Saturday, February 25, 2006

Short Month, Last Week

It was a short work-week, but a long wait to get online again. Just not having the option to boot-up the machine makes me feel so isolated! Finally I can type n not freeze half-way through every sentence, yay! Now if I can just hurry up n figure out how to do all the stuff again. Just got it hooked up again Fri. Now I'll have to spent some non-exisistant free-time reading the help topics, I guess.
Lost in Cyber-space...
Got up this am n out to pick-up the mail and do errands, n back home this afternoon just in time to watch the snow fly like crazy past the window- on a Saturday for the second time since we got winter back so suddenly this February. Well, at least I don't have to drive in it, (I sacrificed needed sleep). I just hope I won't hafta spend Sunday shoveling again. They predict about 1 to 3 inches, n it doesn't seem to be accumulating much yet, at least.
Had alot of early am time to see the Winter Olympics in Italy recently. Too bad it's over this week-end, I got used to having something to watch after work again. I liked watching the Aerials. Don't think I'd do that without a swimming pool to land in. I used to do the high-diving board way back...
Bet I could ski down the hill across the street in the snow now if I tried... (don't have skiis, tho-). Or I could just break the legs now n get the diff part over with... Ah, Think I'll just stay in this round, still very chilly out there!
I do kinda miss prime-time TV, like "LOST!". I'll have to get the season DVD when it comes out. I also seem to always catch Keifer in "24" n Scott Bakula in "The Enterprize" on week-ends. I've lost track of all other current TV series I'd been following.
I was a bit intrigued with the "Curling" game being brought to my attention. I'm surprized I'd never even heard of the game before. Seems kinda crazy with the brushing part. Reminds me of bowling on an ice-alley with a bullseye instead of pins n a rock (stone) instead of a ball. It also reminds me of crocket because of the knock-out of other players from goal-zone stategy. Apparently, "Curling" is hoping for a local membership boost from the coverage. I heard on the news there's only one chapter in our state (MA).
Must be pretty embarrassing when ya still suck starting out: in Slo-mo all the way down, "Gutter-stone!")
... Bet ya could really hurt people with those heavy things too!
I used to be able to bowl candlepins fairly well when I was young. Then I skipped 25 years of practice. I went back with the grown kids to try again, but all the skill I'd had was gone out the window somewhere! I couldn't remember how I used to execute the ball release to get the aim control I'd had before. Of course I've had so many burns, n sprain hand n wrist injuries (n cortisone shots) since the last time, it's a wonder I can get those nerves to respond to my brain at all anymore! I also can't snap my wrist around like I used to back then. My eyes aren't as sharp either... age catchin up to me.
N Curling looks way tougher... Still I'd like to try it sometime... but without an audience!
I think all the winter contestants should be applauded for bravery.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Icy Thoughts

Getting a bit nippy out there since yesterday, down to teens n single digits. I cranked the heat way up to sixty n know I'll regret it when I get the expoencially inflated electric-heat bill.
My machine's been magically letting me type for 2 days... wahhoo!
I finally got to comment on a few blogs...
My machine's got a make-over appointment this week, we'll see how that goes by next week-end.
Monday's a holiday here, "Presidents Day", when rich people go buy new wheels cause that's when the best deals are. I'm avoiding the MacAurthur Boulevarde Auto-mile this year, myself. In fact I'll try not to drive anywhere. My truck needs work n been putting close to 300 miles a week on it. Tryin to be careful with it lately until I have bux to get it in tip-top again. On the subject, I noticed the price of petrol-fuel in town deflated ten cents this week, finally, back down to 2.19 per US gallon.
I'm not getting a paid day off, but a 3-day is still a "yay!" - I've been so draggin these weeks.
Seems like prices on everything else has gone way up lately. My holiday Monday will be spent visiting with MB n just trying to catch -up on all that's fallen behind, a list that goes on n on. I'd really like to play music n paint pics, but need ton's more time n better mood to get me there. why I keep tryin to get it all done, I don't know. Most people just flop down n rest after awhile, but not me. I'm driven. I never get to relax guilt free. There's always a "I shoulda done that" dialogue going on in my head.
Hey, at least I got a post up for ya! That's good. Now if I only had time to finish all those other writing projects, but household chores are calling me...
Back to the blasted list - well, maybe time for a few tunes after I dust the guit, bango, n mando off, n time to open the fiddle case before the Sunday is done, it's been a month!
Have a good Prez-Day 3-day! If you're allowed...


