Monday, August 22, 2022

Wet Orange


Been so long since I could blog. I spent 2 years unable to read text due to cataracts. The surgery worked, and now it's like I have my life back again! Anyone waiting around, I heartily recommend getting it over with ASAP.

The process is a pain, and expensive. About $5k out of pocket with insurance. I am still paying for it...

What stinks most about the cost is having to pay 4 different offices for multiple visits, pre and post op.

Now I am back to cracking into my huge backlog of what to do before the eye problem got me. 

This pic I took of lake Wallenpaupack PA sunset water from vaca with the kids this past June, is begging me to change the color pallet and play with it.

But a weird thing happened. I lost my baggie of memory sticks. My settings and app are needed from ancient PC to do that fun stuff, and I lost them by putting it in a "safe" corner of a bin when I went to ME last summer for my cousin's funeral. 

I have to dig through many storage bins , because the bag wasn't in any checked so far... 

When I watch old movies now, I keep saying, "Wow, I didn't see that before!" to most scenes. My eyes are so much better. Hopefully I find that and other fun stuff to play with too, soon.

Now let's see if anyone notices this is new after so long ...