Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow Ville

Photo by SnaggleTooth Blizzard 2015

Couldn't get online at all yesterday, n keep getting bumped off today. The new cam pics take hours each to upload. So you'll get them few at a whack here.

I thought this pic taken from my deck of my side yard which is next to a little road to the neighbors gives you the best idea of how deep the snow is. If you look at the door of the white house on the left, also realize there are steps up to it.

Image  by SnaggleTooth Blizzard 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pile It On-

Image by SnaggleTooth

Welcome to Pinky Ninja Babe Opera...

Why is she sitting on that Red-haired guy's head? He's hiding n  looks a little creepy...

We're up to 4 inches fluff in the dark so far, They're predicting about 2 feet.

Image by SnaggleTooth
We all had to go to work early 6 hours, n then after getting almost done, all but about 15 orders (out of over 100) cancelled! Then we undid a zillion things n hi-tailed it home before 4pm, as the snow began revving up.

I only got 2 hours of sleep before work, (Separately- thanks Mischief) but at least I got up when sand-
blasting guys started downstairs to finish up n TG they took their tools with them. (Maybe they're done for now...10 days of no sleep is enough for me-).

But I'll sleep before shoveling this am, because it's an unexpected extra, unpaid, Day - Off! (Better not turn into 5...)

Is this a new toothpaste?
This reminds me I'm still eating tons of candy canes to help the latest allergies to house dust from downstairs plus cold congestion...

Hope there's some OJ in the freezer, cause the store was a mob scene I didn't get in today. No errands this week. Luckily I have tons of non-perishables to work with here. Then there's a pile of muffins from work if I get desperate.

N no Bull, I think I needed sleep so bad, Upstairs was listening n gave me some peace for a day- Well except for the plow out there now being so loud all night. As long as the internet n phone stay up, I'll be clicking on.

I made this computer pic ages ago, last fall, on the old machine., This huge snow fall dumping on us the next two days some how made me think of this image- Which reminds me of a soft ice-cream cone in July. Mmm... Why don't they sell butterscotch creamies? 

Happy Blizzard of 2015!

(Figured I'd better post something early in case I can't for 5 days again...)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Social Media Amok

Image by SnaggleTooth Jan 2015

 At work the other night, I witnessed something that really made me glad I don't do facebook. A guy I work with, who's a supervisor, checks facebook on his Smart-Phone often, because he won't get in trouble for it. At the beginning of his shift he looked at his phone, n then began freaking out when he learned via FB, that his favorite cousin who was in the military had just passed away. Then he had to read how upset everyone in his family was commenting, n continue his work-shift because there was no one to replace him.

In my opinion, someone should have contacted him in person or at least by phone to deliver such news. What a way to find out a family member is gone! Then he had to keep up a brave front to everyone.

Facebook is taking the place of regular social protocols- n I take issue with this.

In the past year I personally got miffed about my nephew announcing on FB with a pic of baby shoes that he n his wife were expecting their first baby. I don't do FB, n so no one even told me until months later, via some one who saw the FB pic. Then the birth was announced on FB. For several weeks I hadn't heard anything except there was a birth at some point. I still didn't know anything about the child, until I asked some one who could access FB, because no one told me. So I guess without FB, all others are excluded from consideration...

Image by SnaggleTooth Jan 2015
On the desk I have an aged, yellow, zip pak found from cleaning out my parents home many years ago. It's full of hand-written-on cards n notes sent to my parents reacting to the birth announcements sent out for me, the fourth child. Sometimes I read these, n can't believe how wonderful they must have made  my parent feel to get. It's an emotional trip for me, thinking of so many I'd known growing up who'd passed on, to have their writing in my hand these decades later, because the notes  mean so much.

I doubt if any of my decendents will ever have artifacts such as these about themselves to consider.

These days life is so hectic n electric. If you can't pay the bill for it, you will be out in the cold, alone. My Elec bill jumped up a hundred this month. Joy. (Sacastic joy). I knew the heat would make it worse with colder temps- but it's time to be happy at anything above freezing, n I really don't use much stuff, so this is nuts telling myself I must use less.

There are few dinosaurs left who steer clear of the FB privacy loss, just knowing it's "Not for me."  Most I know of who don't do FB are bloggers I met here, n some others are older folks. For those who swear off computers completely (as the Devil's playground some think), life is unbelievably inconvenient now. Even in just getting a tax form you need to jump thru hoops n pay for it too.

Also I am really uncomfortable with the idea of a cell phone being GPS tracked with your name attached everywhere you go. It's an infringement of personal freedom, n an over-step by corporations to be bartered, bought, sold, n stolen. So I have a pre-paid without my name on it.

But the loss of actual personal interaction in life milestones is terrible, I believe.

Having another heck of a tired beyond belief week here, missing many hours of sleep due to construction work being done on ceilings downstairs, n today up in the hall outside my door after only three hours of sleep.

They began the project just in time to make me have a work-week from hell without notice, so I could not prepare for it at all. No one seems to care about politeness or manners lately. That seems to be where culture is heading these days, n if only that could be only on-line so I could Opt-Out!

