, ya gotta wait a few secs to see the word! There's a book in there I definately have to retype in order to get it outta there. Trying to get the stuff onto up-dated format. Of course, it's all for use as copy for other art projects. Then I'm trying to hurry and work out a paint and ink gift for the happy wed folks. If the idea works out well, I want to continue on similar variations of the same idea, no 2 exactly the same of course, now all I need is the frame of mind needed... I'm hoping the party people don't show this week-end... or the schedule will be off. Now I'm off, and running... to get it done.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

What a Coincydink

Your Animal Personality
Your Power Animal: Shark

Animal You Were in a Past Life: Polar Bear

You have a strong character - you are an aggressive, ambitious, go-getter.
You were born to lead.
Ya, I know... It totally figures the test came out that way... If ya read any ancient posts from the beginning of my blog loggin', ya know I'm pretty attached to these two beasts, and even invented a movie storyboard for them awhile back acause the northern ice flows are known to be melting away. Hmm, I'm surprized picking the goose on the last question cause I love the film "Migration" didn't factor into the answer...

Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a creative hotbed of artistic talent.

You're always making pictures in your mind, especially when you're bored.

You are easily inspired to think colorful, interesting thoughts.

And although it may be hard to express these thoughts, it won't always be.

No surprise here at all either... really, it's the only one I liked in the bunch. I don't think of bubbles in my brain, ever!
I found issue with an answer which I didn't like on this site, the birthdate one, didn't fit me - as I've already worked on previouly known problems like being an introvert by performing, public speaking, and getting out of negative moodiness. Well, at least it didn't tell me I was so happy like the mood ring one! Whew, I was afraid it would... I hated the band name it came up with, "The Gagging Housewives" - I would never used , ever, cause I'm not one, never mind I'm a libber who wants equal treatment to the guys, and has no desire to ever gag or blow chunks! That one blew it! That was a pun on purpose...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Japanese or Chinese

Your Japanese Name Is...

Mayoko Kujo

Are there any natural brassy blondes in Japan? Have never seen any... Have a friend right across the Dummy bridge who's son just got back from a student-exchange year there. It's a very popular language in high school lately.

Ko Ne chee wa! ... (bow)

Usually, I like writing chinese characters, and have pix of them for feng shui purposes all over the house, because this place needs cures in every room, there's so many poison arrows and naughty edges! I can write my chinese name, but still haven't found the phonetic version. Lately the Jade plants are prolifferating, also good water-wind-cure objects. This obsession is what happens when some one gives an artist a book on it, who then can't stop fixing those negative spots... I have mobiles and chimes a-plenty around here!

You'd think it would help things become more positive more quickly...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Two is enough

Having a lovely day unable to concentrate on important things. The guys to do downstairs ceiling installation and the shed roof outside my windows are here this week-end to distract the hell out of me and make certain nothing of value is accomplished. Sounds like someone's knocking on the door all day long, almost as good as the nursing home bell ringer which never shuts off... tap, tap, tap, pause of differring length...repeat! The guy likes threezees! Triplets might be easier on my head...

I usually hate msnbc all day, but today they've got the best and newest video. Lovely Rita has cried her way down to tropical storm strength from the abusive cat-3, and although it's pretty bad rain and surge flooding most affected places, I know we're all very relieved it didn' hit as a 4 or 5. I do wonder how folks are gonna come up with more helping funds when we all can't afford to drive to work next week, after having given more than we shoulda toward Katrina's fallout... A local opinion article from a prompt contributor in the local paper declared "shame on the Red Cross" because they waited at the Astrodome TX for a week with help instead of moving in closer LA, sooner, where people were the neediest, which is what she wanted to help with. The reality is, there's never enough help where and when it's needed.

Another short Press catch of Prez-B today. Sometimes I never want to hear him utter "workin' hard" ever again, seems he can't get on cam without saying it lately. He is beginning to look a bit uneasy today. About time! He shoulda been more worried awhile back. Well, oil well, he does have a personal stock in the oil biz. Where are more bright ideas to get us all outa this upcoming transportation mess... tap, tap, tap, pause-=-, Ugh!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Lovely Rita, Meter Maid, has just raised the price for parking in our United States.

