Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More Local Reports

The weather could be better, it's been overcast n hot-sticky-humid since yesterday.
North of Beantown in this state n parts of Southern NH also, had severe weather yesterday featuring 3.5 inch hail, strong winds, heavy rain, n reported funnel-clouds with possible (yet unconfirmed) micro-burst (Marblehead) and two tornadoes (Wendell) smashing n denting homes, vehicles, car-dealership inventories, ripping off a Walgreen's roof, n tossing a regatta of (thankfully evacuated) sailboats at a yacht-club (Marblehead Neck, "Corinthian") in a spiral, like papers off a table!
Glad we missed it here...
quote (from today's official Weather Report):
"Severe Weather

11 counties are now under advisories, watches, or severe weather warnings.

Northern Berkshire County
Southern Berkshire County
Northern Bristol County
Eastern Essex County
Western Essex County
Eastern Hampden County
Western Hampden County
Eastern Hampshire County
Western Hampshire County
Central Middlesex County
Northwest Middlesex County
Southeast Middlesex County
Eastern Norfolk County
Western Norfolk County
Eastern Plymouth County
Western Plymouth County
Suffolk CountyEastern
Windham CountyWestern
Windham CountyNorthern
Worcester CountySouthern
Worcester County "

* ... Well, I guess they're covering the weather-guy butts pretty thoroughly now... (a little late)!
Maybe I'll pass on the local baseball game I wanted to see tonight...

Deck Garden Report:
My deck plants are growing slowly with the lack of sunshine this year. So far I can count the blossoms out there on one hand. I finally got a couple of Lavender blossoms after two years of fighting to keep the plants alive n losing many of both species I've been workin with. The babies breath are starting, n I spy one yellow Brown-eyed Susan trying not to dry-up before opening. Although it's been humid, I've had to water the shrubs n trees because rainfalls have been so light the past few weeks. We may get a couple of inches by tomorrow.
All my annuals this year were planted from seeds I harvested from last year's blossoms, so I'm happy they came up n lived through the caterpillar invasion at all. Some about 5th generation marigolds sprouted up again also.
The perenial ferns n shrubs are goin to town, along with a weed collection of "ornamental" grass I happen to like. I also grow some scrub grass varieties just to give the cats something to eat so they leave the rest of the possibly harmful plants alone.
The little evergreen trees are doing alright, except I'll need a new 2-foot pot or trash-barrel for the White Fir tree which managed to split it's container open during one of the storms that knocked it down. The poor little thing has wilted badly several times due to the extra air-exposure.
... ...
There is definately a bumper crop of Sceeters out there as I predicted after all that Spring rain. I'm spending much less time outdoors lately to avoid them. I'm very allergic to insect sprays now, n can't stand being next to people who have it on, either. It's been over five years since I've used any. The buggies are gettiin inside the house, too. They attack me inside work also, where I can't escape.
I'm itchy n swell-up like crazy, too.
My truck blew a big hole in the exhaust system this week, so now it's five times louder than the Harley next door, Yikes... I'm trying to drive as little as possible n very gentle on the gas pedal cause that's really louder!
The good news is, the people next door have gone home. Plus the annoying n loud people downstairs left for the city today. YAY! The teen-age daughter was giving them a big problem, (teen-agers need their social-life) so they left early. What a relief! It'll be a few more weeks before their next trip down. So I'll be sleeping much better, but feeling guilty about being loud myself until I get the truck repaired.


At 8:03 PM, Blogger Milk Brain said...

2 words: duct tape! hehehe it's worth a shot

At 11:53 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

MB, I haven't found the hole yet- after lying on hardtop a couple times- need a lift to see what's up/ where, tho sounds like the manifold housing or pipe- which would burn the tape... PU!
n if I used it on the flower pot, I'd have to paint it cause I hate looking at duct-tape- too messy-lookin!

At 11:46 AM, Blogger David Edward said...

bug zappers are anly $22 at the Home depot - they work over time to reduce the breeders, and are HIGHLY entertaining, hehehe

At 11:52 PM, Blogger X said...

Man, I totally didn't get into gadening this year. It's just been too hectic. I bought a couple boxes of flowers and that's it.

Hope the weather gets better :)

At 5:53 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

David, Thanks for the suggestion... don't think those would be portable enough to bring to the baseball game...

OilF, What ? pre-grown plants n flowers? I haven't done that in a few years now- I have to grow living things or I don't feel like it's summer. I've cut way back on maintainence time tho. I used to do veggies- that was lotsa work!
Oh well, Can't do it all, all the time!
I'd sure like to get some more sun! Thanks-

At 7:21 AM, Blogger Ellen said...

It sounds like you are getting our weather up there. Tornados????
Yikes, isn't it bad enough you get the blizzards in winter?

As for the bug repellant, good luck. Skeeters are a pain in the butt, and so large in numbers when you want to be outside. And now with the threat of Lyme Disease on our plate to worry about (more than ever), you just can't go outside with out some type of protection. Still, I'm glad to see the deck garden is coming along nicely, and can't wait to see pictures!

Glad you are getting some quality sleep time with the neighbors gone.

At 4:45 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Ellen, North of Boston has been getting nailed all year! Here we've been luckier so far...
I go outside with only clothing as protection, really! no lotions, no sprays, no candles. Can't!
West Nile is a concern.
Blogger again wouldn't let me upload my June plant pic to go with the post, or separately.
I need rest badly! Three weeks without while on my feet for 10 hour shifts on cement floors is doin me in...


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