Monday, May 23, 2005

Weather's My Supporting Character Lately...

The Nor'easter weather formation decided to make an encore appearance after all. The weather guy remarked this pattern's never happened here this time of year before! In March or November, but never in May... I wonder if we'll ever return to normal again. Another weather guy today said if it keeps up as it's been going, it'll be the 2nd coldest May since record keeping began.
...I'm ready to write some new tales...

Perhaps I'm just a paranoid artist, or perhaps it's possible, that all the recent weather weirdness including the recent busy storm patterns, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunami are all related to the planet Earth being bumped one degree off it's previous axis, as reported briefly on the national news in December. Not surprizingly, this previously reported piece of trivia reported only on December 26, the tsunami date, quickly faded into oblivion off the news reports never to be remarked on again. As though it were insignificant!
... Maybe you even believe the constant shifting of magnetic North Pole, the largest recorded move occurring that very same date, has no effect what-so-ever on the rest of the universe... Or that something totally undetected by earthlings happened out there in space somewhere which caused the gravity balance between planets to suddenly shift. ...And in all likelihood, could shift to any degree, unexpectedly, again, and at any time...

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Rainy Day Week-end, 4 in a Row...

' Suppose I should be grateful it's not a Nor'Easter or a drought, but seriously, the cold and clouds all week and every week-end this month are keeping me from doing all kinds of "wanna-do's", for instance, planting seeds so they'll be some blossoms before next year.
Got the heat off again to save my NStar bucks but it's only in the 40's again, so "Brrhhh! What can I cook to stay warm?" Boredom has taken over only 'cause I wanna do the outside stuff that's been put off SSssoooooOO long now. Only a week left to do puttering without seagull interferrence. Planning more transplanting of Lillies before the weed-wacker guy shows up. This dude seems to enjoy slaying every flower regardless of it's beauty. He's in for a big, bad, Snaggle lecture this year. He killed every flowering thing and the roses too, last year. This time I plan to head "Mr Zero Gardening Skills' off at the pass!
...I wonder where spring went to this year. Looks like we're going to end up jumping right into summer from winter. I hope it eventually gets warm outside at some point, or I may fly south myself even thought I swore off FL living, I'm getting too old for the shivering bit, here!
Company is on the way for the big openning week-end seagull, show. Wahoo! Three generations of us in one spot again, with time to "ga-ga goo-goo" at the cute ones for the first time since Xmas, should be fun when compared to the extreme cabin-fever-factor this year. Just Maybe we'll get more sun than cold clouds for the Mem week-end so we don't freeze too badly outdoors, with any luck at all. It's so cold here this month, they say the coldest top 7 May month of all time. Even the Huckleberry tree out the window is late, won't budd it's leaves yet believing it's still winter...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

May the Force B w/ U

"Revenge of the Sith" opens today, the final Star Wars episode. I remember watching the first one when it first came out a long, long, time ago in my galaxy far, far away... from here!
...So it only took George three decades to finish up. Just think, I haven't even begun the projects I'd like to get to before I'm dust, (and I'm old). I love Sci-Fi. The artist that I am, I also did 2d and 3D computer animations back circa 1990 while in college, and lament not being able to get work in the field without moving far, far, away from here, on the Planet I live on. I prob shoulda moved and done it, (seen in hindsight 20/20). However, my kiddies lives would've been a bit more messed up if I had. They might've not even known who their parents were....
...I'm rather pleased the underlings have not made it over to the Dark Side. So far, they're good Jedi. Guess you can't hope for better than that, except for adorable grandkiddies. That I have.
Wish I could go see that flick today...Oh well, I'll wait. It's not long when you consider three decades already! Maybe someday I'll get to do my silly futuristic tales up right too. If only there was a way to begin already! Better go check the lottery numbers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Walkin' Thru Buddin' Trees

The wheels are off to Truck Camp this week. Maybe I'll find the ambition to rewrite the code on my ancient web page and other tasks which require the utmost boredom and lack of cupboard supplies. Maybe not...

Friday, May 13, 2005

A Bit Superstitious

It's that Friday again, when I try not to do anything I'll blame on the date... but I'll putter about and make an entry, hopefully that's harmless enough.
I chipped off three years of moss from the deck today, how exciting. Gotta love the spongy feel of it, so tough to resist the temptation to make a moss sculpture out front... Still waiting to plant my outdoor seeds, been BBBrrrhhhHH - like 30 degrees this am.
Finding stuff to report on lately is tough 'cause I'm trying to avoid the more depressing issues.
... According to this blog, I'm not busy or doing a thing!

I've been reading, writing, typing address labels, making calls, form filling, running errands, cleaning out the shed, yardwork, housework, music, 'puter pix painting, and birthday card designing. Too many people I know need cards, and I vowed this machinery would pay for it's purchase price in saving trips to the drugstore for cards. Besides, it's an excuse to practice artwork as a mission to accomplish, and tough to keep up the pace! The extended family is fairly large, and I'm trying hard not to miss any and to be on time this year. I'm actually a little late mailing tomorrow Sat. for FL by Tues Bday. ( Sometimes that trip takes snail a week. ) If only I could finish the writing projects so easily, I might be well published by now. Writing can be tough, as you can see, depending on the project. I'm really good at starting them and stink at the finishing. There's always a new and better way to re-write, a designer's habit.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

January 2010

Photo by SnaggleTooth 2010
How does a Cinder Block make snow angels?
With a little help from Windy-
Yes folks, the original photo from the Rypos D and Creative Minds Guess D posts is merely a snow-covered cinderblock in the fading pre-twilight...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Just Another Day, Hey,hey,hey!

Weather guy said warm n sunny today - what a liar! Freezin at 45 again, and overcast. Maybe it's 70 inland of Bean-town-ville somewhere, but here I needed a jacket again!
The best part of pre-seagull season here is the nature show out the window. A Mourning Dove setting up a nest outside the window with her mate this am. decided this pm. to move location. Maybe it was the view of the nosey salivating kitties in the window, or the scruffy chattering squirrels who are spoiled with daily bread crumb tossings at that particular tree.
See, I'd rather have the kritters out the window than to feel like tourists are butting in, watching me, so I 'll be forced once again to close down the curtains and live in the dark! I expect those "seagulls" to arrive promptly on Memorial Day week-end, as they always do. Then those smart kritters flee and hide!
And I'll no doubt wish I had as well...

Monday, May 09, 2005

I have arrived

Now I Know I'm bored, because I have time to do this BLOG thing now!
I'm a starving artist, still in Massachusetts, although I don't know how anyone can afford to live here anymore! Just spent a winter freezing and shoveling my bottom off , and Spring it seems, isin't willing to warm me up yet. I know I'm a bit of an old fuddy duddy lately. Trying to be a bit TOO CAREFUL not to spend what I can't afford. Kitch and bath at 50 degrees, rest off.
"Can tell you're Scottish, alright" MilkBrain keeps saying on the landline.
But hey, I'm only half. The other part is francais. ..And that's flagrance, the flare.
I'm sure I can bore the best of 'em, so I'm joining 'em, this day after Mom day 05, at 43 degrees and white caps out the window.