Monday, October 10, 2022

Oct 18 2018 pics


These four years ago fun designs were made from a photo I took of a bench. I altered the color pallet, cropped, used a mirror filter, cropped, over and over until too fuzzy to use. I came up with so many surprises I enjoy seeing in nifty colors. I miss getting to make these original images from ordinary objects this way. The photo, presets, and method of cropping are original.

I like these from old ESR , about the same time as now that year, before the pandemic, before I had no where to plug in my ancient computer, before I suddenly could no longer see what I was doing, before my eyes were fixed. 

And no, I still haven't found lost memory sticks from last summer! I actually lost my new stick and card reader from the library bag again moved once more to pack for a Maine trip. I seem to have a repeat type of pre-occupied memory fault when preparing to travel... Ugh! 

On my new Canon digital cam there are tons of incredible images to transfer and use, from the Columbus Day leaf-peeping trip in Northern New England I just got back from. I get the feeling it would be ten times easier to buy new ones then search through the bag pile in here, due to the trip bags taking up too much space. Plus searching spreads the mess out instead of cleaning it. 

Priorities are wanting me to do everything else like errands and laundry instead of art stuff. But ultimately, not "wasting time" doing fun stuff is not good for my attitude either. I am getting sick of the inconveniences getting in the way of making the most of what I can do. Trying to live in my current crowded situation, with all I use in this one small room. 

I would like space for the computer stuff on a desk, instead of going to the library to transfer stuff, and be able to print.  My printers and desk are in storage, along with most of my instruments for music. It is not possible to be spontaneous this way, and that is how creativity happens more often.

The Blogger pic set-up thing in the editor won't let me choose placement of which one with text how I want it. So even this post is crappy design placement, due to new tech for me. The following pics were selected in the order to post them, but we're placed in reversed order by editor. Then, it won't let me wrap the text around the images, or put it in between images, because I am working on my cell phone now...
I wanted pic then text then pic and text, but won't let me do it my way.
Even being able to see this tiny stuff isn't helping me ... Do it how I think it should be!

Here's the pic I wanted on the top, it magically deleted  before I did the text. Makes being a designer depressing...

Also getting things left aligned is very difficult, always defaults to center. A big no-no in design school. The way this is set up takes hours!
I like how this pink/purple / orange /shape looks like a surprised face on a pointy head with arms thrown up (blue hands).

ESR2 here


At 1:02 PM, Blogger Tabor said...

Since this art gives you so much pleasure it has to be included in your chores. I am so sorry that you do not have computer access where you live. I was without internet for two days and about went crazy, although I could still use my cell phone for the important stuff.

At 6:20 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Tabor, I have access that is tough to figure out. Phone so limited on Blogger, and still having many issues with setting up this laptop I am on now. Finding old files and past app cds is almost impossible right now. When blind I misplaced / don't recall where they were put. I have so much in storage. Everything to put in needs a new driver, and memory available to do. It wants me to sign up for everything and always use the cloud, and pay for it.
Just getting those old pics on blogger using the phone took about 6 steps each to retrieve, send, and insert!
My PC interrupts every single thing I do, like in the middle of text keying, with dialogue box stuff. Not used to this OS and used to more control over what gets done, when. where to save downloads. It hides it on me. I want good old "Save As" back!
Then the blogger interface stinks and won't let me design what I used to.

Yes, should get back to that. Realistically now don't have time for it all, so settling for what I can do, at least I am still trying. It's just getting aggravating.


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