Tag answers - Via CJ sans mella
Sorry took me ages to get to this one (tagged 02/04/06)
I'd also like to thank CJ for reminding me about the good-book of Isaiah, which I haven't read in decades. There's monk songs on a cassette tape made out of some of it...
(my uncle is one of the monks)
-And we're off! :

Four jobs I've had:
I've had many, narrowed down to interesting ones...

* Mr Big Toyland- Stock Clerk (High School years), used to collect Breyer Model Horses n Beatle LP's with my pay!
* Cranberry Bog Berry screening, many fall seasons outdoors taking vines n smooshed frogs outa dry-picked berries n packin 'em up to go to OceanSpray. Running a 6-person machine involved... n lotsa waitin for the Bog-Buggy! Note: not fun in the rain, snow, or December...
* Outboard Mechanic's Assistant - many summer seasons, Johnson & Evinrude motors, USA made, directing boat-trailer back-ups around the boatyard, testing magneto's, coils, compression tests, junking parts, fixer-ups, "RRR" (remove, rebuild, replace), painting, fiberglass, steering cables, boat rides -in a greasy bathing suit!
* Software Production, years of floppy n CD assembly n packaging, labels, serial numbers, liscence agreements, n barcodes.
How thrilling NOT!

Four movies I could watch over and over again:
(n I have already many times)

* Star Wars, all 5
* The Lord of the Rings, all 3
* Amegedon
* Jurassic Park, all 3
-I like the direction, special effects, and CGI.
Of course good plots help too.

Four places I've lived:
(sorry, must remain somewhat anon)
-All in Massachusetts, USA

* Metro-West-Ville of Boston, raised
* West-somewhere-Ham Cape Cod - 4 years,
9 miles from the Atlantic Ocean
* South-somewhere-Ham Cape Cod - 5 years, 300 feet from Ocean
* East-somewhere-Ham Village Cape Cod - ever since n still do,
400 feet from an Ocean cove

Four Websites I visit daily:
- How about 4 I'd visit if I were on everyday?

* blogger of course!

Four of my favourite foods:
-I'll go with dinner foods this round-

* Hamburgers
* Chinese chicken fingers n Duck sauce
* Italian Chicken Parmesan
* Pizza, my homemade with onion n pepperoni toppings

Four places I'd rather be right now:

* At a live music performance in a small venue
* In a gallery and Art studio I don't have yet
* At a SPA getting a professional back massage
* In New Zealand where it's summer, meeting and visiting CJ
and the animals at the farm.

Four bloggers I'm tagging:
- Do it or not, if ya dare- reader's choice! (I'm non-conformist...)
Feel free to sign yourselves up....

