Sunday, June 26, 2005


More bad news from surfers in Pensicola on the Gulf in FL. A 14 yr old teen was Bull Shark lunch yesterday, got dragged out and to the ER but didn't make it. Very sad, and I had that paraniod feeling about sharks this year, way back in this log. (I predicted a very strange sea preditor year, in honor of the Jaws anniversary, plus the seals and dolphins this spring were acting strangely going inland...)
... But the good news is, Red Tide is clearing up! yay! ( I won't swim in that either, or eat any shellfish). Good news, It's nice and HOT and SUNNY this week-end! Yippie! And the loud, neighbor people won't be here until Thursday! Space for me to play, Wahooee! Did I mention I'm allergic to everything?
... So I hand-mowed the lawn (wore pants, and long sleeves), cleaned things from a moldy shed (gloves), washed dust off the fan grills and blades, then sat out on the deck in the buggies, n wonder what are these deep red spots all over my legs? Bites, hives, poison Sumac, or Measles again? I don't know cause it's not the normal reactions I get... WEll, geuss I'll have to wait to play with the grand babies... Should notice if they spread or heal up soon enough, hopefully, to enjoy 4th festivities...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wiper Out

well, we're not ready for "Pipeline" the tune yet, but one a those great n not too loud weather days here.
...Went for a ride off-cape today, n on the way back - the wipers , began mal-functioning... How distracting are wipers that won't shut off on a rare, beautiful, sunny day! Grumble, grumble! Of course, did it in the middle of the highway, where I won't pull over to pull the fuse... without the rest area, 'cause too dangerous to open the door beside the 'way lately. Just had same prob fixed in Nov. n happened when started using AC last summer... GGGrrrhhHH, I think the same stuff keeps breaking again and again 'cause the truck knows I don't wanna buy a new one....
But at least it is nice and quiet at home today...

Friday, June 17, 2005

There's a Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

What a beautiful, gorgeous, and quiet early afternoon we're having outside today! Too bad it's Friday and the crowd will be here in a few hours. Wish I wasn't so allergic to everything. I want more energy. I could do with out the sore's, headache, and bloody nose too. But otherwise it's absolutely perfect here.
Well, I can't believe the co-incidence that the day after I watched the movie "10.5" about 4 earthquakes happening in a row in CA, that it happened, (but lesser magnitude than the film, thankfully) and it's not to do with the San Andreas Fault, (thankfully) . Do I need to be careful what I write and watch because then it seems to happen right on cue? I hope not! I was right on time about the shark attack too. Gee, I could begin another book about this curse / talent. I only have six stories going at once now, what's one more? Seems like I'll never have time to finish anything anyhow at this rate...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Line is Up

Finally, unconnection hell is over, the phone guys showed up. It took a hours to get the bucket truck here to move the cable out of the way of the traffic whacking. Good thing they got it done the night before garbage truck time today! Whew, I'm so relieved! I only had to go five days without a properly working phone this time...
...Answer to previous comment :
...The phone guys were here until 7:30pm, Yay!
Then the ladder out the window men came back to awaken me and do the gutters early am! Doh!

Here it is:
Paco Carpentry 774-269-9878

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Line Droops

Gotta Love the neighbor's roofing contracters. They were here bright and early Friday morn at 5:20 am with the aluminum ladder outside my window waking me up. It 'd thunder showered earlier in the week, so I guess they were just here quickly checking out if their work held up under the water.
... Or Perhaps they decided to hurry up and leave before I could read the side of the van again, because the telephone cable tensioner on the side of my house, a story up, is now magically unconnected and the line is propped up / off the road on the neighbor's aluminum gutter!
Like, they hit it with the ladder, knocked it down, and booked! It's normally to the side of that gutter. If it were not on it, it'd be less than six feet off the road! I live next to the boat ramp, so many boats on trailers with canopies, poles, and antennea tend to drive by often. Now they're barely getting under. Of course my phone is mal-functioning with noise, and so my online connection keeps getting bumped off. Hopefully Verizon repairs soon, and don't make me pay for this damage... I'm definately gonna write the name down next time. The planks / scaffold still need to come down, so I know thay'll be back.
... Nothing like waiting around for so much online research I need to do. Next, I see if I can stay on long enough to find Lottery Numbers. (I need to win so I can find a more private place to live). only had to log back on a few times to do this today, how inconvenient!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Very Ani-Funny

The "Darthside" blog has been entertaining me for awhile, that guy has alot of typing time...
The comments are the fun part. If you like Star Wars I recommend a little time in that space. It might take light-years to get through all the text there though! This character is very devoted to picking apart L.Vadar's thoughtstream. I finally added some links today -

The first shark attack (of a surfer's foot) in thirty years took place yesterday in Surf City, NJ. Experts who saw pix of the wound say it's probably a baby Great White or Sandbar (formerly known as Brown shark) bite. I hope I didn't predict the beginning of a summer trend at the beach! And I finally wore shorts this week. Ah, nice and hot enough to complain about it.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Good Job George !