It's unfathomable so much destruction has Gulf communities in it's grip this year, as has never before occurred. It's horrific to be sitting here hundreds of miles away momentarily safe, watching and knowing we're all always at the mercy of our planet's natural power.
Most people who've known me realize I've had a forboding gloom over me about this loud fact in my mind ever since the Tsunami hit December 26, 2005. Nature is on the rampage this year, temperature warming, species changing food sources, species dissapearing, polar ice flows melting, and the axis shifted one degree off normal, these are just a few changes this planet is adapting too.
In an attempt to lighten up I've been writing a silly song about moving to the mountains and then building a house up on stilts, and hoping it's high enough. But of course it turns out that it isin't safe from nature's fury either, because the top of the mountain becomes a volcano and blows off in a rain of molten magma. There's just no more feeling safe for us all. The message I hear in it is futility. It's the same story learned in my old fav folk tunes in my youth, like the maid who keeps trying to sweep the waves back into the sea.
... "Oh life is a toil and love is a trouble, beauties they fade and riches they flee. Pleasures they dwindle and prices they double, and nothing is what I would wish it to be!"
There's no brushing off Rita, the second category 5 in the Gulf of Mexico in less than a month, stalking the next door neighbors of the last victims because we haven't been hurt enough yet, never mind adding on the violent sins of fellows in our midst.
I periodically read a blog by a talented young lass photographer who was recently traveling the world. Until just a few entries ago, when she touched base, I didn't know her home town was in Northern Ireland. Last week, she posted about a recent bombing as a witness to driving past damage in Belfast.
I've spent a little research time trying to clarify some commentary items, so I can better understand. Maybe this will help us spoiled Americans not be so angry about the prices we're about to pay for our fuel...

excerps from: "an illumination from glances" Esther's blog
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Quote:
"Thursday, September 15, 2005
casually dressed and deep in conversation.

in conversation with santa caterina yesterday:

yes because while the rest of the uk gears up for petrol price hikes and fuel protests and whatnot, northern irish people COLLECT PETROL IN BOTTLES, SET FIRE TO IT AND THROW THESE AT EACH OTHER. or the police.
clearly they have no idea how stupid this looks to the rest of the world.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ comments
zeb said... Don't forget the wearing of balaklavas. I've told Catherine before, to the world this in the uniform of Northern Ireland. Probably with combats as well. You're not really from NI unless you've got a balaklava and a petrol bomb.

10:23 AM
zeb said...
Actually, it's a bit like northerners with flatcaps and whippets.

10:25 AM
esther said...
hehehehe but middle class girls such as catherine and myself do not possess such things! besides, i am probably allergic to combats. definitely allergic to petrol bombs.

4:45 PM
Snaggle Tooth said...
At the moment I don't remember what balaklavas is... My brother-in-law from Wales would know... But I'll tell ya, if ya stood on the street corner in the USA and sold those bottles of petrol, you'd be rich in no time!The thought of wasting it at these prices does indeed seem silly!

12:44 AM
zeb said... traditional dress, inc balaklavas. (this is what google is for.)

Consider that ptrol costs 5x more in the UK than the US before you complain about your prices there (£1 a litre in Oxford). You don't know you're born, as they say around here."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Unquote

2:43 PM
Snaggle Tooth said...
Reply ... many days later...
Zeb, thank you for the answer to my comment, and showing me a good picture example. You got me off on a fact finding quest.
some google search information I found:
"Unit Regulations
Balaklavas or Knitted Hoods Scarves Mittens Wristers. Knitted articles were generally provided..."

"16 Reasons To Wear a Helmet
In cold weather, wear ear warmers or thin cloth hoods (called balaklavas) under your helmet for warmth. “Helmets are uncomfortable.” ..."
I bet they are! I'm allergic to dust mites which must be washed from all garments I wear a minimum interval of every two weeks or else I'll swell like a balloon! Used to think it was the wool, then was tested and found out the items just hadn't been washed correctly... (need hot water) I have MANY allergies. I also detest violence against others, unless used in self-defense, What I'd call "unnecessary harm."
I guess "knit garments" explains the term balaklavas...

