Saturday, August 27, 2005

Won't Be Long Now...

Labor Day is on the way fast, one more week! Got a bit of company outside this week-end, the loud one with the big boat, 3 trucks, rap- blasting and skateboarding teen-agers, and barking dogs. (Which are tied so the husky pees on my stairs, which I have to wash PU n thrills me to no end). I've been very allergic to the pollen lately. Was gonna head to the beach today until some one outside decided to mow the lawn, so I had to close the windows (like over 80 degrees) and doors and wait an hour roastin up a sweat... then got a big head-ache n said Never Mind, maybe tomorrow... Maybe it'll stay warm for a few September swims this year... (After everyone leaves!)
I tend to not be able to concentrate well while they are here, and got a bit to try to do to answer ads n stuff this week, makes sleeping n working at home very tough! Just keep telling yourself, It Won't Be Long Now... !
The rainfall is still less than 1/4th of an inch for the month here, very low n dry. My flowers are doing well lately, though, pretty red poppy, blue Bachelor Buttons, Brown-Eyed-Susan's and a few I haven't figured out yet... Still waiting on 2 types of Lavender (can't wait, so yummy smelling) basically, they're not dead yet... I'll get some seeds for next years, and perenials so won't need to keep replanting everywhere. Right when I thought the last of Mrs Jones's Aloe were finally all done thriving, they sprouted up new shoots and came back, I was very surprised. When we were in Marshfield, D & J mentioned they saw her death notice about two months ago in the Boston paper. I have her huge Jade tree also.

And the 'possum is still avoiding being caught with the loud people here so far, though likes to steal their animal food n manages to slip past the large dog to get it. Maybe they're only stupid when they're in the road, this one seems good at climbing up the wall... and is sly...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Waiting 4 Trap 2 Snap

tic toc,... tic toc,... The Fluffy wall intruder has not taken the offering yet ...
I've been advised calling animal resue league is better than attempting a self release. That sounds lovely...

A nicely quiet Monday for a summer week here.... bit drier, n warm, went 2 do laundrymat.
Went to read a few blogs on the "Next" button up there on this header, was interesting.
... Added Ester P's blog link, like her photos, more posted on Flicker. Her posts there today depict some victorian "gingerbread" cottages I also saw recently on my fam's little boat ride to Martha's Vineyard in May. This girl has been down under Aukland and all over the place ie: NY, the Falls, Canada, Hawaii, n she's only 21 - way ahead o me! The furthest road trip for me was the 1600 miles I drove to the Keyes then back home to New England. I'm sure she's flying though. Wonder where she's gettin all the trip dough though...

Vacation is a bit of a dirty word around here lately, cause us townies are never on it , while all the pretty newbies around us are, and they seem intent on aggrivating the b#*a&ge@b*z b#*a&*ge%b*z!~ outa us all...

If anyone's wonderin why this blog's a bit borin.. it must be acause I'm skippin the particulars which're really on my butt, cause this is my escape-ville, as if only this stuff is a prob (OOoohhHHhhh...!) Really, I'm no bumkin, n was taught proper grammar, just choosin not to use it here... time to get back to real chores again!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Possum Gritts

Another exciting week of leaky pipes, and critters chewing holes in the wall. Yay, the leak has been repaired, (yesterday) after emptying all the stuff outa the bathroom and Kitchen cupboards to see under all the water features, ugh! Just gotta put the stuff back in now, kinda draggin the feet, there. Now, I'm playin Ellie-Mae Klampet, (for those who don't remember "The Beverly HillBillies" that means I'm Playing friendly with critters...). Just cause the beast thinks he lives here too is no reason he needs to die. It's my opinion that a life is a life. I do respect critters, but wow that baby beast has big teeth and a loud chew! I mean, the cats ran away!

Got a Hav-a-Hart trap to hopefully lure in the oppossum living in the wall (saw his nose in the bathroom mouse-hole the other night, after the cat food) So I can release him someplace in the woods far enough away so he doesn't find his way back or get run down as roadkill the first day. I'm tryin to give the little fella a chance, but he hasn't gone after the bait yet. Prob still hiding causa all the demolish n fix-it racket.