I took my visiting niece from FL to see "Revenge of the Sith" or "Star Wars III" on Monday. Only $6 bucks a matinee seat! The scenes's are still processing through the brain... At home I enjoy picking movies apart with rewind and slo-mo. It's the first film I've seen in many years in a new state of the art, surround-sound theater. Definately niftier (and louder) at that place, but still, I want a remote.... "wait a sec, what was that?" and "I want to see that dissolve again, what a slick scene transition..." My trig niece critized the wipes as being "old-fashioned", and I explained ("In my day..") we invented those when I did editing in college, the same buttons (functions) they push in High school these I know I'm an old-fashioned-fuddy-duddy... ArghH! I wanna do my films someday! CG would make it so much easier now. 'Grats George, you wrapped the flick to que up the first film for the whippersnappers! Worth the trip. I do want to see it again, later at home.

... I'm very grateful the roofers next door have wrapped their gig this week. I can do without the nail gun! - But no, yet another neighbor has begun excavating off their shingles just in time to rob me of the last few quiet days before the summer folks will be 24/7 here. Lovely. I actually did some yard work yesterday, today's too hot. Don't know why I bother sometimes, because the party-time neighbors wreck hanging outside for me.
I do know I enjoy designing anything visual, no matter ,what it is. Guess it's too much to ask lately to be paid for it.

... "Attack of the Hungry Flying Worms" is going on outside today with battallions of rapeling Gypsy moth larvae off the maple tree eating all greens in reach. I hope they spare some of the seedlings I planted so late.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Happy Beach Chewing

Today is the anniversary of "Jaws" the movie (1975). I remember it well, 'cause it was my first summer traveling down to the Cape ( I would end up moving there ), and the week we saw the movie, an actual dead shark washed up on our beach, stinking to high heaven. It was only a six foot Nurse shark, generally considered harmless. They have smaller mouth opennings with feelers, but can still bite. That was my first concrete indication that there were indeed sharks swimming in the same water as I (Buzzard's Bay).
I enjoy ocean swimming a great deal, but still sometimes I get that "What's for dinner ?" feeling and get out of the water. According to a shark history book from the library I read a few years ago, the only recorded attacks in New England both took place in Mattapoisett Harbor with Maco species sharks. They have a shovel shaped head.

...Of course with the screwed up weather patterns we've experienced in the world this year, and recent strange standings of whales, dolphins, and even inland-bound seals, I would not be surprized by any species of "out of normal place" sea predators. Ever think that maybe the regular food chain is becoming messed up due to recent over-consumption of fish in the USA ? Maybe the regular fish to eat are nowhere to be found? What if these animals are just heading away from their normal areas because they're running away from Tiger sharks and Killer whale attacks? Now there's motovation! I'd rather be beached than dinner...

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Island Food Review

Location : Island House Bar and Grille Circut Ave in Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Mission : Lunch, in the shade / indoors, non-seafood items. (None of us eat seafood).
5 Adults and 2 Infants
This was an extensive ordeal to report... (lenthy)
Service time took about 1.5 hours, (way too long).

The place had a narrow porch for small groups of one to two outside, and alot of free indoor space, empty except for the bar. We were seated / hidden in the farthest and darkest corner possible from the door. We had to suggest and move another table in to fit our group. Only one other four-plus group came in to eat, with one child about ten. They were seated halfway to the door area. We were very near to the kitchen door, and easily observed the staff taking frequent breaks, speaking non-English, and watching us.

Menu issues : We weren't initally provided with the children's menu, the waitress suggested and brought it after we'd perused the regular menu. The menu had an entire side devoted to alcoholic drinks. It bragged the island's best Mudslide and had an extensive wine and local brew list. Initally, three out of five drinks ordered were unavailable. The person who wanted local island brews couldn't find any available after speaking to the waitress, and had to settle for a national brand ale. None of the local listings on the menu had yet been stocked. It would've been nice to be informed that most items listed there were still unavailable before trying to order them and becoming frustrated. Note : It's reported in the local Best Read Guide that some of Martha's Vinyard's other towns (three, I think) are known for being "dry towns."

Pricing : Mid-range for lunch sandwiches, ($7.99 Hamburger) High for drinks ($6.99 Mudslide, $1.50 less for brews) Note, "tourist season pricing" is obviously in effect.