How educational it was to research all this information! I just found out that a gallon in the UK is larger than a gallon in the US!
1 gallon = 4.546 09 litres *But not according to this stated UK and US difference*
I therefore am not certain about the validity of this "standard weights and measures" chart info found online...
1 litre = 1.761 pints = 0.881 quarts = 0.220 gallons; 1 pint = 0.568 litres = 1/2 quart = ect...

The American gallon has 8 pints as does the UK gallon, but the measure is different:
The American pint has 16 fluid ounces
...... the UK pint has 20 fluid ounces
US = 473.176473 ml
UK = 568.26125 ml

US = 3.785411784 Litres
UK = 4.54609 Litres
This may not seem important until you realise that internationally we trade in barrels of oil, defined in the US as 42 US gallons, a difference of 32 litres that has to be accounted for! Metric measurements in the UK and US are the same.

------- Federal Reserve / Exchange Commission
FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATES / Statistical Release 08/31/05
Currency units per U.S. dollar $1
....... August 2005
£1 = $ 1.7944

------- Now I'm wondering if British and Irish pounds are equal???
** In the US we have to buy fuel by the Gallon...
1 gal = 3.785 ltr US and 1 gal = 128 fl oz US
1 gal = 4.546 ltr UK and 1 gal = 160 fl oz UK

Assuming the £1 per liter price given is currently accurate,converting to gallon price, UK cost per different unit sizes:
1.794 x 3.785 US Gallon = US $ 6.790
1.794 x 4.546 UK Gallon = US $ 8.155

**So you're paying the US $ equivalent of approx. $8.15 price per gallon, but your gallons are 32 more fluid ounces than ours! If it were the same US ounces it would be the approx. $ 6.80 price per gallon!

on 09/20 I paid $ 2.959 per US gallon
on 09/08 it was $ 3.349 per US gallon (I didn't buy it)
divide by 3.785 litre per US Gallon:
09/20, 1 litre = $ 0.78 US difference $ 1.01 US
09/08, 1 litre = $ 0.88 US difference $ 0.91 US
(approx. .5 £1)

**According to this calculation, you're paying from close to 2 times through 2.3 times what we are for the same amount!

I still need to clarify if there are any producing local oil fields or refineries in NI, or if all petrol goods are imported refined, perhaps accounting for why the price is higher.

In the US glass beverage bottles are worth $.05 cent cash deposit refund.
Cost to fill a small bottle with 12 ounces petrol:
6.79 / 128 US = 0.053 per oz
8.155 / 160 UK = .05 per oz x 12 = .611
It would cost about US $0.60, plus deposit, plus the wick. Or approx 29% of £1.
OK, now, one could argue that petrol-B's could be a fairly cheap baboom! Point clarified!

Now back to the States Lovely cat-5 hurricane "Rita" on the first day of Autumn, '05. Our country's local oil producing Gulf platforms and refineries are again closed down, second time in a month. We are being told on the Tele-news to expect prices US $ 5.00 to $ 6.00 per gallon in the next few weeks. Here we are, catching right up to your cost! Imagine how easy that was. Of course now UK prices may keep pace ahead of US prices.

Time to get a local job, a bike, open a rik-shaw business, or switch back to horse and carriage!

Saturday, September 17, 2005


I had a boyfriend a couple years back with that last name, I bet he hasn't found this blog yet... He was unbelievably and loudly predjudiced against all people of darker color, even though his own children were half-Polynesian! Of course, that was acceptable...

I just can't hear the name "Ophelia" without thinking of the William Shakespeare character in Hamlet who throws herself to drown in the river, and floats face-down by. So sad...
Now it seems "Ophelia" the storm has floated by 70 miles out, dead to us, and spared us all her wind and whimpering. Oh, I'm greatful the neighbors deck chairs didn't break my windows, but I mourn the loss of another day people would've otherwise been productive. So many "didn't dos." Another day the entire economy except news Media and entertainment sectors grind to a halt, and again all the everyday working folks without benefits lose another day of pay, businesses file a loss of expected sales, and normal time has been stolen again. Green is money related.
The bright side is, today I'm not playing "Ophelia," by floating by face-down... I can't help but think of all those who did it two weeks ago... hope they're almost done picking them up.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Oaff! Feel Ya!

