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Rypos J: Just Because

Image by SnaggleTooth 2012

 I've collected fewer Rypos since October 2011 ! I've made alot of other typos. but most weren't too funny or even a lot of repeats! Wow, are my fingers clumsy!

It even took me ages just to get a few images together to post with them.

For this version J,  I've made some comments, definitions, term-paper research materials, or was left laughing speechless! But for most, I decided to just continue my erroneous mission n add more crazy talk, just because they are so funny or strange!

If a googled pic was used in making images, urls are in the caption.

Image by SnaggleTooth 2012Just can't stop keying n posting these Rypos! 
Here it comes in chronological order:

Some thongs I always do the same,
- What do I do with the others??? Put them on my head, arms...?

Note: there are 2 kinds of thongs.
One is simple rubber, sandle-like shoes for summertime, also called Flip-Flops, the other is a G-string like underwear garment.

The frozen wemps are supposed to arrive
-n I'm not weddy for dier wisit...

Seriously, I googled "wemps" n got over 12 k results like these:

Mar 19, 2011 ... While Enjoyable Exercise and Passionate Partaking are important, what I'm 
about to share with you is the secret weapon of WEMPS.

plus this anagram:
Water Efficiency Management Plans (WEMPs)

What is that in the bowl, a coctauk?
-Hope I don't have to eat it- Does it look like a rooster or Cockatiel?

to report the Hot n Run!
- Sexy model poses slyly, then suddenly takes off!

Somethong to look forward to.
- Oh boy, more Thong!

Grislies dry is Mischiefs fave too-
- made of grizzle n very chewy

Happy New Year  to you n Blue Nummy!
- Yummy in the tummy!

Combined images of public domain Monet art by SnaggleTooth 2012
All compiled images were found at wikipedia.
Original of the two altered images above

Nothing a pile of monet couldn't solve

Mr Boyt runs up Fartbreak Hill pushing his son Ricky
- ...

I tend to save box difting for
- daft days

I'm really glad I don't have to cream those chandeliers!
- ...

Today we've been spitting non-sucking snow
- was it yellow?

I'm sure the experienced "Experts" know what they're fooing-
- Let then eat their Egg Foo Yung...

The Nanboo hasn't been knocked down flat
- scary Nannies of the Naboo cut out of Star Wars  episode I

Have fub patting!

a peeper peeing in the dark near work,
- no one will ever suspect!
Altered public domain art by SnaggleTooth 2012
was at wikipedia for "Hun"

Too bad you can't aim a squirthun at him

I want more- but all vets are off!
- Just can't get enough of those uniform folks!

I pished it back out
-Oh pish!

Sometimes I'm just licky.
- My tongue just won't stop eating the popsicles!

looks like I'm the only obe
- You'd think more would be eminating Obe Wan Kenobe...

I was Zaperated to have to skop a day
- When you're skipping but the toe of your shoe gets stubbed on the pavement n makes a "skop"-like sound

Hoats are alot stranger than I thought...
- Those hairy oats are creepy to eat!

Can't wait til my house is squared away enough to get my stiff out
- I hope no one sees me n calls the cops!

We locals consider it the first week-end of the dummer season.
- What? I don't know!

Image by SnaggleTooth 2012
has articles on gourds

Have a good week-end (I'm working long gourds again).

- I spent an evening reseaching gourds:
I never knew they could be over 10 feet long.!

Varieties: swan, apples, bottles, short n long handled dippers, winged, penguins, canteens, n kettle. Some even have "Goosebumps"

super long gourds
Music group near Austin TX
pretty Gourd Art
gourd bird houses
Gourd Musical Instruments
Image by SnaggleTooth 2012
Gourds n squash to eat


I've been Too carzy busy,
- you know you've driven too much when...

costs a fitune!
- when you throw a singing fit. (Does Jannie do this?)

I used to repair outboard moptours
- " Here, Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, n Suzuki, we keep the folding, foam-head model! Great it won't work-  How exciting.. .zzz ... Where's my screwdriver...?"

These are both altered,
altered "fake" long gourd pics!
I tried to comment at your blob yesterday,
- But it was too gooey!


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At 5:37 AM, Blogger Lynn said...

That's funny Snaggle - I guess those were all from blog posts or comments?

At 5:50 AM, Blogger Granny Annie said...

Obviously I've missed out on something somewhere. I did understand the "blob" being "gooey".
Hey, laugh it up Snaggle Tooth, you deserve a good chuckle once in a while.

At 7:46 AM, Blogger LL Cool Joe said...

Fartbreak Hill had me cracking up! :D And thanks to you and the thongs all I can think about is Sisqo and the "Thong Song!"

At 5:02 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Lynn, J's Rypos are all from blog activities... you may've recognized "Zaperated" from your post on "Good Things Happened" comments- but I fixed it before posting (after copy n pasting to a text file). I hope you were entertained by my silly boo-boos.

Gran Annie, I suppose If I fixed up all the typos you'd get it- but then I wouldn't have to try to explain what it means this way! Laughing at my embarrassing typos is the whole point- a kind of therapy making sense out of non-sense!

LLcoolJ, Fartbreak Hill gets me every time! I've been laughing at it since April- The folks name was supposed to be "Hoyts," which was mis-spelled in a Boston Marathon comment on Lynn's blog, because I was so busy laughing at the Heart-break Hill typo! Glad I made you laugh, n I have to go see the Thong Song now!

At 12:31 PM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Send me a pile of Monet too -- JK, JK, I have lots of pretty notecards left.

hot & Run, lol!! Sounds like such a teaze. :)

Thongs, thongs everywhere!! Do you see them on the beaches up there too? And not the kind between the toes.

Thanks for the chuckles. And such great pix to enjoy.


At 5:12 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

JanF, Yes, love that Monet is now in the public domain of copy-written goods, as well as the Hun painting. I had to draw some of that water. n I elongated a gourd! The model I pictured was a Chippendale...
TG I haven't found any loose thongs in the sand, but I often carry mine, which are shoes.
It still makes me laugh to read these things- glad to share a few. I'm glad you originally shared those "Rears in your eyes" so long ago!


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