Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Comments Here Instead!

Photo by SnaggleTooth March 2011
Today I'm once again going mental because I can't get into any comment pages- just keep getting an orange flashing "Redirect" saying my cookie functionality is disabled during my log-in, altho I'm already logged in, n don't need to be anyway to read a comment page...
Just read a bunch of blogs n could NOT comment- how aggrivating is that? Like a wasted trip!
I visited 2 Tabor blogs, n Gee, that little striped panzy-like striped yellow flower or maybe an orchid? is SO pretty! Also I like on One Day at a Time the list of good little things n the found poem-
At Lynn's, A sunrise, a non-gender baised email for a dear, stuck brother, n getting "Mooned" with the full perigee March moon, I was there.
At Joeys, a cool Balloon shot out in the yard! Remembering a lost Dad, as I'm remembering mine would've been 82 this week- we all deal with these postumous anniversary dates- at least we can remember, n still feel...
Neo, I wonder what the name is... (Not the "Daffy" one- lol)
Gran Annie, Question of the week- Love that old ad you dug up! Piles!No, My Mom didn't have any unless you count praying.
Wonder if I forgot any, as I'm doing these comments without reloading, n recycling them into a blog post!
I hope whatever this interruption of comment pages is, it gets cleared up soon. Last time it waited two days then was ok again. Maybe my ie. Plus I'll have to (waste valuable free time) re-install my security uploader too, because it stopped working this week, so hopefully it's not a worm issue or something because I have paid bux for a subscription to avoid this stuff...
So If I skipped commenting, know I may've actually been there n Denied! Nothing feels worse, cause ya know, I love reading everybody's comments! N I always have something to say...
There I feel a little better now...


At 5:44 AM, Blogger Bubba said...

You might want to re-install (or just update) your Internet browser.

At 6:04 AM, Blogger Lynn said...

I've been getting that, too! Not every time, just a few times here and there. I find that if I hit the "back" button and try again, if will usually go to the comments box.

But thank you for commenting here - I always like it that you have such nice observations and comments.

At 6:22 AM, Blogger G. B. Miller said...

When I get that annoying message I have to binge and purge my temporary files and that usually does the trick.

Today tho, Blogger is driving me nuts with my feed (I think). I put up a post yesterday (Monday) and got nada for views or visits, which is highly unusual to say the least.

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Neo said...



At 10:00 AM, Blogger Tabor said...

It is frustrating when you want to let someone know you liked what they wrote and your browser stops you. I had that with a few blogs in the past. Lately my browser has been politely functioning. Thank you for the kind words.

At 10:39 AM, Blogger TALON said...

It's frustrating when you can't comment because of some technical glitch, but I love that you shared your comments here, Snaggle!

At 1:14 PM, Blogger ... Paige said...

yeah, to the whole login poo. it's all good cause we mostly blog because we have to so reading is good

At 4:53 PM, Blogger desk49 said...

And so the list goes on and on.

I'm just wonding if she can get into her own blog.

At 5:00 PM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Yeah, what's UP with Blogger doing that of late?? So aggravating. I usually reboot my computer and that does the trick.

You are AWESOME to share your comments.

Curious about Joey's cool balloon shot!!


At 1:06 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Today I'm opening all the Comment pages in tabs here before logging into blogger, n using notepad to copy-paste my replies in. So far, got 2 open n only 3 "redirect- bad cookie" pages before the second opened. (sigh)
Eric, Thanks for the helpful idea. I've noticed even BBM's newer ie has probs recently too. I have an older version of ie here. With a slow phone dail-up modem n limited disk space, doing the re-install / update thing can eat days of my life- n crash often. I'll need alot of time to fix that on this old pc.

Lynn, Thanks- at least you know I tried (20 times there). The "back," didn't work, I tried it. I like going to your sidebar to see who's got new posts up too- saves time. I can't do that same thing unless I convert ESR to "Layouts" which I'm avoiding.

G, Thanks for the tip. I supposedly have it set to dump them every day- but maybe I need to check n see if it could be a glitchy file in the allowed cashe.

Neo, lol Don't cry! Can't be cause I think I'm fatter- n SHORT too!

Tabor, It's frustrating with new puters too, like the other one I get to use every now n then- but this one is SO slow to load! Glad you came back n saw I did visit your blogs- Thanks

Talon, This is the second time this week, so I'm fed up- Then the light bulb lit up I could just blog about it. Now I have so many fix-up missions I'll be tied up for weeks! Plus the point is fun, so when it isin't can't unwind! Thanks

Paige, Big poo this do!
Reading is great,
but I feel so left out
without the interaction
of reacting
n getting a reaction-
That's the action
I was lackin'

Ellis, It's just unbearable! Wasting so much time with frustration instead of fun in the little time I have to unwind after work-
I did answer those comments magically before all this started again. A few days ago this happened, when nothing worked. I can get to the dashboard n read comments from the option there, tho can't reply.

JanF, Don't know which component is messing up- so doing one at a time. Blogger has always been glitchy, so has my machine. Rebooting would take awhile also. Something is wrong with my virus update service tho- Thanks


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