Weather's gettin cooler this week, the rain still not feeding the greens enough. Mid-70's, I'll take it! This week-end uptown we got an Art n Craft Fair at the campgrounds n a Blues Festival goin on. Didn't see James Montgomery in the paper ads for this one. Oh well, he was uptown a few weeks back. Really dig his mouth harp style (in my profile). Gotta give credit to a guy who can live offa playing harmonica. He's a biker fav. But not on the menu. The tunes 'll blast all the way over here (free) as usual I'm sure. They get people to sit in the roped off area for 10 bucks...

Monday, August 15, 2005


Splosh!spish!AaahhhHHH! The joyous feeling of icy water temps kicked down here by hurricane swells at the beach in Marshfield on the toes. I swear it was so hot Saturday, if I hadnta a been there, chillin the blood down, I woulda melted like the witch o the West in Wiz o OZ!
... Thanks Bro (U know who U R) for use of the location.What a good beach day we had. Good to see the grand-babies. Perfect heat timing. Lots of waves and sand castle wrecking and that chilly H2O, was worth the trip. I didn't jump all the way in, like the brave whippersnappers, though. Feet got numb too quickly, didn't wanna get in n totally seize up... was that cold.
... Sunday went to a care bear pahty, Big Jas turned 3. We jumped in the pond across town after the pahty. I told her that was a big bathtub she had there... seemed so warm in there...

My Fav ocean beach I usually go to across town, on the south side of the cape, is influenced by the Gulf Stream current, and also tends to be very warm (for ocean) in August. Marshfield is a-ways north of the cape, and the water-temp now seems reminiscent of times I went ocean swiming near Portland Maine, when a long-wet-suit is definately in order! It's A few degrees cooler than my last few visits when I did get all the way in.

Now, Monday, we got 65 - 70 for today, feels so great to not be Muggy-uggy! Past few nights 've been so diff to sleep, so hot. I'll take advantage of the coolness to cook everything I can think of before it gets too hot to turn on the stove again. - In the past 2 months I think I've cooked dinner food maybe 3 times, cause once the heat's in here, it doesn't leave (upstairs). Hours of fans in the window (naughty electric no-no, gotta get 'em outa there if it rains/lightening) even without the cooking doesn't cool it down. At least the loud people aren't here this week, so I can feel free to open up windows n doors I usually hafta close to shut out the sound of rudeness.
Yay, it finally rained here this am.! No carrying water buckets for the plants 1st time in weeks. We didn't get the severe storms reported elsewhere in the state.
... Well, I'd better go get cookin 'for it heats up again!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Sand n Rocket rides

I haven't been able to observe the Persied Meteor showers yet, due to cloudiness at the best viewing times (midnight to ~5am) while I've been awake. Was very nice, low 80's and sea-breezy today, and now the thunder boomers are moving back in for dinner. The rain seems to skirt right around my home village every time. Only had one very light 30-second sprinkle since last week. The deck garden plants are getting bone dry everyday, very dry here. Maybe this one'll be a soaker, yay! (The lawn is pretty burnt). I'm hoping it drops some rain then clears before Midnight...

I'm proud of my paranoid self because I finally jumped into the ocean at my favorite beach at peak high tide for the first time this year, yesterday... the Waves were a good ride. It's a resident's beach, I really wanna avoid the littering vacation people areas... It was triple H again, n it only took me a week to locate where I put the beach stuff I put away last year (forever in this heat!). It was moderately windy so the horseflies weren't a problem, big plus for the allergic-phobe I am. I'm still sea-preditor nervous, though. I didn't go out to do my normal over-my-head water-treading past the second sandbar, or even past the first sandbar. Warmer water is safer cause the shovel-heads don't like it. There really weren't alot of folks risking a swim, either. The more targets the merrier! Looks like I'm not the only paranoid one, No one went out past the second sandbar!... to me, this is a big deal.

