Thursday, January 29, 2009


Photo by SnaggleTooth 2009
A deluge descended upon our area last night, after the initial snowfall, n the water ponding was extensive. Driving n walking the path to the building were tough. Alot of frozen, snow-covered ground n ice-covered drains contributed to the slippery water-world to navigate to n from work.
Then everything refroze in the early am, thawed a bit again today, n refroze again.
If I had ice-skates it would've been a good day for skating thru the trees at the little park next to the icy b-ball court. I didn't attempt the futile excercise of trying to walk across it. My butt is sore enough already, thanks-
They actually had pics on the Boston news of people rear-ending on the slidewalks! I don't know who would ever sign a release form to let them show that- how embarrassing... They were reporting on stepped up ticketing efforts for poor quality of required snow removal in the city. I'm sure every one has money to pay fines if they don't have money to buy the needed salt (not).
All of the many stores in our town are sold out of salt today, btw. I saw alot of folks looking for it on my errand run. I'm really glad I thought to save a bucket of sand from several months ago, n have been using alot of it on the driveway. A little sand goes a long way to fend off butt-bruising, (n more importantly, keeps the neighbors from sliding into Little Truck).
Most of the snowpack we had is now diminished into glossy lumps. Luckily, the roads drained off during the warmth of today's daylight, n driving is much better than yesterday.
All the stores are pushing Superbowl goodies. I have to work, so I'll be taping on the ancient VCR while I'm out. The young guy who correctly predicted last years winner didn't get his choice from back in August to win in the play-offs this turn.
The other young man who said it was going to be his year, as placed in ESR's current header text, quit a couple weeks ago. I miss his smile n daily hellos, but ya- he's lucky to have had a better, second job to fall back on. I wish I did.
Orders at work are way down. That does happen after the holidays, but it's less than slow was last year. Hours are further axed this week, n less people are again doing more in less time. Every one is taking a pay hit they can't afford. Everytime I complain about rushing around more just so I can leave early, n then not getting paid for it, (what kind of motovation is that?) I'm told that I should just be quiet n greatful to have a job at all.
The managers on salary haven't given up any income.
Everywhere, people have given up so much in this economy madness already. We've all been buttoned down as far possible, pared down to essential expenses. I guess we're suposed to go without those next. There's no where left to cut down.
We're all hanging on by our toenails to the ice, penguins waddling slowly along trying to keep our precarious balance. One false step of our own, or of another's fault, will send us tumbling into the pool of sharks to be devoured.
I'm going to go watch the documentary film "Deep Blue" now, with penguins n polar bears in it, seeing as I'm already soggy, icy, n depressed...


At 4:10 PM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Oh to be there with ice skates and whizz along for miles, with my butt-protector pillow firmly affixed.

Me, down to the bare mimimum too i spending. Except had a guitar lesson, rather much money but worth it as we covered 3 songs in the $70.00 hour. Actually postponed my next one for the week after next as I'm stretching out the $$$.

And am going to write a new song about hating to do the dishes (a subject very near and dear to my heart.) Wanted anohter "lighter" one for the show. Start with 5 funnier ones, go into 4 more serious / sappy ones and bring everybody back up with a few more funny ones to send them merrily on their ways.

Our one big luxury-expense is Kelly's private school which we juggle the payment of every month but we can't turn back now and if we're not in Canada the year-after-next she will go on to public for her 4th grade and beyond. So we'll hang on!

I'm going to sell on Ebay, the brand-new fabulous Kitchen Aide mixer I "won" on MSN by playing games and will use that $$$ to get 200 CDs pressed, maybe 300, as I just got a new Paypal account and Kelly and I will sell some stuff on eBay.

Making it work!

(I managed to get to my 31,000 points on teh MSN games the day before Kelly went back to school in late August. Took 3 months for them to send my my Fabulous Mixer but I'm in.

Oh Superbowl, not hockey or baseball right? :)

At 12:43 AM, Blogger TALON said...

That's an amazing photograph, though the circumstances are scary. That's quite the image - skating among the trees. It hurts to fall on ice - both body and dignity. I feel sorry for those featured on the news.

It's definitely a hard time. And it's hard, too, to see a light at the end of this particular tunnel. All the dust hasn't settled yet and it's scary how far-reaching and how huge the impact has been.

Yeah, it's depressing. Nothing worse than working twice as hard for half as much. How does management always escape the belt tightening? Is it because they are so busy wielding the belt?

North of the border, here, the fallout is there, but not as intensely. And, as usual, prices of everyday items - soap, milk, detergent etc. - have done their annual January rise adding at least $15 or more to an average grocery shop.

I've been wrapped up in the Australian Open (Go, Rafa!)so I'm not fully up on the Superbowl.

At 3:54 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

JanF, Why didn't I think of a butt-protector sooner?! Expensive lessons, but a good investment in your future n fendering off Alzhiemers Disease- I guess! I wrote a country song mentioning having to do "n those D---dishes" with a sigh called "Single Parents" in the '90's. there's a sign over my sink (always been there) stating: "Slave Quarters"-
I'm a product of Parochial School, n Kelly's foundation will make a difference in her later school work abilities.
Hike, hike, punt!

Talon, Thanks on the photo, the ice is still bad in spots here. I couldn't believe the news shots- That's happened to many at work outside too.
I believe the managers are selfish n lucky! The economy is hit across the board n no one or any company is safe. Luckily, I've no kids to feed now, don't know how I would.

In our state, keeping up on sports is expected. I work with alot of guys, n it's discussed often. Phoenix is the underdog team this year.


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