Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Seal of Approval

Sharks are eating their way into the news again. One CA surfer girl with a very long leg wound lived by fighting off what's thought to be a great white. Another fisherman caught a whopper of a 16 foot white off the Aussie shore near where they'll be holding a surfing competion this week. When they chopped open the bulging belly they found a 300 pound seal in there... now they're planning studies on the other shark parts. My research indicates surfers on the lunch menu next week... The sea-predators seem to be numerous, larger, and hungrier this year.

Got some word in this week from family people in the Florida division. In anticipation of Wilma's impending approach, a few prayer's for the folks wouldn't hurt. Basically, if they need to evac, there's nowhere closer than South Carolina for a vacant motel room. "Nowhere to go" all over again. Of course, no one has the funds for that fuel ride, either.
I wanna pipe over some of our 40 degree coolness down there in exchange for the 90 degree heat they have today, to heat my house... (my heat is still "off" BbrrrhhHH)!

... My youngest nephew, The "Y-guy," now has a learner's permit and has begun supervised driving! He's learning the fine points of a standard shift. Wow, Good for him! His older "Sis-A" is about 5'9" now, pretty tall. Last time I saw 'em, he was about my height about 5'2", and now 18 months later, the Y-guy is up to 5'7"... His mom says he looks just like "Link" on the '70's show, The Mod Squad, with a fro. (He's got the cheek-bones too) I still have trouble picturing him tall at all... n his voice sounded adult on the phone, what a trip! We're hoping to see everyone up north at ThanksDay this year except "The Deer-hunter." Some people just aren't happy until they kill and eat Bambi... or are anti-social, or both (which he is)!
... Also flleenie asked to to pass along to her readers that although she has time for commentz on your blogs sometimes, it'll be awhile before she updates her blog because she has no home PC now. Access for internet travels from her work machine is only during the half-hour lunchtime. So she'll be post-orphaned for a little while longer, apologizes, and askes that ya hang in there.

I'm having a chilly, damp time today, despite my three-layers of clothes and hot water bottles. Yep, that Rhuematiz just sets in afta awhile... Guess I'm glad it's not snow yet. I'm still sore from last week's rain, but that was 20 degrees warmer. Maybe I caught some one's cold virus, or having a reaction, very sore n hadta take anti-histamines.
This morn MB, BBM, J, Ty, ST (me), and 2 BB's all Ihop-ped to the bridge construction traffic for a cute breakfast to celebrate and visit. I hang with a young crowd... I hope that the Woods-Hole continued-trek got the seal of approval from the little ones... (They went to see a seal, the live animal, hopefully not future shark lunch). I didn't go. Tough for parents to keep all that wiggle-worm energy contained on a cold, rainy week-end. Good Luck!

Update on dam probs, here in MA: In Taunton the 173 year-old wooden dam structure has successfully been replaced in one day by a new rock n concrete construction, fully functional and safe. Apparently, they just don't have money to pay for it, n are seeking to recoup some federal funds. Further proof that repairs made before the emergency state is reached helps the working-class people not lose their shirts.


At 11:10 PM, Blogger Milk Brain said...

evan slept from Ihop all the way through the visit with the seal and then some more when we got back to tyler's... i posted some pictures from the visit... we had a great time!

just saw that wilma is now a cat 3! poor FL family! hope they make it out of the storm in one piece!

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Neo said...

Snag - Yeah it's freezing here in Philly this morning, had to finally start wearing my leather jacket.

It feels like snow.

The eye of Wilma passed directly over my office in Florida about an hour and a half again. We weren't open today Florida (for obvious reasons).

But, yeah I'm definitely praying for them.

At 1:22 PM, Blogger Ellen said...

The news down here reported that the dam in Taunton had been fixed, but also mentioned that it was in for a new round of wet weather with Wilma barreling in. Like New England hasn't had enough already?
Hunker down, Snaggle... many prayers are being said for you today as we watch the weather channel and follow the path of Wilma.

At 6:13 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Arf Arf zzzzzzzzz
MB - well we knew he was cranky

Hi Neo, BbbrrhhH, I'm already wearing long-johns n not even below freezin yet, except in VT n west MA which'll prob get snow tomorrow while here we're only gettin the rainy, windy, nor'easter... Philly may get a bit damp too.
Hope your FL branch doesn't get blown away too badly, things like roofs tend to be less sturdily built down south, good luck on the signs n shingles... tough to do IT without power...

Ellen, thanks for all the well-wishes. The North shore n south shore of Boston and the outer cape n north facing shore 'll prob be the worst of it. I raked out the drain again in hopes I don't hafta in the middle of the storm again.

I guess the 15 foot-wide pile of rocks n cement they they dropped next to the old dissassembled wood dam just isin't as pretty and quaint... and they found 8 more dams to work on before the rain comes in tomorrow. I learned today that 40 to 60 dams a day are inspected, and reports only go in to the state only once every two years for each dam.

Think I have a good excuse to cancel appointments tomorrow... not gonna be a good day to dodge tree branches n deep puddles...

At 8:55 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

I heard on the radio that they used boulders.

Kids simultaneously make us feel young and old, don't they?

My middle one just turned 18 today.

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Ellen said...

It's cold down here in the south, too. Apparently there was a cold front from Canada that pushed through and actually kept the hurricane from going any higher than south FLA.
Our normal temps at this time of year usually range in the 70's, but we are waking up to high 30's/ low 40's... and getting up to 60's during the day. BRRRRR! Time for the heat to come on and the plants to come in!

At 9:54 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Hey Jurassic pork, good to see ya again. New pic, nice! I spent time reading you last night,(Times troubles, blog's worth, n Al Gore not lookin so bad, after all), n saw the selective service commentz, which is pretty scary!

Kids are great n exhausting all at once. two down n one to go, eh? That's still a long way to go! When they're finally all out on their own, it's much easier, but alot more boring!

Ellen, sorry to hear you moved south to be warmer n you're so chilled out! That's our normal weather now going on three weeks, but add on mostly rain and cloudy. Think I've seen the sun for less than 10 minutes since the first week of October!

At 9:58 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Forgot to say I saw vid-pics on NECN of the dam building, n they used all kinds of stuff, diff size rocks n pieces of demolition cement chunks.

At 11:02 PM, Blogger Mad Mom said...

wow lady, you gots lots of friends on here huh? we loved seeing you for breakfast the other day and baby J loved watching the seal go round and round.... but you know milky.... 5 minutes in and lets leave after driving 20 minutes to get there!!!! hahaha... typical.... *grin* i hve a great pic of you posted on my blog!!! hahaha.... hope you like it.... and how is kids moving out more boring?!?!?! i only live around the corner ya know?!?!!

At 11:22 PM, Blogger Neo said...

Snag - BTW. How's your weather up there tonite? I see some really nasty out rings heading your way tonite.


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