Tomorrow it's off to Marshfield beach for Babies Eat Sand Day. Supposed to be another HHH scorcher. Gotta watch for rip-tides n strong undertow there. Plenty of targets in that water. If ya get picked outa that bunch for lunch, ya know you're extremely unlucky... At least that water's easy to see through. I've found quite a few dried up shark eggs on that beach over the decades...
At least I won't be roastin all day at home at the puter (reading) again. This thing does throw some unwelcome heat. Where's the rain, come on...?!

Well, relieved about the shuttle landing ok. (I did pray)
Did ya hear about the private orbiting the moon rides in a Soyez-rocket being offered for $3.5 b. each? (scheduled flight is 3 years away) ...Well, before ya sign up for that thrill-ride, keep in mind the Russians never made it to orbit the moon in one of those rockets (the Earth, yeah, the Moon, no). But they claim it's the safest on record. Every other rocket type tried by the USSR blew up... killing causmonauts... ending it's use.... HHmmmm! Two people are already signed up....

...Sandy breezes here u come, n the truck has ac, yay!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Light as Speed

A lovely, not too hot yet Sunday slippin' by. Weather report said it would start gettin' nasty hot n muggy-uggy again this week. Today was good enough for a little visit with bbm & bb-J n toys out on the deck. A little cloudy n a breeze keeping it in the 70's. Guess next on the watch out list is TS Irene still halfway out in the Atlantic.

Been a joy trying to drive uptown this week-end with the Pan Mass Challenge bike tour from Sturbridge to P-town goin on. Good fund-raiser for Dana Farber's Jimmy Fund, but tough on the local auto fuel. My dad was at DF Institute his last year back in '91...
Gotta hand it to the dudes n 'ettes riding so far in 2 days. I did 22 miles once when I was 17, (not in the PMA) and I was SsoooO sore the second day... No helmets required back then. Had thoughts of going to the last bball game before playoffs, but not willing to cross the bike traffic the whole way to get there! Took 45 min. 2 go 2 Cumbies for (cheaper) milk yesterday! (usually 5) Still feeling ikky from the past weeks reactions anyhoo, so never mind...

Dope all goes weel on leading for the space-o-nuts.
I mean: hope all goes well on landing for the astronauts. (tomorrow)
Ever feel everything is in code?

Quote of the Day: "No one ever gives ya an instruction book saying they grow as light as speed... wait a minute, I mean, at the speed of light!... I'm REALLY tired!" -bbm

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Slow News is Good News

A bit louder around home this week- Having a teen summer-fest, hot-rod encore out there. BbrroOOOmmMM! Little buggy, big muffler noise! Those 17 year olds really know how to have fun while Ma n Pop are out in the boat...
The TV news has been slow, which is good news. Still waiting on the space shuttle's return. No new shark tales to report, and air temp has actually been good, until the heat came back again today. It's been dry past couple weeks, all the rain's been North and West, 'til getting whopped with wild lighting n thunder at 2 am, and power went out.
Hafta water flowers every day before they start wilting. Finally got some blue Bachelor Buttons and pink poppies to add to the white Babies Breath and purple Butterfly. Waiting on the Lady Lavender, and the rest of the perrenials won't flower 'til next year.

Cape League Baseball has one week left to the regular season and I think I might finally go see a game. The local team is doing well, should make it to the division playoffs. I used to be addicted and go to every single game. I broke the habit last season, when I stayed home to watch the Sox reverse the curse, ( n I knew they would...) I'm still paranoid of Sceeter bites and allergies to other bugs... Also allergic to deet sprays. Never mind everyone wearing "Skin So Soft," wonder if I can hack the fumes. Been having a viscious hive week. All over, head, between fingers, and face too. (I look yuc)
...Still trying to decide if it's worth swimming at low tide this week. It would help heal me up. Figures it's always a mid-daytime low-tide when it's hottest lately...

*today's frootloop: Turned off the wall switch for puter during the early am storm. No one's called in awhile...Hhhmmm... Duh, wall switch also shuts off electric portable-battery phone base, answer machine, along with the modem line loop. Been off all day, just turned back on now. Well, if something was really impt, they woulda called the cell line...