Saturday, September 13, 2008


Photo by SnaggleTooth Sept 2008
In the BG of this pic from last week, you can see many boats moored in front of the land masses fading into the distance. I hope to have more pic-taking time this upcoming week.
Finally, I have some time off to try to catch up around here. I don't have alot of grand plans besides chores n projects which previously got pushed off the table.
Even just sleeping will help me alot at this point. It's supposed to be a bit rainy the next few days. After two days off in a row, I may actually be able to think clearly again-
If it rains alot, I may have to postpone the yard work. The lawn is a mile-high again. I still have to pick up branches shed in the Hanna-rain storm at the base of MapleBeard from last week. Then I've still got to get all the things I wanted to get last week n had to wait on. I need a tube of white paint before I can play with those. I have bike tires to assemble just waiting for time. N time I haven't had, while feeling ambitious enough to get to these simple tasks accomplished. Also, it's time to get ready for the winter season with weatherstripping stuff.
I'm probably trying to cram too much into the allotted time-frame, but that's normal for me. First I'd better collapse n Zzz out awhile- I'll be back zzzz ...


At 4:34 AM, Blogger Using up the words.... said...

Hey Snaggles~
Hope you're getting all caught on the zzz's, and everything else just falls into place for you. That includes time to chill and enjoy the scenery!
I'm loving all the photos on here. Just stunning!!
Take care. xx

At 11:55 AM, Blogger ZoeyBella said...

To me, sleep is sacred. Enjoy it! :)

At 2:56 PM, Blogger David Edward said...

hoping you get all the rest you need

At 11:31 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

CJ, Thankyou for the visit, scenery appreciation, n hopeful wishes!

Zoey, unfortunately sleep is always the last thing I've been making time for, until this week- thanks!

David, I'm getting a good start on my 2.5 year deficit- thankyou!


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