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Normally, I would keep my political opinions off of ESR. But today I decided to publish a small slice of what is going thru my brain this week.

Some things seem more important than others. It reminds me of work, where I am trapped in position at a machine, unable to do anything about other urgent problems I see arising around me, n all I can do is talk about it, hoping some one hears what I'm bringing attention to, n decides to alieviate the issue becoming more acute.

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Sometimes I wish I was really rich person so I could blow money on helping folks who really need it in a sustainable way which makes sense. I can think of things to do n work out operational details because I am focused on the immediate problem solving.

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I am convinced that people with alot of power really don't care about solving big humanitarian problems, unless they can make tons of cash. 

Because if I can think of ways to fix some  current needs of Puerto Rico or other ocean storm disaster sites, why are the people who can - being so apathetic about it?

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Perhaps we are stormed out (desensitized) between all these hurricane problems one after the next in rapid succession, Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico. Scientists have warned us to expect increasingly severe n more frequent events, so why is nothing pro-active done to head off predictable shortages? 

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When Texas had shelter, transportation, n power problems, they sent a cruise ship for aid. Great idea! Puerto Rico is a part of the USA, so why doesn't that happen there?  Why do those citizens get such different treatment?

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My big "If I were a billionaire" idea is:

to create a NP volunteer flotilla of larger boats to deal with ocean storm aftermath, who travel to affected places. For instance, some could be for a shelter/ food/ water aid, one could be a power-generating platform with turbines (wind n wave power) plus have solar panels. One could have ocean water desalination  equipment. All could have back-up sail power if fuel becomes unavailable. Others could provide transport until airports are back in operation. The problems going on can be better dealt with, n are currently becoming worse for the folks in PR. 

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I heard on tv news there is a Dept of Homeland Security shipping law, the Jones Act,  standing in the way of recieving some of the aid needed there. Waved for Texas, but not Puerto Rico?

Today the waiver was finally issued, over a week later.   

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Meanwhile, an attention "Bait n Switch" is going on all over the country, taking focus off of acute issues. It reminds me of George H.W. Bushes war against Flag Burning... same emotionally charged patriotism thing.

All of FB n politics beginning with the Prez are focusing on a flag disrespect theme with the Anthem / kneeling folks who don't even intend to inflict veteran disrepect felt by others. 

They just want to protest in a very noticeable way which they have achieved - but they also raised the patriotism hackles on many Americans. 

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For that argument, both sides have good points to make, so I am trying to remain neutral, even as I sense more racial inequality being inflicted on Puerto Ricans who ARE American ...

What a way to compound issues... NOT solve them! 


At 5:22 AM, Blogger Lynn said...

I love the thought of your generosity if you were a rich woman - I would do the same. Meanwhile - we give what we can. I feel the same as you - stuck up here and wishing I could help.

There are hospital ships - here is one: I used to work for a law firm that handled immigration matters and one client, who was a missionary, worked on one of these ships. His children were born on them, in international waters.

At 4:24 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Lynn, I work with people from Puerto Rico. One just traveled back there a few weeks ago. I figured at least putting the idea out there might get more action faster as I wait to hit the lottery to be able to do something on that scale.

That's cool you had work related to a medical ship! I know international details are tough to navigate these days, but in a USA territory help should be a lot quicker than what is happening. Thanks

At 5:20 PM, Blogger LL Cool Joe said...

I think you need to become a politician!

At 3:20 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

LLcoolJ, SnaggleTooth for Prez, huh? Things would sure be different. Not sure I'd like all that face the press n meeting stuff tho. I'd settle to just be a billionaire... Thanks

At 5:57 PM, Blogger Neo said...

Snag - The rich aren't interested much in money, they enjoy our misery much more.

Help comes from helping yourself first, until then you aren't any good to anyone else. If wishes were stars we'd never have darkness.


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