Well, it was raining yesterday to beat the band, and I got to stand in it a bit, while a pal and I shuffled Buddy's car home from the Hospital Parking lot. I got home and observed drops the size of potatoes hitting the windshield! I found leaves had again plugged the prior-to-storm-raked storm drain! Instead of allowing the street to cave in under the wieght of all that water, and wash the foundation of my house out, I waded in and unplugged it... So I really felt like a sad, drowned puppy by the time I got in. Had to strip at the door so I wouldn't have to mop the whole house... But that was just a morsel which'd broken off the main formation.
We're due to get the main mess of wind, rain, and surge this pm until late tomorrow. High tide is about 7 am, and it's a spring tide with a full moon, so I need to get up at an hour or two earlier to check the water out the window and made sure it's staying there... Complacency has never been one of my behaviors.
I feel bad for the folks at Camp Edwards from New Orleans, who are probably flippin' just thinking about another one, which probably makes them revisit all the stress they just lived through two short weeks ago.
Those of you who know me know I'm always a bit over-prepared... was a girl-scout for a decade, have plenty of camping supplies and an inflatable air-mattress that can be used as a float, so don't worry about my survival skills at all. It prob won't be too bad here. I'm just hoping all the "R's" porch furniture doesn't sail this direction, cause the rest of the neighborhood has picked theirs up. "Well," every one keeps saying, "It can't be as bad as Hurricane Bob." But you see where that thinking about Camille got the victims of Katrina! In today's world, complacency can equal doom! Pay attention! I've been playing sentinal so long, I don't know how not to be one.
My phone and online connection never did like rain, but remember I still have week-end hours left on the cell.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Is 13 Lucky Today?

I'd really like to hit the 200 mil jackpot in the Mega-Mill Game tonight. I really need it. It's about the only thing that would lift off my high stress level. I'm getting so ticked about the ton's of garbage that's been dumped in front of my home this week, that I pick up and have to pay to throw away. I'm ready to go off- the next time a car parks next to the trees. That land is being left natural to protect three different endangered plant species, but they all dump away, never get caught, and make me look bad.

I haven't answered anyone's em this week yet, so if you're on the list, I apologize. Pretty lax for me, eh? Been off-line a couple days now, trying to get my brain in gear for my four-hour exam today, along with 500 others Capees wanting about 40 possible positions. Yuck! I've only played my violin once for fun this month, that's so much easier to do! I believe the last time I took a real test was MA state's "Applied Food Safety Certification" in '97 when I was at "have it your way," BK. Even though I've been testing myself at home on my new studies, I just wasn't prepared for this atmo of how the old High School with the hovering nuns used to feel... College never felt this oppressive! Ugh, I hate the little number 2 pencil computer dots and trying not to skip a question and erase... these things should be outlawed by now, you would think...

Well, the Nursing home here in town isin't quite the same as that visited in my past life, as previously reported. The problem now is all the mean, old, bossy nurses have been replaced with little girls, who ignore everything going on around them! The call-ring-tone blasts incessantly, just like a ringing telephone, and it's impossible to hang there without thinking you need to answer the phone the entire time! Some nice old folks say hi and race at -3 mph down the hall in wheel-chairs. And quadraplegic, young "Guy" is reportedly side-swiping nurses at every oportunity with his new state-of-the-art computerized motor-coach! Good for you, Guy, chasing those babes, even without any moving limbs to attack with! Of course, there's alot of strange speaking and singing going on, all being ignored. But the gaunt, listless, and dying way too slowly are still all too numerous and noticeable. I've been there twice this week, skipping today, and will try go back to see "Mr Wise-guy Triple Bypass, Buddy" again tomorrow.
Meanwhile, back on the ranch now that I can think again, I'm two birthday cards and a get well card late this week, due to screwed up puter earlier this week. So Sorry Daughter-Dear, Nephew, and Buddy... maybe by the end of the week. Did I mention there won't be any cash in those unless I hit the Mills tonight?

Saturday, September 10, 2005


I need more of this today! Had another run-in with Viral program findings... after retracing the steps that led to the last one, yep, it happenned again! no surprize this time!
Another all day putter thing. Found a file that was it. deleted it and now not crashing again everytime I click to get back online. as I did again all a.m. before I could get to the reading to find it... But sorry JP gonna em u again, missing another bug...?? Hey, someone stole my colored type... that depresses me, then they changed the color code system... guess I don't deserve the luxury now- Gee'z'um! The tabs on top of the editor and type toolbars were all missing, hey- Knock it off, I don't have time for this madness... there u r again, on other blog n now on this one b- Red is angry!

