Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trash Tracks

What a nice day this was- Sunny, about 60 F, n not too windy. Everyone found an excuse to get outside n enjoy the second good afternoon of our spring. Birds n peepers were loudly proclaiming their locations in the brush. Driving by the pond near the Depot sounded like a wildlife convention!
It was a good Day Off for me, too. Due to doing an earlier shift the night before, I was able to wake up earlier n get out in time to accomplish copying n mailing out the dreaded State Tax forms before the Post Office closed. After, I felt so freed from that impending deadline, knowing it was the last non-work day I'd be able to make that post-office window to weigh the heavy envelope.
While everyone else seemed to be content bumbling through the traffic n parking lots, I couldn't get home fast enough, to make the most of the pleasant conditions.
Photo by SnaggletoothI let Mischief outside, hung out some laundry, n raked the leaves off the front n side yard. I finally cut-up n moved the large branches which have littered the back since the Noel storm. I cleaned up some of the bottle/can/paper garbage stuff that's been cluttering up the summer neighbors yard n part of the woods across the road.
I prefer early April to do the bulk of the outdoor cleaning, before the leaves come out, n while the insects are still low in number.
This year I don't have the week it would take to dedicate cleaning my patch of woods on the hill. Just a few minutes here n there. With all the people out strolling about today, you'd think I wouldn't be the only one who'd think to pick up the trashy eye-sores...
I made the most of that two hours of daylight, knowing that the upcoming weather calls for cooling way down n widespread rain the next several days. Once the tree pollen begins, any day now, I'll generally avoid the yard stuff. This time of year, I actually enjoy these chores, n am pretty fast at it.
So I didn't go out shooting pics of the beautiful sunset at a better location as usual for you all. One half of the yard is left to go before it's mow-able. Better believe I'll try to keep up so it doesn't get too tall for the push-hand-mower. I really can't afford the fuel for the motorized model this year!
The amount of trash outdoors around here is terrible, n there's alot of booze bottles from the kids n drunken sailors lately. I can't keep up with the litter bugs- I wish more people would care about the wild life n stop treating my yard n the woods as a huge garbage can. It gets me pretty angry, the arrogance of people.
Which reminds me, how sometimes the critters will use the stuff we leave laying around, even if they shouldn't. About a month ago on the way back from the mail pick-up, I saw a squirrel who was running gleefully for his tree, dragging a length of trashed insulation. It's been very cold up until the past week, n you know the little guy was thinking what a score to have a warm bed with that stuff! Bad news tho- it's made of fiberglass, n damages lungs. Warmer bed, but shorter life... (n then there's all that plastic, poisonous stuff laying around-).
.Photo by SnaggleTooth

Next I'm waiting for all the drunk critters to become road-disks after drinking drops from all the booze bottles out there...


At 2:09 AM, Blogger Shelley said...

With the big move for the US to "go green" we need to motivate people to pick up their own damn trash!

At 7:41 AM, Blogger Milk Brain said...

I don't litter... the only things that i put on the ground are apple cores banana peels and old bread for the squirrels.

after allt he snow melted, we discoverd at church that someone left us 10, if not more, giant wine bottles.. think the gallon size of Carlo diRossi, yeah those, thrown inseide our forsynthia bush! unlike down where you live, we have curbside recycling.. if they were smart they would wait till trash day and put them out in somebody's recycling. and then to litter them on church property.. disgraceful!

At 4:52 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Xray, I wonder who they think picks up their stuff- Getting those who habitually dump as they go to pick up would only get solved by enforcing the 2k littering fine, but the cops are cutting back too!

MB, How could you litter after listening to my complaining all these years? Let's see, I got vodka, ale, tons of diff nip bottles, beer, wine, n then there's the soda stuff- just this week, right out front!
Hm, that sounds like a definate snub against religion. Makes ya want to plant a week-end night cam, doesn't it? I'm sure God knows who did it...


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