Thursday, December 26, 2013

Be Merry

Image by SnaggleTooth Dec 2013

Much intro-
spection for me this holiday... Been awhile since serious writing time was plunked down in ESR, mainly due to time constraints.

Probably I shouldn't be sleeping with the news sound on in the BG. Maybe it influenced the subject matter... Another dream that I died happened just before I awoke Xmas Eve day.

Every time I have one of these episodes in my subconscious, I become aware that I'm about to involuntarily bite it. There always comes a moment of feeling surrender n helplessness.
I think that's the worst part of these dream experiences, n perhaps of actual, unexpected death psychology. 

Then after I awake, I feel in mourning for myself, as tho a loved one has just died. This intense dream thing has been happening to me at odd times all thoughout my life.

Dream dictionaries claim they may herald a rebirth of some kind... Myself, I'm not sure what they mean. But they always remind me I don't get to pick when I'll have to go.

Image by SnaggleTooth Dec 2013
This particular dream had me in an apartment with several other folks which was almost clear of furniture n newly carpeted. There was talk heard from the next room that tornadoes were nearby, n we should evacuate. We looked to the left out the window, n could see a large tornado bearing down on us, n turned to exit- but sudden, heavy gravity of air pressure froze us where we were, unable to move, being pushed down. 
I saw the carpeted floor quickly rush up in my vision, the moment of knowing I was now surrendering my life where I'd stood a moment before thinking I'd get time to move to a safer spot.
Merry Eve! 

On Sunday. I'd woke up n for the first time on the WB channel, watched Disney's animated A Christmas Carol with a Jim Carey like Scrooge. It must be an old film now to be on network TV. As I proceeded to get ready for work, it got me thinking some deep thoughts about my life.

Like the difference between Christmas Past n Present for me, n what I want to see in my Christmas future.

The Christmas Eve Parties my Mother threw for us each year were huge in comparison to what I get to do now. At some point I'd like a place where everyone can stay over n have a pile of gifts, plus pay for take-out Chinese food dinner for 20 also- but it seems unlikely to ever happen.

That Scrooge movie also had me assessing my life in terms of what folks might say about me in event of my death, if it were to happen at this point. 

I'm not pleased about my answers, n until I get to do more of what I consider to fulfill my creative mission in life, I won't be. 

What morbid stuff to be preoccupied with for Christmas... 

Photo by SnaggleTooth Dec 2013
Then there's my opinion-
ated, societal observation of what's generally wrong with commercialized Christmas: This holiday has become a day of teaching guiltless, self-indulgence to our children, which must then be unlearned!

For Xmas Day I got alot of rest n quiet, inbetween some house puttering, eating bites of chocolate all day, making lasagna, n a chocolate cream, banana, n mousse pie I'm about to sample with whipped cream on top. I feel a ton heavier in these two days of self-indulgence tasting! Luckily work will kick my butt in shape again tomorrow.

I'm so lucky- must've been psychic in my shopping this year- Altho I go near the Target store close to work alot, I haven't shopped there since last winter- Whew! So many folks are having a prob with stolen card info from Target this holiday. At least I don't have to deal with that, I've enough on my mind already...
"Be Merry" is what I wrote in the candy pile paper wrapper I left out at work for everyone. I had trouble following my own advice tho!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Evening

By SnaggleTooth Dec 2013   Hope you all have the ends tied around your ribbons n are beginning the festivities. All I want to for my holiday this year is 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep... This is my small Xmas tree out on the deck, as viewed from my kitchen window. You can see it plus it's little sister from across the B-cove. I seem to be the only lights left on all night here. Of course I've vowed not to read the elec bill until after the holiday...

By SnaggleTooth Dec 2013

Yes, the scarecrow got some red on. I'm not alone in thinking the postal services have done an outstanding job delivering packages this year. After getting to the counter just before closing, the clerk announced it would arrive the following day- that's amazing!
Don't know about the card delivery time yet.

Image By SnaggleTooth Dec 2013

I like him better in this get up tho. I'd better get back to the humans. I'm ignoring them all to use the zippy machine again...

I'll return from home soon.

Merry Times to you all!

By SnaggleTooth Dec 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Don't Sweat it

Image by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013

Recently Joey asked a question which had me thinking of sweaters. Those woolly, fuzzy, knit patterned pull-overs n carrticans some won't ever think of wintering without.

My Mother was guilty of owning tons of themed, picture sweaters n sweat shirts for every imaginable holiday. She often received them as gifts, n wore them at family dinner get-togethers with the grandkids. She owned so many cartooney Christmas symbols n patterned designs- n I wore so few...

Image by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013
I've never liked wearing sweaters. I used to think I was allergic to them, especially the wool ones, because most would make me itch like crazy. Turns out I'm not allergic to wool, but to the dust mites, n have sensitive skin easily irritated by the knit weave patterns moving across it. I could probably wear one now after it's properly washed n before it's reloaded with more mites.

My mother thought I should wear more sweaters, n bought me one every year for Xmas, no return allowed. I always preferred flannel shirts n zip-sweatshirts. The only sweater-like thing she got me that was worn on a regular basis as a young adult, was really a fuzzy-smooth acrylic top with brown n tan geometrics around the neck n sleeve.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013
Now-a-days to stay warm at home, I always wear layered cotton shirts, n use flannel or similar. large, pocketed button-up shirts for over-layers. At work I wear clothes which get ruined every day, usually uniform pants n layered dark-colored t's to peel off afterward.

Every year at this time, I always remember my Mother wearing one of those bright, holiday sweaters - Like the one with crossed candy canes n gingerbread cookie men on it.

The holiday is a week off, n I'm still getting things together. I wanted to get all the wrapping done, but my paper supply ran out! One more day left to do it all, then have to work until Xmas Eve. I'm betting the stores will be too crazy to get any shopping done that day anyhow... Happy loose -end tying!    
(pic is a leftover of the last fall cove sunset I watched at the bridge)

Sunday, December 15, 2013


In the middle of the new shopping plaza across town near work, is this unusual display. Been meaning to take pics of it for some time, n did finally.

This week would've been too late, due to the snow accumulating out there again...

Yay! Made it back from work alright...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pie Eyes

I'd wanted to post this on Thanks-giving...

Better later than never. I like this version.

The pumpkin pie was slightly damaged, with a depression resembling a frown. Then whipped cream n cranberries came into the picture.

Now the pie looks worried about the toothy, little pumpkin eyeing it...  
It should be worried, for pie is no more!
(pic taken before Thanksgiving desert time)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fall Plus Xmas

 How quickly we get switched over...

To rainbow aliens,

n Clowns!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Photo by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013

Everyone's supposed to hurry n get holiday presents in the mail soon.I'm not ready tho, so much left to do, even with keeping it simple.

This scarecrow dec outside the Post Office from Halloween time is still there waving "Hi." Someone should get him a red hat...

(I'm not really postal, but really busy n need to mail stuff!)