Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Photo by SnaggleTooth 2008
Last week's toe-dipping was so warm, it could've been bath water. Our beaches are in the water region known as Buzzard's Bay, which faces southerly in the Atlantic. The famous "Gulf-Stream Current" feeds directly into our bay bringing some of the warmest water temperatures available for ocean swimming.
My fav place here is one of the warmest in town, directly hit with the current. It must've been close to 75F that particular visit.
Typing the title here made me miss my old, musical friend Bruce Marshall. He n Buddy McClelland (the drummer- not the same as Buddy the Doxie) first started out together in a band called "The WhiteCaps." I haven't been to any gigs at all since I've been working nights at my current job.
I had a bizarre dream the other night, in which Mark Pollock, former member of BMG band, now of the Expenders, (Big Spenders) was crying that I didn't need him anymore- In truth I miss them all terribly, as well as miss having time off in general. It's true tho that I can hear their tunes any time I want, now that I have the CDs... n Mark, if you're out there somewhere-reading... I do miss hangin' with you. I'll never forget that Boston Harbor boat gig when you made the "Wow, what a huge ashtray!" joke- which still cracks me up-
Well, I'm finding staying entertained a challenge lately- I could really use more sleep n a night out anytime now- Work day on the docket. Maybe I'll look up the gig schedules anyhow- in case I can make one. It's been too long...


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