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snowy Sunday

Winter has finally caught up to our small corner of Earth. New England's expecting a Blizzard today, (sustained winds over 35 mph for at least 3 hours with intense, rapid snowfall with decreased visability), n if the weather guy is near correct, I may have to shovel a foot of the white fluff stuff!
Thanks for the heads up MB! I haven't been catching alot of news lately, (I'm working most people's off-hours now).
It would be the first major shovel job of the strange warm winter we've had here! Just the past two days have chilled below 30 degrees. Will have to find the hats n gloves again... Only had a little to clean-up the last snow, -way back last fall! Coastal areas will be on flood watch, but prob not on the south-facing beaches, where I live.
I'm pretty lucky to be on a hill in this beach-ville zone, until ya slide down it on ice n can't get up it on the way home, that is!
Cancellations (even Sunday church services!) have been running n The stores were jammin on the strip all day Sat gettin ready to hunkerdown. I had to do all my week-end runaround stuff in one morning, to be ready for the upcoming week. Every where a line!
I finally raked up some of the wind-storm mess the other day, n was impressed to find a section-piece of (wood-peckered) holey-maple tree impaled at a steep angle into the lawn, which will not pull out... about the width of my hand n it's in pretty deep! I'm so glad I wasn't standin there when the neighbor's deck table hit the tree... Another marvel at the power of nature, n my good luck (well, at least the planet's being kind to me)!
Still wish the summer people next door could have the good sense to batten down the outdoor furniture for storm season- I'm always left wondering when it's gonna fly over. Now I'm sure it's really dangerous...
Been having a melancholy week, beginning Monday with my Father's death date anniversary throwing me off a bit when I suddenly remembered it. Been pretty sore, tired, n lonely to go with my sad mood, too. And of course, electronics behaving strangely not helping (he was an electronics engineer), which just keeps reminding me. Then I found out one of my fav reads went off-line while I was out of touch all week.
An odd side-note:
I got the Kansas LP in the 70's, n learned how to fingerpick my own version of "Dust in the Wind" soon after. A friend I used to play music with added some more fancy vocals I also incorporated into my personal version in the early 80's. I've played it on other people's guitars in the oddest places- (like Stop n Shop), n folkz always seem impressed. Wish I had good fingernails today.
I always remember how to play it, n the lyrics...
N I'll never forget!
I close my eyes, only for a moment n the moments gone.
All my dreams, pass before my eyes a curiosity-
Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind-

Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea.
All we do, crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see,
ah-Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wi-nd-- whaoo-o-ah

(insert violin break here)

Don't hang on!
Nothing lasts forever but the Earth n sky.
It slips a-way a-hey!
All your money won't another minute buy-high-ya-

Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind--
(-All we are is dust in the wind).
Dust in the wind, everything is Dust in the wih-in-d, a-ha-o-o-ah-oh~

Sunday, February 05, 2006


SuperBowl XL Sunday
After 2nd Quarter at half-time
Seattle SeaHawks ....3
Pittsburg Steelers ..7
I'm VHS taping the game n commercials to see again later for fun. Got tapes for the past 15 years, cause it's fun to study the Ads (for film studies), n run 'em in reverse n slow-mo for morphs n dissolves. I've done tapings of the Superbowl ever since since college. I never really watched allotta foot-ball til the Patriots got big in recent years, out-side of past High School games, n past Super-Bowls that is. Yes, I got Janet J fallin outa her "wardrobe malfunction!
I'm still here, just haven't had blog-time at all this week again. Behind readin on everyone's, in case you're wondering... n can't comment half the time when there anyhow, cause keyboard keeps freezin up n then "Selective Science" (see old post below) n re-bootin's just too time consuming... I don't have 2 hours to check email n answer commentz everyday! That's how long the last time took!
So here I am running in Safe Mode (n scanning yet again). At least the keyboard is doing better this way! Taking me forever to fix this puter, cause it's so slow! I'm slow lately too, been very tired out!.

Baby-sat awhile today, that was fun! Baby James is 1 year n a month old, n speaks alotta words pretty well! He's got "cat" n "kitty" down pretty well. Again I put off more that I need to do on the priority list, like fix the machine up here...
Looked last night n this am for hours going through the VHS pile trying to find the kid's fav movie n couldn't find it of course til the pressure was off after he left... then there it was! That does it, decided to label the kid-G boxes anyhow.
Didn't plan to do anything done this week-end so far...
Well, the Rolling Stones just finished "Satisfaction" at the Half-time show. Not too bad for a tune which has been re-hashed over 4 decades now, n a few tiny twists added to update it. I often think how bored I'd get if I hadta play the same worn-out tunes all the time... (we should all be so lucky)!
Fast Willie just got a 75 yard TDfor the Steelers!
Well, just had a bunch of text dissapear right here, after leaving safe mode to go online... then keyboard was off again in middle of new post edit... so aggrivating!
Ticked off now cause I just found out I wasn't recording from half-time to 4 min left of the 3rd Quarter! Argh! First time that got messed up at the 2nd tape-switch point... didn't wait to see the rec light on... darn! that means I didn't get the Clydesdale foal trying to pull the big wagon one... Grrhhh
Wonder if I'll get to score update after the game...
At least ya all know I'm still alive... !
4th 8:56 to go another TD over 40 yards
The Steelers got it...
there'll be a party in Pittsburg!