Thursday, November 26, 2015


Image by SnaggleTooth 2015
We gather to eat,
all our family favorite dishes
to compliment roasted turkey.
We go around the dinner table,
asking each pilgrim
a reason to be thankful.

There is alot
of grateful
to pass around,
with the gravy.
Even the shy
will speak up,

The babies are grown,
Full after dinner
we moan
Because tho we're tired,
some must go to work
at the stores.

Merchants commercialized
the best family holiday
left for being 
Unplugged together
turning it into 
a sales frenzy. 

I am so grateful 
for Thursdays Off
to feel no need 
to shop Thanks Day.
Material things
I can do without.

Image by SnaggleTooth 2015All I need 
is a dinner 
of conversation,
just get the young  
to look up 
from their devices.

The food brings with it
Memories of generations
from Plymouth colony
hundreds of years
of Turkey for Dinner.
Thanks for the harvest

poem by SnaggleTooth this week

Thursday, November 19, 2015


pic by SnaggleTooth 2015

I got a new card reader this week, but didn't get to storage for an older machine yet. New altered fun has to wait for stuff to get stuff switched around at home. Hoping to have time very soon.

At the Dollar Tree I got a cheapo, Dry-Erase board with markers. Trying to get in some quick sketchy practice, it's been ages since I tried. The plan is to sketch, take a pic, then erase. I already did one I don't want to erase......

pic by SnaggleTooth 2015

pic by SnaggleTooth 2015

We had some icy temps finally, n yesterday I lost a pair of gloves going to the store from my baggy hoody pocket. Someone must have really needed them because they were gone when I re-traced my steps very soon after.

pic by SnaggleTooth 2015
I had switched to a default, pre-washed pair from the DollarTree on the way to work after the store. What did I want, thumbs on both gloves?? Nope, the left thumb was sewn like a triangle tent! That was so funny- but warm at least.  (What do you expect for a dollar?). Now I'll have to fit in a trip to Walmart for more.
pic by SnaggleTooth 2015

Been feeling old lately, all folks around me groaning with the damp, cold, achy pains. Mine are from work mostly tho. Resting up alot this week so far.

Now I'm loading some pics from my cam, see if this works out...
yay it did!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Image by SnaggleTooth Fall 2015

This week we're getting cold rain. All the pretty leaf pics I got will have to do until next year- They are now mostly down, past peak. Leaf pics tend to make awesomely unpredictable altered images tho-

Image by SnaggleTooth Fall 2015
My new cam takes way better leaf pics than the old one. In another week I hope to get to storage during the extra two Days Off  I have planned. I can't wait- Life is so boring without any machines to play with.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Fall 2015

 Well someone nice got me a newer phone, n maybe it will do more online stuff- I just need time to learn it all. Getting contacts on there will be my main mission this week. n it has a cam, so I have to figure that out too.

This may take a while. I just hope I can have it in a work-pants pocket without breaking it.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Fall 2015
Zero time to think of what to post this week- Unexpected visit to someone's available machine for this holiday Wednesday.

Happy Veteran's Day all- Once again time to focus on all the heroes past n current. Much respect, n a big THANKS 

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Orangey-Browns, with dark Crimson

Image by Snaggletooth Fall 2015

Tough to believe a bonus week  of good weather in New England for November, but it has been clear n between 60 - 70 F degrees this week!

Maybe I should take a hint to catch up on what to do before the cold settles back in- but aside from laundry n cooking, I'm just not motivated ,

I need so much stuff switched around to function (ie reach the boots). I want to grab the old vcr, dvd, n computer from storage soon so at least I can watch movies n listen to cds. I'm going nuts without seeing my favs Star Wars, LOR, Harry Potter series every now n then. I get bored silly-

Image by Snaggletooth Fall 2015

I've put off going to storage to sort what still needs to be done, but I've been feeling so tired recently from long work hours. I'll be walking home in the dark from the library today, according to when it got dark yesterday, sundown about 4:30 pm, but cloudy right now.

Lately at least the foliage is really pretty. but the computer is on the fritz, so I'll need the old one to alter pics again. Luckily I did some before it died on me last week. I'll need to get all the photos off the hard disk somehow too.

Photo by Snaggletooth Fall 2015

This was from the walkway near my work entrance last week. Been nice orangey-browns, with dark crimson all over for Autumn colors around here- Got several more nifty ones in the meantime to use... Time to gear up for Thanks giving soon. I'm grateful for the Library connection today.

Been seeing scores of wild Turkeys around town this week. Also Deer crossing roads on the way home from work. Lots to see before winter grey settles in- Now off to read up!