Monday, May 28, 2012


Once again the national holiday of veteran mourning n remembrance has arrived along with the first official week-end of the tourist trade on Cape Cod. We locals consider it the first week-end of the summer season.

 Work orders have been off the chart for days now, n my legs are throbbing as I'm sitting here, having worked many extra hours. Hopefully, it won't be this wild again until the 4th of July-

The R's next door are down to celebrate, n so are a few thousand more adding to the store lines n traffic. The line to get the boats into the bay at the ramp outside the window is constant, n kayaks are out in force in the warmer weather this week.

 It all makes me want the week-end off too!

But really, this day is all about honoring all those who died defending the USA, so we are still a free nation. It was a huge cost to pay.


I'll miss the parade, the little flags at the cemetary, n "Taps" on the trumpet by the town memorial where the local names lives lost are engraved.

But I won't forget... to appreciate them.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


 The new Blogger Interface is still driving me nuts. The pic caption feature has done away with the hover-note function. I can't get back to the non-html edit box when I try to insert the code. Then the caption text refuses to go flush left n always has to be centered text alignment, so this has me involuntarily formatting posts badly in my opinion.

I'm unable to get the text beside the pics where I actually want it. Text has to go in the caption to get next to the pic for sure. I truelly hate centered text!

 I wish I could get ESR to appear as it had for years, but until I get a speedier way to use internet, my hands are tied n I can't stand it! I went to college n studied page design, typography, n pic placement, so I'm extra sensitive to not getting it where I intend to place it. I'm wasting alot of time trying tho.

My house water problems still aren't all solved.. I just spent days clearing out stuff from under the kitchen sink so it can get the faucets redone because it's dripping into the cupboard. I've been bailing a catch basin a several times per day. Then the guy to come check out the job today got hung up elsewhere. So after being in all day, I hopped into Little Truck to hit the drugstore n gas station, n hurried to Fav Beach sunset for the first time in many months.
I sat ontop of a large jette rock n decompressed the stress in seconds watching in the vast space n quietude. It's always worth the trip...

Many pretty pics to share-
Same place,
same sunset,
different angles,
different  minutes...

(I'm still wondering if the text will stay next to pics I want it to when I hit "Publish? Another grand experiment).

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I don't have a guess what this is, but I like it!

The Monkey sat on the purple Bear's head,
who was following his grey Dog...

Actually it's a pic of the sky taken from the deck,
when I was busy with plants.
The sunset had occurred behind the western clouds,
but then the rays angle hit those little clouds n it was so pretty.

Now the altered pics of it are also.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Over the River

 Years had passed since I'd made it to a warm weather BBQ at my brother's suburban home. The last few visits had been to his beach house south of Boston, so I was unaware of the recent state of the neighborhood, my old home area.

He'd bought an end of a dead-end street house, quieter n more isolated than most there, with one side abutting the Charles River which is flanked with some woods.

When I was a young Girl Scout we used to walk the river paths picking up garbage as a project when the river had become so poluted it was considered a hazard. So much has been done in the past 4 decades to clean up the river. Now it's a delightful blue instead of brown water, less trash about, n more fish n wildlife.

They've added a boardwalk trail along the Charles river for walking n cycling from Metro West all the way into Boston, with just a few gaps in the trail.

Now, there is a constant stream of strangers walking past my brothers' once private back yard! It was a strange feeling to see the parade streaming by all thru the Mom's Day BBQ. The weather was beautiful n so there were alot of folks out.

The Little Ones wanted to see what the attraction was, So after eating some of us took a walk. My brother gave us a bag of old bread n sent us out to the left to seek a bridge. It wasn't too far down, crossing over into the next town, in which I used to have an after school job.

The tough part about the trail was to get the Little Ones to give right of way to the numerous bicycles n several runners. they gravitaed to walk abreast in a group n block the way.

The Little Ones had fun feeding some ducks n hanging out on the bridge, where all the adults were clicking away. Of course I'm the only one taking shots without folks in them... Actually it was a bit too busy with strangers for me, but none the less a nice place to hang out near the big city.
I'm glad I don't have my brother's suddenly public yard tho! I think my response would be to put up a cedar tree boundary or stockade fence to avoid being seen by so many strangers. It would make me too nervous to hang out in the yard!

If something similar happened to your yard, what would your response be?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Aquired Taste

Little did I know

When I was young,

What I'd enjoy most

In my aged state

Would be the young

Wondering at the world

Moving n learning

Following me along...
Pics from Mom Day
n Poem
by SnaggleTooth today

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moms 2012

Sunset at the M-cove Saturday evening
This is the first actual holiday (week-end) I've had off in several years now- (about time!) Usually I have an emotional day having lost my Mom to malignant illness over a decade ago. This year I'll be honoring her memory with a rare daytrip visit to see some of my siblings, n extended family at a BBQ in the area where I grew up West of Boston. The weather is forecast 80F warm, n not rainy.

Hopefully I get to see alot of fun Little Ones, some new I've yet to meet to distract me. All I have to do is wake up hours earlier than usual n not be too sleepy...

I hope that all Mothers be fondly remembered n appreciated for their devotion n unconditional love today.

Altered image n Original pic
by SnaggleTooth May 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

B 5

Saturday I'd missed 5 popping SpongeBob toys being released from the cupcake-cake (with buttons) before arriving to  take this pic. The homemade Buttercream frosting BBM made was truelly mouth-watering. She should be making a living being a theme party designer, we all think...

Little One "B" had quite a fun SpongeBob party with many good friends. He's appeared on ESR several times. (Same one at 3 months old on the left in this old ESR pic) .

A big cheery SpongeBob pinata
full of goodies hung over the cake table.
BBM made the pineapple house
using an inverted bowl,
n painted SpongeBob's
 face on yellow goody bags.

All the cool kids were there,
along with some new to the party scene ones.

The Hogs Wild blow-up game
was a fun present.

Everyone lined-up to plunder pinata booty
from a trap door in SpongeBob's butt...

After all the goods were gathered,
I witnessed the rowdy crowd
mug n beat poor SpongeBob Pinata,
 ripping him to pieces
while laughing with glee n running about-
Poor old SpongeBob!

But it all seemed so very funny...

Thursday, May 03, 2012

I Spied

An altered mystery person...

Beautiful altered nature scene...

A downy Woodpecker  drilling
 Maplebeard mere feet from me

A viola from seeds planted years ago
in an untended container on the deck...

A Little One aging...
Happy 5!