I need sleep big time... yikes-
Pic is from new cam- of some shiny stuff in a blue bottle, decs found at Micheals %60 off from a few weeks ago. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sub Zzzzz

Image by SnaggleTooth Jan 2015

Last week I'd thought I had the perfect outdoor chore for sub-zero weather: Removing the ground - hornet nest in my dis-carded, old, potting dirt pile on the deck. I'd waited so long for the residents to freeze n become dormant. I figured I could scoop the small pile into a barrel with the flat snow shovel, n relocate the possible remaining "queen pupae" across in the woods somewhere, so the nest  wouldn't return to that spot again in the spring.

We''d had such an interrupted spring last year, with that Polar Vortex returning, that seed planting got interrupted twice, I've learned my lesson, n won't procrastinate moving the pile again to avoid that problem in the future. Well, I bundled up n went out on the deck with the empty, yard-work barrel,

 The joke was on me, as the easy time I'd imagined became a dirt frozen to the deck, chip-off slowly with force chore. At least I worked so hard I didn't feel the deep cold. I had envisioned finding the bee house but I couldn't see anything chipped off resembling nest cells or a chamber as you would with a paper wasp nest. I have no idea if I got the important part or not. Most of the pile n some leaves got moved to the woods just before dark.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Jan 2015

The sun had set far to the south-west of my usual cove spot before I got there for this ice pic
 while I was on the icy dirt relocating mission.

I've been learning very slowly how to take many bad n a few usable pics on the new "auto" everything cam. Most of my ice pics came out too dark n grainy to use, even after contrast adjustment later. There's no list of what the pre-sets for light n shutter speeds are in the "modes" so as a traditionally trained in film person, I have only trial n error to guess with.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Jan 2015

There's alot of ice out there on the salt water now, just don't know when I'll get out over there, n if I'll get any good pics before the batteries go dead. I need some new re-charge- ables, but still getting caught up on regular errands put off for holiday time, n not at that point yet.

Still eating holiday chocolates. The chocolate candy canes are lasting so long... n freezing temps make them taste better too...

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Play S'more

Image by SnaggleTooth Jan 2015

Yay- two Days Off in a row this week! Can't wait to finally go grocery shopping for the first time since the week before Xmas. All basic home supplies are very low.

It'll be a cold n fast dash for errands. I'll need layers n layers to keep warm.  I've gotten very spoiled with mild temperatures up until this week's arctic chill settled in. I don't want to pay for heat again, but I long to feel toasty n it's always cool in here. Guess we're lucky it's still above Zero F ...

Image by SnaggleTooth Jan 2015

I mean, I'm wearing 2 layers to bed! Time for a nap before working "My Friday-"

These altered pics came out pretty interesting n more detailed, I think.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Jan 2015

Bet "Mallow" plays mellow tunes... This little ornament I got for a gift is just so cute- He'll be on the table awhile;

Well I seem to be having better luck with small, still, Macro pic subjects.

Did you get any interesting new ornaments this year?

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Winter Arrangement

Image by SnaggleTooth Jan 2014

New n old-fangled contrap-
tions are keeping me wondering which end plugs into what n which end is up... wherever North went...

I died 50 times in rapid succession when at long last I finally got the new old-fashioned Atari to work on my tv. It came pre-loaded with about 40 games like Asteroids, Space Invaders, n Centipede. I'd forgotten how easy it is to lose those old, simple graphic games. Plus I'm not used to the joystick thing n had always used buttons on a controller in the old days. Then there's all the other games I'd never tried before to totally mess up.

Image by SnaggleTooth Jan 2014
For one of my my resolutions I'm going to take many  more photos this year. Currently tho, I'm taking tons of crappy pictures because I'm learning how to do it on a new Nikon digital. Still haven't gotten any into my computer, because I just found out the cord to the old cam doesn't work with it- but will try the card reader later when I have more putter around time. Still don't know how many megs the new pics use up or what will happen in Paint Shop Pro with my system of alteration.

Winter finally made a re-appearance n it's back to double socks n Long-Johns again. I'm making short work of the chocolate kisses, Hugs, n Andes mints. Leftovers have been whittled down, but I can't get to grocery shop this week either when my only free day is a holiday.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Jan 2014

After skipping so much sleep to get holiday stuff done, I'll probably sit most of today. Was just going to post before getting up today, but magically my phone line went dead, so it will wait anyway...

I had to work New Year's Eve this year, but after work I had an eggnog with nutmeg. That's a treat but I've noticed the main ingredient is something I try to not eat anymore- High Fructose Corn Syrup. So I've only had a little bit, n may throw the rest out. I also have been making my own cranberry sauce in favor of the canned Jellied type since I noticed that ingredient in there. It's crazy how many products they sneak that into, including bread. Even into products made where I work. I try to opt for natural, raw sugar which costs more, but is healthier. That's not a resolution, just what I've been doing already.

Yippee, my line's on, but the high-speed is off. Will try to publish anyhow... n maybe get out for a short walk to test how bad I take pics again. A matter of learning the new settings thing- I'm so tired of re-learning new ways to do everything again every time a device is changed up. Hopefully the result eventually will be alot of better pics to post. So far too many are out of focus because I'm not waiting for the cam to do it... more megapixels...

I'm hoping for a much better year in 2015. 
N for all of you too!