Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bail Out

Photo by SnaggleTooth 2009
We've reached the end of what seemed like a long month here! Am I happy with my personal progress this year so far? Not really. The arrival of loud, new folks has slowed me down because of lost sleep. The frozen conditions without the usual week-long thaw has also contributed to delaying of chores. It's simply been too cold to consider going into the back room, which is unheated.
I'm waiting for more warmth to do the recycling drop-off, n go to the dump with garbage. Driving conditions haven't been good, n I haven't been up n ready, early enough on non-work days to get there before closing. I know that I need more rest to function well, n staying warm under the blankets instead of getting out in the frigid air has definately been preferable.
It's too cool in my place to properly cure paints, or to ventilate for chemicals used on projects (such as rubber cement). My allergies have been acting up, so I've put off irritating activities, n avoided dusty items. I did finally clean the guitar, which I wanted to do weeks ago, n the acoustic violin case (so I can open it). The list of objects to dust is endless in here! Everything needs cleaning before I can use it, due to allergies (n the Puter too). Mando n Banjo will wait longer...
I'm trying to get more written correspondence done with folks to stay in touch, that list is long also. I'm in progress on getting some photos in a small album, n want to frame some more I just got. I got some new colored pencils on sale to play with this week. I must devote more time to goof off with scetchy stuff. With less work hours lately, I may be able to come up with more time to spend on creativity if I can get my arms to cooperate.
Planning other goals ahead has been more difficult due to circumstances. I've been leaning in the direction of writing words more than using other medias at my disposal so far in '09. Physically it's do-able for the available time. Blogging is the easy part for me. I don't plan most posts, n just go where it leads. Starting with a pic most times, I just try to relate my happenings, n title to it.
Thinking, I've been doing alot of this past month.
Prez Obama has been working on the USA challenges for ten whole days now! (How fast should we expect results?) The economic situation can't improve fast enough, if the slide can even be stopped at this point. Why the administration thinks a bail-out plan using funds, which don't yet exist, may provide the band-aid needed, is beyond me.
In my state, 100,000 foreclosed home auctions this week was reported on the news today. Some one rented a function room to do a whole bunch at once! I think the bank folks who took all the money n spent it shouldn't be bailed out-
More jobs is always the economic answer, because the more who work, the more who spend, spurring more product production, causing more hiring, n then the more companies n individuals there'll be to pay taxes for more helpful programs to keep the cycle going up. (But what do I know, I only got an A in EC101).
So far the Obama plan supports more jobs, in infastructure. There's nothing wrong with that, except most work in areas mentioned (construction) would be more for men than women. Most people aren't trained for, or can't do that work. I hope the impression I got of the plan on the board for approval now is wrong. I hope everyday people can soon get work, n the bankers won't continue to legally rob the taxpayers they took the homes from.
When I get to the point of having an inventory of artwork built up to sell, I can only pray the economy will support my efforts, not make me take a loss on my materials n time invested. Of course, I can always hang it all on my own walls, n give it out for presents. It sure would be nice if I could pay the rent with it on a regular basis, tho. That's the life I work toward, not all this other stuff I've had to do to survive which never gets me ahead on the path of self-furfillment.
January has passed, it's only been one month of twelve to mark the year's progress. As once written in an '80's tune by me, "I'm runnin' in circles going nowhere-" n getting older n more worn down. I don't want to feel I've wasted so much time doing what I have to instead of what I want to. Art can be very entertaining, but needs a good economy to flourish. (Not flush in the toilet as it is now).
Those new boat-seat covers in the pic sure look cold... It's tough to bail snow, too-


At 7:48 AM, Blogger Milk Brain said...

hope those drops help. i saw them and thought, what the hell. I was going to buy your normal brand, but i couldn't quite remember which variety from your brand you used.. and they only had them in individual vials.. what's up with that? my favorite pic that i sent you was what I named "Sky... meet sky".. it's very relaxing and taken from the airplane window.

At 3:03 PM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

I need to do more personal correspondence too, did get 3 letters out last week, 3 sympathy cards to be exact. My aunt lost her husband, an Austin friend lost her mother and a blogging friend her mom too.

Hopefully my next letters out will be of a more postitive nature.

Too cold for painting, eh? Maybe your sketching will take off. Sure wish I had some talent with visual arts. I am good with house decorating, tho!

And dust, I can't keep up, so don't bother too much.

Economy stressful, yes. A lot of lay-offs here. But things've gotta turn around sometime. Hopefully we won't take on more debt as a nation. And no more bail outs!

Happy Sunday.

At 12:27 AM, Blogger TALON said...

What a great photo, Snaggle Tooth. I'm sorry you're still not getting the right amount of rest. Though it's fun to anticipate having some time (not gained in the way you would like) to put pencil to paper and play again. Having new art supplies is always exciting to me...there are possibilities in every sharpened point.

Yeah, the economy is rough. And people are tired and fed up. Too soon to expect miracles, but maybe it's a world-wide wake-up call and things will start the very slow and painful recovery process. Something tells me that bailouts are a temporary stop-gap and a costly one, too.

It's unfortunate that the arts suffer in a poor economy...but at least you'll have the pure joy of creation and that feeling is priceless.

At 3:04 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

MB, thanks for the eyedrops n all the photos! Those drops are always sold out here, so you made a good selection. I knew it was a plane window pic- now I just want better mats- Wonder if Skye is still reading here?

JanF, I always feel so bad sending sympathy cards, in stead of being there- Lets hope the 3's end the streak for awhile- I definately like Bday n Wedding wishes better!
My hands are usually too tired from work to do alot of scetches without cramping up, but I'm going to try more- Thanks, it's the begining of my work week again-

Talon, Thanks for the pic appreciation. When you click for the larger version, you can see the bail-carton covered with snow, n kitty-paw prints. I named that Dingy "Green6" in a prevous work of fiction in the archives. I'll have to dig it back out ona these posts.
I have tons of supplies, but always run low on one color- usually white for mixing paints, blue for markers n pencils. I like playing with new kid stuff like Glitter-glue, too!
It is rediculus to expect fast results to this problem.
I live to use my creative gifts, but they feel better shared.

At 2:56 AM, Blogger David Edward said...

yep, that boat would leave you with a frosty posterior, mine is high and dry and I got out on the lake again today, I am so spoiled

At 2:28 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

David, it seemed like your area got alot more snow in previous winters. You are spoiled getting to go out in the lake every day- just having the time to me seems like a luxury- Enjoy it while you can!


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