A bit busy today. My Townee, "Buddy," got moved from the Hospital far away to nursing-care place in town.
Now that he can use his cell phone in the building, it's battery is dead, and he can't walk to the desk yet. That figures, cause now that I'm outa week-day minutes for the month, I have tons of week-end left... and it's Sat.

I really don't wanna waste fuel going there to see if he's still sleeping, but I guess it's the only choice if I wanna talk to him. I hate those places, mostly because of old-lady-perfumes I'm very allergic too. It might cost me two weeks of not functioning, I need to watch it or I won't be able to drive home! My eyes tend to swell quickly. I have a right to be as paraniod as I am... I'm almost always correct- In this case I'll happily be wrong!

I also hate Nursing Homes because my maternal grandfather spent 10 years in one with Parkinson's before he died, and as a young girl, I saw an eyefull during visits. So I expect to see alot of unhappy residents, and angry, bossy nurses... never mind the moaning and groaning Patient!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday and Quiet!

Wow, looking forward to the first uncrowded week-end since last May. Of course, just as I was writing that, the older-teen-man across the way decided to scream bloody-blue-murder non-stop at his step-mom... almost ready to call the cops, he sounds like he may be the violent type... big burly guy too... will hafta keep an eye out for trouble over there. ( Pearl)
That's what I get for opening the doors and windows! But hey, today there are no barking dogs, rap-blasting wise kids, or obnoxtious city people out there, just townees n way quieter! Couldn't hear the people over there before... Alotta King Richard's Faire folks hanging at the laundrymat in town today. I like it when I'm not the only one with outlandishly long locks! They're workin outdoors all week-ends til Nov.

I heard another plane-full of about 100 landed at the Camp for "Guests". So that's about 200+ people here now. I saw some cards handed out had the Red Cross Logo on them. Cards shown on the news in other states were reported funded from FEMA. Apparently they aren't equal amounts for all, here, wonderin how they decide... Well, I just hope some one raided the Outlet Mall to get those folks some nice Cape Cod Hoodies for tonight, cause Canadian air is comin in and they're gonna freeze their tootsies off for the first time! The kiddie toys they're handing out are beach buckets with flip-flops, and a towel, but there's no beach at the camp, n today it's too chilly for sandals...
In West _ 'Ham they're filling up a donations truck for the victims, and taking winter items (gloves, hats, ect) for the Camp guests.

Time for the never-ending battle between the Red Sox and the Yankees series of 6 games. NY won't get in the playoffs first time in years unless they win em all, they're 4 games down.

Looks like FEMA is all done today, finally taking the deserved heat. Micheal Brown is the popular scapegoat in the media, he says (Arabian Horse Show manager - hey I could do that job). Looks like he's goin down. We'll see if they get to make fertilizer outa 'em.

I slept more hours this week than I have in many weeks, yayzzzzzz

Thursday, September 08, 2005


How Do You Spell Relief?
Powers finally talked a group of 500 "temporary relocators" into arriving today. That's a "Yay" for all the volunteers who've been hangin for days hoping all the time and effort has not been wasted. Correction, They just changed the number of people arriving to 100, on the noon news.
First stop, Primary care at Falmouth H.

"Virus Protection"
I'm having alot of fun with crashes today. I just spent hours dealing with some one's planted trouble-maker on me and my browser. I'll be amazed if I get to post this one, having already crashed a few min ago.
So beware what u write, and where ur put it, hope u don't get it 2...
So kids, if ya don't see anything new for awhile, that may be why...

It must've been acted upon last night about 8 pm, when I had checked several sites, and left my normal post and made a comment on another "now unnamed" blog.

Ya know, I thought this was a free country in which we are all entitled to air our opinions, but lately, some nastiness has been taking place in the name of politics, messin with the strongly opinionated's blogs...
Making me think, it isin't worth it to comment, cause when ya say the wrong thing, whether truth or not, your needed internet access to job ops and family communications gets all scewed up... ,
never mind I need to machine to work at home.
So thanks for making my already difficult life as a barely economically surviving single person with brains even more challenging!

