Thursday, January 23, 2020


I am such a blog slacker !

Image given to me to lter by MB, 2019

This has been the longest ever since I began blogging in 2005 I have ever slacked...

I was given this pic to alter, but have not yet re-booted the ancient art 'puter to do that. This one is online, but has no paint apps on it, n without a memory stick has about zero usable pics. MB gave me this image last year to play with n I still have not un-jumbled the knot of wires, adapters, mouse, n stuff to even plug it in.

I have been feeling too over-tired n crappy to have any fun with anything. I needed sleep badly today, but was once more robbed of my plan by loud day people in the hall outside my door.

I am amazed the stats even say I am still getting hits here, after being absent 2 months....

Halfway thru Nov I hooked up my new phone, n have been doing fb on that, ignoring the pc. It is way more convenient than blogging, or doing 'puter painting. I hope to get time n ambition back to be able too, but perhaps I will move first, because without sleep, I am too stifled. A Slacker!