Thursday, September 04, 2008


Photo by SnaggleTooth Sept 2008
The first quiet Thurday evening here in my village for Day off has arrived. There was no line to wait in at the little store, n no band-shell movie drawing in a large crowd. I had no trouble finding free parking right next to the pier.
The day was warm n sunny, so a few folks were out n about. I finally got a pic of the tourist cruise boat which has been out on harbor n canal runs all summer every other time I've been on the pier.
The winds n choppy seas were up, so most seacraft are moored or tied. Soon the numerous boats will dwindle down to the few that brave the cold season.
The impending rain from tropical storm Hanna is on the doorstep, n may be followed by the next few hurricanes running in. I wonder if I'll need to move in all the stuff out on the deck for the storms before a big one roars in for a close call. At least I pay attention, n have respect for the power of storms.
One day I hope to have enough income to afford a boat. Some folks even live on them, n travel to the warmer weather. It must be scary in the storm season tho-. Altho the price of fuel here has dropped down to $3.50 per gallon, I don't know how these folks come up with the joyride bux. At least the cruises n fishermen get a return on the investment.
A small craft that operates under paddle-power wouldn't be a bad idea at this point. Even a canoe or rowboat can cost several paychecks these days. Sailboats are more difficult to manuever using windpower, n most use a small putt-putt motor for the inner-harbor, dead-wind conditions, or emergency situations. They're also famous for flipping over in gusty wind.
Today was a windy, gusty, day. But the mood was calm, n the air was warm. Not a good one for a boat ride, but pleasant enough for walking n hanging about.
I tend to always use my experimenting with the digi-cam excuse often. You'll be seeing more of these.


At 11:48 PM, Blogger Buddy T. Doxie said...

Wow !!! A boat "Pal" want's a boat, he say's thay make little life jackets that would fit me & my sister... It does give me something to think about for next
well happy winter.. Buddy

At 3:34 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Buddy, I think we'd have an easier time getting you on a boat than Mischief!


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