Saturday, September 11, 2021

20 Years

Paint image by SnaggleTooth 2011

Anniversary of doom,

No towers loom,

Crashing in a cloud, 

Smashed by JetLiners...

Survivors strive to understand

The Bells, Salutes, 

Folded praying hands,

From a day Hell was loosed

Upon the Free, the Heroes.

Trauma learned by millions

Over the audacity of the danger

From killers of thousands

Without conscience,

To take away so many Loved,

And ignite steadfast Heroism

In so many.

We will never forget !

Friday, September 10, 2021

911 Post 2007


SnaggleTooth's Q / A Today

911 puter image by SnaggleTooth, September 2007
Image by SnaggleTooth 2007
Q: Where were you 6 years ago today at 8:50 am?
 I was working days at a small software company in the production room with five other people.
Q: What were you doing when you first heard the news?
A: I was printing Fisher-Pierce update floppy labels on the thermal printer, 500 pieces, n listening to the radio speaker just above my head.
I couldn't believe what I'd heard. I didn't think anyone else was listening, so I turned around to the people working on a mailing at the table behind me n loudly asked them,
"Did he just say TWO planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers?"
Then the radio guy repeated it. When they reported a short time later that Tower 1 had collapsed, we all ran into the empty day-care room across the hall (without permission) n watched footage of people fleeing the huge dust cloud on a tiny 9-inch black n white TV set. We were soon shoo-ed back to work by the AH boss.
Q: Do you still vividly relive your feelings of that day?
A: Yes, after hearing the radio announcement I had the horrible shadow of dread over me, n a tight knot in my stomach. I didn't want to be at work anymore. It didn't seem important. I could picture the plan coordinator's skinny, dark, curly-haired form laughing n dancing with glee.
I dwelt on how the victims felt, on the planes, trapped on upper floors, jumping, unable to get down elevators, everyone in a panic. Time running out. Resigning to death in a deafening roar. Surprised. All becoming part of a suddenly pulverized huge human n cement pile. So much anger, horror, n beginnings of grief going through my mind.
(I felt these things before I heard about them, before I saw n heard the news later that evening.)
I had so much trouble working n concentrating on work the rest of the day until 5 pm. I couldn't wait to get home where I spent the next three days n nights glued to the news reports n footage I'd missed while at work that day.
Q: Did the events effect the way you live your life?
A: I've changed in many ways. I'm braver, n I never feel safe, or get complacent.
Now I always pay attention to the news. I stopped working full-time there n stopped stressing-out on that place with the unreasonable bosses. They didn't deserve the devoted nature of my hard work. They lacked compassion.
After that day, I got bolder in my convictions of what I will n will not do.
A couple months after that I successfully took a road trip 1600 miles to South Florida by myself in my new truck, then back home, (because I wanted too).
Q: Do you still get nightmares with that theme?
A: Yes, I've always been paranoid of large airplanes, n sometimes have the one of dying that (tower-smack) way. I've had PTSD in the past, n had many bad dreams in my life-time, alot after 911. I've had many dreams about the ghosts of the dead. The frequency has eased up recently, TG!
Q: Did you or some one you know lose some one who lost their life that day?
A: I didn't personally know any of the victims, but Yes, my musician friend, Bruce, lost a close, old-home-buddy he grew-up with in Sudbury, MA onboard flight 195.
He moved further up north after that, I haven't seen him a long time.
Some one from my home town was scheduled to fly but got bumped off the flight.
Q: How does this anniversary date affect you?
A: I honor the dead, light a candle, n pray. I remember.
Sometimes I get paranoid another terrorist act will kill alot of people on this date again, pray it won't, n try not to go out anywhere.
Q: If you were in charge, what would've you done differently than George W. in response?
A: Don't get me started! Just about everything, including concentrating on educating people of Islamic culture n countries on why Americans n themselves don't deserve to die due to religious differences.
Can you say, covert operations? Cutting all Bin Laden family oil business ties, ect.
No excuse, George!
... -----------------------------------------...
Go ahead n feel free to interview your-self:
(copy n paste if you like)
Q: Where were you 6 years ago today?
Q: What were you doing when you heard the news?
Q: Do you still vividly relive your feelings of that day?
Q: Did the events effect the way you live your life?
Q: Do you still get nightmares with that theme?
Q: Did you or some one you know lose some one who lost their life that day?
Q: How does this anniversary date affect you?

