Thursday, July 28, 2005

Side-step or Back-step?

"One large step for man, one giant leap for mankind..." Neil Armstong was not politically correct, I resent it, and believe he meant human-kind. See the Girl's Blog describing her quest to be an Astronaut at ... Brave woman! I salute U....
...The Space shuttle sails into orbit once more (yesterday), and as I previously predicted, odd pieces of shielding went flying off... Let's all pray they make it home in one piece this time!
I really do hope they find a way to build long-range, space-worthy vessels soon, so our crazy, egotistical race can terrorize the empty nether regions ... (quick before our species has finished off all the best parts of this world) ... I'd like to see more private rich people waste more funds on innovating new space vehicles, like the ones in Speilberg and Lucas films, or the Enterprise... At least humans are currently masters of entertainment, if nothing else!
I'd bet if aliens were watching our broadcasting out there somewhere, they'd think all that movie stuff was real, and maybe it would get us in trouble, like in Galaxy Quest... Well, you alien planet viewers, I assure you if U don't see it flying about out there, our cloaking devices are NOTenabled, the ships are NOT really out there yet, but we human-kind do all aspire to build and ride in them one day!
NaNu nAnU!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Two Cool

Two whole days of not too hot, nifty weather, Yay! Yesterday was nice n dry and sunny, a perfect Sunday without much noise around, and today was overcast 'til late afternoon with a swift cool breeze, AAhhh! Two nights with being able to sleep hours in a row, without adjusting fans (is it on High already?) or feeling sticky enough for a second shower.
...Meanwhile in the rest of the country, alot of places like Chicago and Arizona are killing off a few in the plus 100- degrees Fried Club. Bummer. On the national news the other night about global warming again, they showed the polar region's ice melting away the habitat of the polar bears by melting it's territory, kinda scary that it's on the news with the scientists making these factful observations. Especially when ya think about water levels rising (Ever see "Waterworld"?). Maybe it's time to escape to the mountains, which may soon become new beachfront properties, or face those monster people vacuum sharks... or the huge, white bears that swim (like on 'Lost"), and maybe we can get the sharks to hack on the musky, fluff beasts... There's a storyboard for a new Sci-Fi action/horror flick!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Basting Away

Finally got some pretty flowers in my garden, and quiet time to enjoy them! The deep purple Butterfly plant, and then the white Babies Breath which goes well with the Bramble Roses I picked and set up in the kitchen. for awhile there, didn't think I'd get any. Still waiting on Cosmos, Bachelor Buttons, Asters, and two species of Lavender. The leaves smell yummy anyways...

Today the air is better, not as muddy, yay! Red tide is gone! ...But it's a low tide day, and swimming's best when the tides on the way in. I want to avoid crab bites (pinches are no fun) and horseflies (allergic to bites), so I haven't even gone swimming yet! I usually like going out over my head, but I'm so paranoid of sharks being strange this year, I may not.

Last week there was a bomb scare on the Nantucket ferry Hyline cruise. The boat had to turn around and go back to the island. People got stuck there all week-end. I still wonder if they had to pay out of pocket for the extra stay. PD just arrested three boys who allegedly pulled the hoax. Hmmm... maybe they're locals who are bored and aggrivated with the tourists...

...Today on the local am news, a guy who lost the Martha's Vineyard Shark Derby yesterday, by coming in to the Oak Bluffs dock 6 minutes late, had a huge, "monster," 1100 lb. Tiger Shark! I'm actually more paranoid of that species because they have no natural predators, are camoflagued and not easily seen, eat seals and people resemble seals while swimming, and are not confined to any water type, such as cool or warm, (as are Great Whites). Check pic 4746947_320X240 at

Update 2009, the archive link above has been deleted.
To see that shark pic, please click here.
I regret I did not save the story with it-

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Good luck to boaters out there trying to navigate to Woods Hole or the Islands this week, it's been lost in the fog. If you've ever worked the bogs ya know "The fog on the bog is mainly for the frogs!" My humidity meter is up near 82% with all the fans on high in here, as muggy as it gets without rain! I actually haven't seen a toad or frog around here (and I live next to woods) in over seven years now. The scientists on "Nightline" the other night say they believe we're having a mass species extinction taking place which could wipe out whole segments of the basic food chain because of the weird weather, which I've been sooth-saying now for years... mainly because the frogs dissapeared, and krill and plankton, basic for aquatic life, are going spaztically missing too. All the "grow like weeds" species will take over soon, all the rest will go, you'll see... whatever can't find new food sources, X - the old ripple-effect...

We really didn't get all the water they said unorganized Dennis would drop on us. I just wish there'd stop being storms named after my teenhood friends who were big drinkers and trouble-makers back then... Dennis and Emily... they really knew how to get sloshed! (I hope their moms don't find this) Ah the good ole daze... Today, no more drinkin' for me, and rain would really feel good here about now!