The children's Hotdog Meal requested ASAP was brought out quickly. The drinks came next, then the only ordered appetizer, spud skins, next. When only three entrees came out, the waitress went away for a time, and the people who had ordered the appetizer waited and wondered when they would be served. We finally got her attention and in answer to our inquiry, she indicated that the other two meal slips, somehow, had not yet been submitted. We were in sight of the kitchen help, and saw an arguement taking place about not knowing how to prepare a BLT wrap, and the cook walking out for a break while we were still waiting for the missing meals. The BLT was delivered to the table dead last, behind two hot meals, and hamburgers. The well done one was delivered earliest, initally.

We'd been there awhile and the babies got restless. The waitress was obviously sent over by an employe-r/-ee to ask "If it was alright, could she take the fussing toddler outside?" Of course not! This insulted all of us, as our immediate family hadn't had any time all together in over seven months! If she meant her babysitting, there was no way a stranger would be acceptable. There was only that one other table of people, who hadn't complained, (not many to be inconvenienced at all). The child wasn't really crying very loud, and was being comforted in his mother's lap at the time... Before the late food was all eaten, I asked for the check, and then we bolted, not believing the nerve of these rude grille people, treating tourists with young children so badly.

Service : -8 points (of +/-10)They screwed themselves out of a twenty percent tip. The waitress and crew were inexperienced. After the order mess-up we weren't treated well at all, not a good way to gain repeat customers. Perhaps they depend on not-too-picky, rich alcoholics! Maybe better help arrives in the evening...
Food Quality : mudslide was good, frothy, chocolatey, and very sweet, (over-priced). Hamburger with cheeze and Bacon, Angus beef, was cooked to proper requested doneness on a bulky roll, Tasted okay, not spectacular, and was chewable. The fries were overdone, too crunchy for my taste, and difficult to chew. No other side choices were available, (I prefer Onion rings or garden vegtables). We left before trying desert.

Had all entrees been timely delivered and the menu reprinted to reflect drinks actually available, this may've been a passable experience, and the kids wouldn't have been as aggitated.
I DO NOT recommend the "Island House Bar and Grille" on the Vineyard for lunch... (unless you are alcohol dependant).

Island Food Review 2

Location : Carousel Ice Cream Factory Circut Ave in Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Mission : desert, 5 Adults and 2 Infants

Fairly busy, with about ten people in line for ice cream. In this child friendly atmosphere, there are three, stationary, carousel animals for kids to sit on in the front window area. Seating was very limited to about four, very small, round tables, We took our goods outside and walked along.

Friendly and pleasant employees worked behind the childproof counters. I asked if I could borrow a pen to use and was allowed without any ill effects. All places should have such good service employees! Everyone reported the ice cream indeed tasted yummy in the waffle cones. ...I especially liked the "Dark Forest truffles" that I tried from the separate home-made chocolate candy counter, which was fully stocked with many tantalizing confection choices. Candy prices seemed to average about $13.00 per pound, or about .50 cents per piece. Expensive candies, but they were quality items.

Maybe I can get some one to help comment on the cone prices?

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Memorial Day week-end 2005

I had people to hang out with visiting in my home area, as expected. Also, a large, loud group moved in next door to party, managing to take up every inch of available space outside the door. Their new boat took up two car spaces... dogs, skateboards, loud music, beer, ...

Our group of five adults and two infants took a foot excursion as tourists around our own village Saturday. It was quiet uptown for the first summer holiday. The high fuel prices are probably affecting travel. For Memorial Day most folks are tied up with plans of veterans activities, parades, and festivities which may keep them close to home. The glorious sunshine shown for the first time in over a week and outside was finally warm! We ate lunch at the pier taffy and eats, where one of us had a first job. The place is up for sale or closing this year. It was strangely uncrowded at noon.

Sunday we drove to Falmouth and hopped the Island Queen ride across to Martha's Vineyard. I've lived on the Cape my entire adult life, but never made it onto the island before, because of other people's descisions. I've been tortured over the decades since teen-hood with repeated boat rides around it... well, cross that one off the "Never" list! I'd like to go back again and do more. I figured this would be the least crowded week-end until late next fall, and actually, the traffic and crowds weren't bad. The weather was still warm and sunny, although elsewhere in Massachusetts it was reported to be overcast. Such good timing! We walked aound Oak Bluffs, then had lunch. See "Island Food review" (future post) for more decriptive details of that experience, (I promised to write up a report as a public service). Lets just say, some places need to get their tourist act together soon!

So now the week-ends over, the loud people won't return for a couple more weeks, and I'm alone once more, except for the roofers who started the house next door this week, only ten feet away from my windows. Great, the birds and squirrels are still in hiding and I have to close my windows and curtains now that it's warm enough to open them! Have I mentioned I've developed claustrophobia as a result of living in this tiny apartment yet? It's much more difficult to write with all the noise, I notice. My other great annoyance last week resulting in no new postings was the nasty rain which messed up my phone and online connecting conduit again. As you see, I'm back with a vengence now.... making up for lost time.