Friday, February 19, 2021


Photo by SnaggleTooth Feb 2007

We're used to being frozen here, but much of the southwestern states this week are putting up with freezing temps. Snow and ice are where they have never been before with power outs causing water and pipe problems for folks used to an almost tropical life in a desert setting with cacti in the gardens.  

Texans are fed up with frozen. 

On the Cape here, we are accustomed to heating methods, hand warmers, and wearing layers. I wouldn't dream of heading out without a scarf and hat in frozen temps. still, there are always hardy New Englanders who wear hockey shorts out every day, or refuse to wear a coat ever. Even with sub-Zero windchill temps and danger of frostbite. 

I keep warning kids at work it is possible to lose your nose and ears out there, but they think it is not a problem for them.  With the pandemic mask rules, I am keeping the face warmer. Those kids tho, keep refusing to wear masks and put me at risk each night I work.