The good news is I'M FREE OF THE LOUD PEOPLE, YAY!!! They went back to the city about noon... Now, only a few new ones at the "R's" out the window! Except of course for week-ends, But WHEW! it was a LONG three weeks...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Halfway Through July

The weather's been nice and warm, getting more humid lately. The party people are out in the boat, so if their dog wasn't barking 'cause he's all alone, it would almost be an atmosphere I can concentrate in. I'm bummin' the NASA mission was put off, and there's no news posted about it on their url, just "to be determined" on the launch schedule. Seems very obvious to me, the heat tiles that keep breaking should be redesigned out of more durable materials.... but what do I know, I'm not a certified rocket scientist (but I'm fairly close to it). Note: What about hitting "space dust" or all the old jettisoned garbage out there?

Yep, they wait for it to get real warm to mess with the water. There was something on the news about two gators found swimming in a lake in Brockton (5 and 3 Ft).
The water across town from here was deemed positive for Ecoli bacteria yesterday, and isin't supposed to be the same system as our water, but paranoia sets in - so I'm boiling it anyways.
I wouldn't have known had I not gone to the store. I was gusseling the stuff all am, knowledge that's not very comforting, along with the news that grandson # 2 has been ill. Of course this water shouldn't be affected, but I wonder when the testing is getting done. Some people who live fairly close to here reported their water was brown, so that's why I'd rather be careful. It may be that the supply has been overused and we're hitting the lower water level sediment.

I've been working on my old webpage code, trying all last night and this am to get it to boot up with my images, but keeps not finding the server and won't find my index, use my bg, ect, so still got more messing to do with it, don't know why having so many need to refresh probs, not rainy yet, connection here seems ok. I may never know why! I'll tell you when it decides to coopperate... and looks halfway as it should. I tried updated pic links with the site http url on it, then wouldn't reopen the page, what a GGGrrrhhHHHh! (the price of free pages...)

Sunday, July 10, 2005


What a lovely week-end the weather decided to throw the Cape. Every one and his brother broke out the lawn mowers Sat pm. ...So I took a field trip to the laundrymat across town, seeing as I was gonna have a headache anyway. While I was there, around dinner-time, a bubbley girl from the DD next door came running in the back door screaming to call 911, and that the other girl might get stabbed, they were being robbed! She was hysterical. So her and the attendant went to the phone and called. She pretty much swore through the whole call, so guaranteed it won't get on the air. My management skills kicked in and I directed some people with children near the entrance to get back away from the DD door, and kept some others out, "Do not go in there!".
...I must say the police arrived fast, within 2 minutes. They didn't immediately catch the dude, but he wasn't too sharp. Business is so slow in the pm, and the dough from am is already to the bank, he didn't get much. He was on three camera tapes, had also been seen in the video store before that, and a witness saw a skinny young guy with a cap running away through the side of the lot. I was very relieved the girl left in there wasn't hurt, after all. But strangely enough, the laundrymat lady and I were expressing our extreme boredom just before that...

...Wanted to go to a local Cape League Baseball game, but too many thunderclouds in sight, and enough excitement for one day. How lucky I felt it didn't happen all the time I was a shift supervisor at fast food, because it could be anyone at a counter. You never know.
You better believe many people were having conniptions about not getting their coffee 'cause it was closed for the rest of the day! Not me, though, I quit coffee two years ago. Before that, I was up to three "great ones" a day and still couldn't wake up!

Today a whole new batch of people added into the ones here already. While some kids next door at the R's will have to go back tomorrow, Awwwhhh, the new ones downstairs brought a big white tent they set up right outside my kitchen window for the teenage boys to sleep in! And the top has see through screen panels! I remember how loud it was last time, so the kitchen windows are closed in this heat. Joy! (no- I don't have ac) That's also where the birdies get bread tossings every am, but not now. Maybe they'll poop on it...! I'm almost halfway through the loud people's main invasion period. I hope I make it... The majority reportedly will go back to the city after next week-end (Please, Please, go back ...)

...It's been a long time awaiting for the rain to clear (no online connection) and then another 'puter component , the monitor, had to be replaced. It's just one happy day after the next!

Friday, July 01, 2005


We have been infultrated by idiots once more, most of whom are drunk or stoned, all of them are very loud! Two drunken souls went for an eternal swim off Shell Point last night. They fished one out of the cove next to my home, the chopper was impossible to ignore. I didn't go fishing for more info 'til heard on the 11 pm news. Visitors, try not to pass out underwater!
... Darn Phone has been on fritz since the rain and mist came in, unable to maintain a connection, woulda posted sooner. Hey, two more shark attacks.... getting outta hand!
I really hate being right about that...
... Taking a ride to Western MA to see Offspring 2 Sat n Sun, and attempting to drive back before I can't get in the driveway with the fireworks parking hazards that'll be here on Mon, due to no 'works in both towns next door... ssssSSSSSSCrack BOOMpohhh! ooOOO aaAAHHhh! (woulda used white, but invisible here)