Monday, April 12, 2021

Trah La La

Photo by SnaggleTooth

I skip ahead , entirely over the month of March. Ending up in April, last vaca day of a week. Still lacking much energy to do that which I'd intended...

A long list left lingering, awaiting time not yet possessed due to the need for income and the job from hell I am returning to tomorrow.

Tried to do so much, but getting stuck in cyber-mud! After months of an inability to read , now getting lost in type everywhere I had backlogged.

Most painful it was realizing all I had mis-placed in my crowded space , due to my blindness. I had lost my memory sticks of pics, plus my new spiffy Cam that always let me see what my eyes would not. Thought the things were put in a spot, yet when searched, they were not. So a week's time was spent just recovering those, and sifting old work stuff. 

I almost feel like I can think clearly. Now time to gear up for work that makes me sore again, rats. I had bought a bunch of lottery tix, and didn't win large amounts to quit yet, tho they paid for themselves. Two more left to scratch, n quick picks to check. Would love to update with a jackpot. 

Sleep was improved , though most still interrupted. Living here in a place full of loud people and many dogs is hell on my up all night need a.m. sleep routine. In December I skipped sleeping 30% of the days to get my eyes done with all the required tests and appointments!  (10 of 30 days sleepless). I am still lagging in rested now. 

Mostly, I found myself sifting through FaceBook Stuff, while keeping quiet for others to sleep. Now I am going thru so many memory stick images, and not remembering original dates. Dates got overwritten when they were transferred to sticks as the copy date. 

This partial seagull pic is likely 2 years old, found on this Chromebook drive, from when I couldn't see well. Now I can, but I am so slow now! My eyes were so bad I was lucky to get the bird in the frame... 

Friend Bruce Marshall Solo Live Stream is keeping me busy at 7 est on Weds nights. He just had a 1 year anniversary for those performances on FB , but I just found it in December when I could read again. 

I have far too much to keep busy now, books to read, dvds un-watched, guitar playing to remember, and old works to find. 

I really must get to tax instruction reading now... last year done with a magnifying 20x glass. Very tough and excruciating. This year should go much easier than that.

Tempus Fugit. Time Flies!

The sign from The Matrix film at the Oracle place. My Brother used to say the Latin phrase often. He Passed away in 2018. He was right!