Saturday, July 31, 2010


Photo by SnaggleTooth July 2010

I lack
A kayak
Dawn cracks
Smell Lilac
Ducky quack
Pick-up slack
Fast track
Chips stack
Lip smack
Head back
Fade black
..........................Poem by SnaggleTooth today
Photo by SnaggleTooth July 2010


At 6:58 AM, Blogger Lynn said...

I like that rhyming Snaggle. And those kayakers look as if they are enjoying that!

At 8:02 AM, Blogger desk49 said...

It looks like the one kid needs to go faster he is really fallen behind. I hope he makes it before dark dark

At 10:22 AM, Blogger TALON said...

"Head back
Fade black" - perfect lines for that gorgeous sunset photo! The sky is amazing with all the mauves and oranges!

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Granny Annie said...

I'll have to copy this to my kayak builder friend.

At 3:34 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Lynn, thanks! I noticed tons of words rhymed with Kayak, n just took pics of them this week. They were having a blast-

Ellis, That Teenager actually made it back to the bridge landing pretty quick- those little things are very fast! My Cam makes him look further away also-

Talon, "Fade to black" is a line us video cam geeks are familiar with- a standard dissolve to a scene, usually at the end of a screenplay. I've gotten so many nifty colored sunsets over m-cove this season-

Gran Annie, David at Sugarloaf is my wooden Kayak builder friend- you have another?

At 11:06 AM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Cute and fun poem.

Beautiful pix!

Is your pick-up acting slack lately? :)


At 4:40 PM, Blogger Sara said...

So simple and yet so great. I wish I could write poetry this way:~)

At 6:41 PM, Blogger ... Paige said...

that was entertaining :-)

At 3:40 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

JanF, Watching folks having so much fun helped the poem mood- thanks.

Sara, Welcome to ESR comments! Lately I'm imspired by my pics. Poems are written while looking at them n remembering parts of my day.
i should mention I'm a big fan of Robert Frost n EE Cummings- both famous for short poems.

Paige, Glad you enjoyed my kayak rhyme!


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