U know who U R !

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Isle

Sit right back and you'll hear a tale
a tale of a fateful trip
It started on this tropic board
aboard this tiny ship.

The mate was a mighty sailor man,
the Skipper, brave and sure.
Five passengers set sail that day
on a three-hour tour, a three-hour tour!

The weather started getting rough,
the tiny ship was tossed!
If not for the courage of the fearless crew,
the Minnow would be lost, the Minnow would be lost!

The ship set down on a shore of this uncharted desert isle,
with Gilligan, the Skipper too,
the Millionaire, and his Wife,
the Movie-star, the Professor, and Mary-Ann,
Here on Gilligan's Isle!

I grew up with Gilligan, saw him almost everyday for decades. He was my "Little Buddy." I especially enjoyed his silly antics and great sense of humor. Knowing him is partly what made me who I am today... WaaH, sniff * Bob Denver died at the age of 70 last night, RIP...
(tell me If I got any words incorrect, that's written (sung) from memory)

Late yesterday the head of NEMA told the Governor and all the volunteers ready for refugee intake to go on standby! They report many people from L.A. have decided relocation up here to Camp Edwards just isin't close enough to old home. Some well-off Massachusetts people actually paid to fly people up and put them up in their own homes, such as Curt Schilling, who took in a very large family, (11, I think), and several others.
One lady seen hugging new arrivals on the news this noon, is even setting up scholarship accounts for the woman's five children! Universities are taking in students who can transfer back down later, and won't lose the semester time otherwise setting back their grad date.

The Governor is even offering to give out a paid debit card worth $2000! I wonder where the funds are from, (he is insanely rich, better not be tax funding, wish I could get one).
Maybe they heard the term "Military Barracks," aka Like prison with armed guards n no drinking... (they do have a movie theater, school, and a golf course).
I wouldn't mind living there, compared to my tiny apartment!
Or heard about state laws like no one gets "welfare" funds here without working at least part-time, and there's already a set up work-search computer station for them...They figure the return trip would be too expensive with these fuel prices, and they might not get back.

On the bright side, Capees who are scrambling for limited winter (off-season) work as the school year gets underway are saying "whew! - we don't need more competition this week!" Also Otis Air Guard base is slated to close, losing an additional 500 local jobs on the Cape. The Gov. is filing a suit because law says fed-gov need his permission to close it.
And it'll be expensive to outfit them all with Boots, hats, n coats for the snow, never mind food, healthcare, and heat. And paying for the ride here...
They may realize that people care alot about them, even so far away.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

New 4-letter swear-word = fuel

Do I need to apologize for my previous post's negative slant on my reaction to news media facts this week? Too much blunt intensity, perhaps?

I did apologize to the glaring flustered bank teller yesterday, when I angered her by using the four-letter-"F"-word to explain I timed my visit since last week just to save a three dollar fee so I could put "F-U-E-L" in the tank!
I'd listed the per gallon amount previously at $3.11, but after a looky joyride to check "The Strip's" competition, I realized the cheapest station was now up to $3.35 ...

bbm's tip of the day (thanx) was a mobile report that a couple more miles down the road, our fav American owned station, was only, $3.29, so now we just need to figure out how much it now costs to drive that far! (Is it more than 6 cents? U bet, about .18 per mi w/ AC n old tires!)...
... And this pricing is (nbctv) news-reported to be legal when the head offices called daily have used their accepted method of calculation to issue the prices posted... MA state naturally seeming higher than the other states... as usual. No surprize to me at all...

The townees n I already know it's all acause the Cape Labor Day demand of the well-to-do-can-afford-vacation crowd must be pumped for enough to last Capees till next year! They'll sink big bux into boat-joy-glides, and then have to pay it again to get back home! Same deal every year here, since ever.

