Sunday, February 19, 2006


Tag answers - Via CJ sans mella
Sorry took me ages to get to this one (tagged 02/04/06)
I'd also like to thank CJ for reminding me about the good-book of Isaiah, which I haven't read in decades. There's monk songs on a cassette tape made out of some of it...
(my uncle is one of the monks)
-And we're off! :

Four jobs I've had:
I've had many, narrowed down to interesting ones...

* Mr Big Toyland- Stock Clerk (High School years), used to collect Breyer Model Horses n Beatle LP's with my pay!
* Cranberry Bog Berry screening, many fall seasons outdoors taking vines n smooshed frogs outa dry-picked berries n packin 'em up to go to OceanSpray. Running a 6-person machine involved... n lotsa waitin for the Bog-Buggy! Note: not fun in the rain, snow, or December...
* Outboard Mechanic's Assistant - many summer seasons, Johnson & Evinrude motors, USA made, directing boat-trailer back-ups around the boatyard, testing magneto's, coils, compression tests, junking parts, fixer-ups, "RRR" (remove, rebuild, replace), painting, fiberglass, steering cables, boat rides -in a greasy bathing suit!
* Software Production, years of floppy n CD assembly n packaging, labels, serial numbers, liscence agreements, n barcodes.
How thrilling NOT!

Four movies I could watch over and over again:
(n I have already many times)

* Star Wars, all 5
* The Lord of the Rings, all 3
* Amegedon
* Jurassic Park, all 3
-I like the direction, special effects, and CGI.
Of course good plots help too.

Four places I've lived:
(sorry, must remain somewhat anon)
-All in Massachusetts, USA

* Metro-West-Ville of Boston, raised
* West-somewhere-Ham Cape Cod - 4 years,
9 miles from the Atlantic Ocean
* South-somewhere-Ham Cape Cod - 5 years, 300 feet from Ocean
* East-somewhere-Ham Village Cape Cod - ever since n still do,
400 feet from an Ocean cove

Four Websites I visit daily:
- How about 4 I'd visit if I were on everyday?

* blogger of course!

Four of my favourite foods:
-I'll go with dinner foods this round-

* Hamburgers
* Chinese chicken fingers n Duck sauce
* Italian Chicken Parmesan
* Pizza, my homemade with onion n pepperoni toppings

Four places I'd rather be right now:

* At a live music performance in a small venue
* In a gallery and Art studio I don't have yet
* At a SPA getting a professional back massage
* In New Zealand where it's summer, meeting and visiting CJ
and the animals at the farm.

Four bloggers I'm tagging:
- Do it or not, if ya dare- reader's choice! (I'm non-conformist...)
Feel free to sign yourselves up....


At 7:37 AM, Blogger Ellen said...

Ah, the good old cranberry bogs! I've never been in one, but used to pass by them all the time, myself. One of my brothers lives in Plymouth... not too far from the rock and Ocean Spray.

I've got a great recipe for chix parm that I need to send you. We make it all the time, as some of our customers claim it as their favorite. Better yet, I need to make that trip up to see you, and we could while away the time baking and cooking... and catching up.

BTW- If you do make it to the Spa, you need to call me. I'll be happy to join you! HaHa!


At 1:07 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Ellen, Did ya know there's a certain way ya hafta walk on cranberry vines to keep from rippin 'em up? Wow, now I really want Chix Parm, the oven isin't fixed yet tho.
BTW, it'll be awhile before I make it to the spa, but my aching muscles are sure ready for it-


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