Sunday, November 17, 2013


Photo by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013

Some of my fave pics of dull colors but cool graphic qualities I've been saving all fall.
Photo by SnaggleTooth Fall 2013


At 5:59 AM, Blogger Tabor said...

light and shadows are lovely and their dance, while not colorful, is still intriguing.

At 7:11 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Tabor, I think the sky does a wonderful job of painting itself with interesting cloud patterns in the winds here.

At 7:38 AM, Blogger Granny Annie said...

Oh wow, look at those reflections!

At 7:58 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Gran Annie, Yep, smooth as glass that day-

At 1:29 PM, Blogger Lynn said...

What a beautiful place you live in!

At 2:16 PM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

mirror, mirror in the sky
how'd you get those clouds so high?

mirror, mirror on the ocean
Snaggle's pix are gifts of motion.

The best I can come up with on the fly!


At 9:58 PM, Blogger Neo said...


At 6:35 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Lynn, it has it's outstanding, fleeting moments, thanks

Jannie, The mirror so nice, about to turn to ice! Thanks for the rhyme!

Neo, rowboat


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