Lord Bless the undeserving dead n all their survivors-

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Towering 2010


Photo by SnaggleTooth Sept 2010 
. . . 
Again it's "911," the day that will cause a tower of grief in my mind forevermore. (But not for Jannie). Even 9 years later the memories of that day in '01 loom large in the rearview mirror.  
In the five years I've been posting on ESR, I actually skipped writing about it two years, '05, n '08. In 911-2006 I posted an image I'd made in 2001. In 2007 I posted questions n answers in regard to what I was doing that day. Last year I posted flowers. 
Image by SnaggleTooth 2001
Today this backlit towering cloud pic brings to mind the many explosions n calamities born of terrorism. The enormity of loss, n overwhelming grief for so many lives lost. Otherwise, it may seem like a normal day as I get ready n go to work again. 911 may not have directly taken anyone away from me, but yet I feel the loss, n importance of the event- n bet I always will. 
 I'll light a candle n pray for the lost souls. I'll get home from work n watch my remembrance 911 videos, n I'll remember how steep the price has been to be an American. 

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Monday, April 12, 2021

Trah La La

Photo by SnaggleTooth

I skip ahead , entirely over the month of March. Ending up in April, last vaca day of a week. Still lacking much energy to do that which I'd intended...

A long list left lingering, awaiting time not yet possessed due to the need for income and the job from hell I am returning to tomorrow.

Tried to do so much, but getting stuck in cyber-mud! After months of an inability to read , now getting lost in type everywhere I had backlogged.

Most painful it was realizing all I had mis-placed in my crowded space , due to my blindness. I had lost my memory sticks of pics, plus my new spiffy Cam that always let me see what my eyes would not. Thought the things were put in a spot, yet when searched, they were not. So a week's time was spent just recovering those, and sifting old work stuff. 

I almost feel like I can think clearly. Now time to gear up for work that makes me sore again, rats. I had bought a bunch of lottery tix, and didn't win large amounts to quit yet, tho they paid for themselves. Two more left to scratch, n quick picks to check. Would love to update with a jackpot. 

Sleep was improved , though most still interrupted. Living here in a place full of loud people and many dogs is hell on my up all night need a.m. sleep routine. In December I skipped sleeping 30% of the days to get my eyes done with all the required tests and appointments!  (10 of 30 days sleepless). I am still lagging in rested now. 

Mostly, I found myself sifting through FaceBook Stuff, while keeping quiet for others to sleep. Now I am going thru so many memory stick images, and not remembering original dates. Dates got overwritten when they were transferred to sticks as the copy date. 

This partial seagull pic is likely 2 years old, found on this Chromebook drive, from when I couldn't see well. Now I can, but I am so slow now! My eyes were so bad I was lucky to get the bird in the frame... 

Friend Bruce Marshall Solo Live Stream is keeping me busy at 7 est on Weds nights. He just had a 1 year anniversary for those performances on FB , but I just found it in December when I could read again. 

I have far too much to keep busy now, books to read, dvds un-watched, guitar playing to remember, and old works to find. 

I really must get to tax instruction reading now... last year done with a magnifying 20x glass. Very tough and excruciating. This year should go much easier than that.

Tempus Fugit. Time Flies!

The sign from The Matrix film at the Oracle place. My Brother used to say the Latin phrase often. He Passed away in 2018. He was right!

Friday, February 19, 2021


Photo by SnaggleTooth Feb 2007

We're used to being frozen here, but much of the southwestern states this week are putting up with freezing temps. Snow and ice are where they have never been before with power outs causing water and pipe problems for folks used to an almost tropical life in a desert setting with cacti in the gardens.  

Texans are fed up with frozen. 

On the Cape here, we are accustomed to heating methods, hand warmers, and wearing layers. I wouldn't dream of heading out without a scarf and hat in frozen temps. still, there are always hardy New Englanders who wear hockey shorts out every day, or refuse to wear a coat ever. Even with sub-Zero windchill temps and danger of frostbite. 

I keep warning kids at work it is possible to lose your nose and ears out there, but they think it is not a problem for them.  With the pandemic mask rules, I am keeping the face warmer. Those kids tho, keep refusing to wear masks and put me at risk each night I work.