Tuesday, November 29, 2022

10 years ago

Photo by SnaggleTooth 2012


10 years ago my life was so different! I lived here, I had a car, my fave cat, my instruments in my house, and still, I was unhappy at my job.

Now I have ditched that job, about to start a new one, just hoping my arms won't be too sore to play music again. I am getting old and less ambitious. I need to sign up for soc.sec. but it isn't enough to live on and must keep working anyhow. Everything has become more difficult to get done.

22 years ago today, my Mother passed away. It will always be a difficult memory to be reminded of. That little piece of visible beach on the right of this pic reminds me of where she used to sit reading by the 6th St steps when she would visit her Girl Scout leader friend, Marsha who summered here. So many times she surprised me visiting, and I would find here there when I walked the beach.

One time she showed up driving a rented classic '68 Jaguar, one thing on her bucket list. She hung out with another old family friend, and ate lunch at the place I hung out in '80, working and playing guitar with my friends. It was strange to me when she discovered why I wanted to be here. Now I am glad for those memories.

I have been busier on my other blog, ExitStageRight2 .


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