Friday, October 15, 2010

Seeing Red

Photo by SnaggleTooth Oct 2010
My fave local wild holly (I think) vine is sporadically turning red all over the hill this week finally. The colors are noticeably tamer than in previous years.
Image by SnaggleTooth Oct 2010
Of course my color n pic playing is much more vivid... I'm not sure what exactly this could be! (I just like it).
We're getting a windy, drenching NorEaster currently. Looks like a washed-out week-end! The puddles are forming pools from the leaky roof at work. Maybe I'll try to sell "Pool Passes" again...

Photo by SnaggleTooth Oct 2010

I climbed up the hill the other day in search of my Twisty Twig from last spring, n maybe this is it, (Tho uncertain from the different angle here), draped in Red Oak leaves, One of the first trees to turn color on the crest of the hill facing the D-Bridge n the M-Cove.
Photo by SnaggleTooth Oct 2010.
When I walked the path thru the woods back home, the light was fading fast, but I took more vine pics n most didn't come out well. I like this color next to the dark tree trunk, tho! I think it gives a better idea of what I'm used to seeing these vines look like each fall.
Well, back to some wind n rain for awhile... (I'm really not angry about it).
Have a good one!


At 7:00 AM, Blogger desk49 said...

A monkey
Yes a monkey I see
With red ears and blue lips
Green forehead and purple eyes
With two white teeth and a blue bowtie
Yes a monkey I see
All dressed up and nowhere to go

So the R-Oak on the C-Hill facing the D-Bridge
and M-Cove was the first this year.
And again you climbed the hill.

When the light goes low
The red did glow
Against the tree you’ll see

At 7:05 AM, Blogger Bubba said...

The best light (sunrise and sunset) never lasts long enough.

I've been busy trying to catch some of it myself. (See my photo blog)

At 12:01 PM, Blogger TALON said...

I love the vines against the trunk, too - lovely contrast! We've finally got some clearing skies, but the wind is vicious today and all the leaves will be stripped from the trees and soon it will be a grey November least favorite month.

I hope the skies clear for you soon - so you don't have to deal with the leaking at work!

At 1:12 PM, Blogger Lynn said...

It's finally turning cold here over the weekend - cold in the morning anyway. I like your walk description and pictures. :)

At 11:37 PM, Blogger Blue Bunny said...

deerist my snagle, my jannie is gone to bedd so i saying hello.

we sees yoo agin tomorrow!

i thinks it is yor same twigg.

wit loves


At 3:05 AM, Blogger Opaque said...

Love the last snap!

At 4:43 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Ellis, very clever to spy a monkey n write a poem too! 9Good job!)
In case you're wondering I abbrieviate the names here so certain folks don't track me down too easily, but if you've been reading ahwile, you know where I mean. It's actually S-Hill, btw. thats where the famous rock is.

Eric, Working nights has really limited my daylight time for pics- n it'll get worse in the winter! i do tend to always be awake for sunrise n set tho- n I love a free color show! I'll get there soon

Talon, I took some pics with sky in the BG that just didn't have the color n defnition I was lookg at with my eyes. the bark provided the needed contrast- Thanks.
On leak at work plunks on my head sometimes- very inconvernient! Then there's the slipping on wet cement which is always a fun test of balance. Thanks- We're getting nippy here today.

Lynn, I started wearing a jacket here about 2 weeks back- I'm now considering 50F warm! At least you'll put some of those sweaters to good use there in GA-
thanks- I did climb the steepest path up, brave of me! (I was in a hurry before the light went)

BB, Hi, long Time no hop over! Hope Jannie gets a good snooze! I think thats where I sat n zoomed to see the Spring twig, but was standing n bending a bit to take that one without zooming.

Opaque, thanks.

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Blue Bunny said...

deerist agin snagle.

yes, i know, i bin so bizzie helping my jannie maeking sidebar buttins, werking she codes and also now i traning for a marrathon at my kellys skool. we running a lots.

nise to sees yoo agin.



At 3:11 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

BB, Running marathons at school with Kelly! My kids used to do Jumprope for Heart n walkathons sometimes for charities in grade school. I never had a track when I was in school. I actually run more now than I use to... Always in a hurry at work-
Thanks for the howdy

At 4:26 AM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Hi Snaggle. Am up. Saw you just left a comment on my Live From The Tree House post. It was weird seeing your comment come in as I was preparing my next post. I wonder if you are making a post now?

I'm not usually up at this time of day. That's what happens when one gets to sleep too early.

Hope you are well.


At 2:45 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Janf, What are you doing awake? When I sleep early, I just sleep til normal time n get extra if I don't hafta get up... I'm that tired due to neighbor noise!
How did you know I was gonna post... Mind Reader! Now Day Off i'm good to snooze...


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