Last night I was watching the nbc punted, Live, Celeb charity fund-raiser with Robt Downey Jr, a New Orleans Jazz-band, Faith Hill, ect. Right in the middle of Mike Myers n rapper Kenye West doing a talky segment, I turned off the sound to pick-up a call from a hospital inmate with unrelated info. Of the two people appearing on the screen, I noticed, Mike Myer's eyes seemed to be poppin outa his head oddly at the cam. Well, I thought, Ya know how strange he can be sometimes.
What timimg I had on that mute! Later on the Late news I find out that odd look was in reaction to Kenye West Ad-libbing off the script saying, "I hate the way they portray us in the media. If you see a black family, it says they're looting. See a white family, it says they're looking for food."Then proclaimed "George Bush doesn't care about black people!"

A true, intense, reaction! I wonder how long it'll take Prez-B to plaster over that picture... I'm wonderin if FBI'll charge em with treason, or write em off. Give that brave dude, Kenye West, the First Amendment Medal for bravery! (If not foolery), and a Tony for stealing the show away from Myers!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina's Wake

Media News about Hurricane Katrina's Wake is more than disturbing.

Anarchy Reigns. Looting pirates run rampant, running off with guns to have fun taking, beating, raping, shooting, and killing who ever you want to without fear of any repercussions because with the weapon, and the ablity to take food from others, you are more powerful. Officials have left the scene, daring not to identify themselves to the throngs. Police take off the uniforms and hide their badges. In panicked mobbing of rescue vehicles, the strong get the limited goods while the weak are left to die in their diabetic comas. Helicopters bring only limited amounts of life supplies of food and water each trip, hundreds offered for a crowd of thousands. Fear of reported gunfire attacks disrupts rescue aircraft and bus transport efforts.

I know how "off" my day gets with anger when faced with no caffeine in the morning. New Orleans was one of the top coffee consuming cities in the nation. I know how not getting a ciggarrette when addicted can aggravate behavior, having quit cold turkey myself. How many addictees are there on Week One of withdrawal symptoms of their chosen poison? Add to that common knowledge that laboratory rats trapped in an over-crowded cage, without fresh air, food, water, or escape from excretement areas, soon will begin to attack each other, then kill and eat other out of pure instinctual power-struggle behavior, proven in scientific studies. This may explain some of the violent behaviors taking place in the current extraordinary situation, although it doesn't excuse them. I know I would be flippin!

I salute the many people who are in that dire situation, who have managed to remain honest, non-violent, and helpful to others to the best of their ability despite the insane conditions they are in. Wish I had medals to hand out!

... The Convention Center and the Super Dome both huge, crowded places where dehydration is taking lives hourly. The airport is now a medical transport center with limited medical personnel who are over-taxed with few resources. Communication and transportation are said to be the glitches preventing arrival of the faster help which didn't arrive in time.Why no medical teams with life support generators were assigned to these large centers when people were ordered to be there and stay is baffling.

I honestly think no one offered to bus the people, say with school buses, or drive supplies in faster because no one wants to foot the bill PAYING FOR the FUEL to do it! All budgets in all households, businesses, and cities are busted and under-funded. The price per gallon since Monday has suddenly been bumped up to another historic-high level. Milk is now cheaper than fuel! Milk is 2.99 per gallon, gasoline is now 3.35 per gallon. I knew a day would come when the cow and horse would win...

*** My big innovative idea for something which may help sooner is: to get a "Morgue Barge" going, to get the dead out of the water as soon as possible, and help clean up the streets so water recovery can eventually take place.
.... Ch.7 News Boston just carried live coverage (with Prez-B) stating the coast Guard has just re-openned the water-way near the refinary areas. But they are barging fuel... not helping the crowds... or helping with more urgent needs using the barges

Hearing about floaters (bodies) being tethered to trees in bunches puts a distressing picture in my brain. Get them up and out. Try to Photo, list and ID them before not one is recognizable by relatives, or eaten by fish, critters, and 'gators. Getting the bacteria and disease in check ASAP, is certainly a priority I would insist on if I had any power. We haven't begun to see the result of living near the dead without a way to clean up, just wait a week. Bacteria multiply expoentially!
... With that thought in mind, I would advise not to, and don't know how anyone could, eat the fish for awhile. Definately not! You know some of the starving will, and time will show the disease.

We are all so spoiled to have water, food, and electricity today. I wish I could magically pipe it down there for all those desparate people today. The thought is there, the prayers are being sent, but it su--s being otherwise powerless to help!