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To commemorate the 911 day, of course I reflected on the event, which can't be ignored the second I know it's the date. When I commented about "Look what day it is" at the work time clock, I got no response at all, pure indifference from the Portuguese n Latin American immigrants around me. I was alone in my regard for the 2001 events.
When most of my coworkers talk about their country, they don't mean where they are, but where they grew up. They don't see that attack as an attack against them, even when they chose to live n work here in the USA.
My experience in my travels that day, including errand stops, in 2008 stated loudly to me that most people are moving on with their lives about that issue. People aren't dwelling on it.
Personally, I'd like to make 911 a national holiday, because to me it's a sacred day when so many undeserving people were ripped away from their loved ones n their lives. In my mind it compares to D-day, n Pearl Harbor. I'd wanted that day off because I knew I'd still react with deep sadness to my knowledge connected with it. I couldn't get the day off, n ended up posting about unrelated stuff- I was too tired to put my thoughts into words in time. I did want to comment my sentiments that it'll always be a day of non-complacency in my mind.
Not only did I reflect on the events all day long, after work I watched the HBO documentary video "In Memorium: New York City 9/11/01." I'd bought it in '02. The film includes footage of some of the disturbing WTC tower moments, as well as funeral portions of some of the lost lives, n those left behind recalling last conversations. I've watched it every anniversary since. I had to get my emotions out. It doesn't pay to deny them, ignore them, or pretend what happened doesn't affect me.
This year in August I'd also gotten around to watching the "United 93" film. Re-enactments aren't as tough to see, n at least they pay tribute to the deceased by being as true to the characters thru research as much as they could be. Also the I liked the bonus footage provided about the characters, n the names list of those lost on the flight out of Boston. (Note: I grew up 15 miles away from Boston")
I still haven't seen the other "Twin Towers" movie starring Nicolas Cage I saw at Blockbuster yet. Maybe I will soon. I haven't been to the new memorials constructed in Boston, NYC, Shankstown, or DC this year, but would someday like to include them in my itinerary of important places to visit. To me, the event n the anniversary will always be important.
Strange, I was the only person in my travels all day who mentioned the anniversary aloud. I hope everyone found some way to regard, honor, n respect those lost that day seven years ago. We take life, safety, n our loved ones for granted far too often (Amen).


At 2:00 PM, Blogger Milk Brain said...

Many people out here remember the day, say a few things about it. The thing that was disturbing was something Jay had mentioned: His students don't remember 9/11! They were all too young to know what was going on. Amazing, huh?! to think that people can't remember the day. so his student were around 9 or 10 years old.... I was 10 I think when the Berlin wall came down. I remember that, and was a huge deal that was. I also remember when the Soviet Union fell and what a huge deal that was.
Jay had to teach his kids about 9/11 what happened and all of that. seemed bizarre to me...

My calendar on 9/11 was marked "Patriot Day" (note, the no "s" on patriot) I think it has become a National Holiday, but not in the 'day off from work' sense, but more of a rememberence sense.

At 12:41 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

MB, Wow, That's why parents need to discuss events with their kids instead of thinking they're always better off going out to play n being oblivious of current historical events.
I remember in 4th grade, The Day Bobby Kennedy was assasinated, the nuns made everyone watch it on an old black n white TV in the days before AV existed-
That's very disturbing about the HS kids not knowing. Maybe the immigrants didn't hear or see it either!
The calender caption should be a comment on on "The Patriot Act" day- when Bush screwed Democracy over... for years!


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