Monday, October 10, 2005

Dizzy Bizzy

Been soooo buzy reading n commenting recently, I've barely time to think straight enough to post ! Been on the line I bit more than I bargained for today, checkin up n out a few more things. Looks like the pace of my non-blog life will be pickin up speed by next week, so if my posting becomes even less frequent, u know why... "Run, run, run, gotta get it done"- exerpt from an ancient poem I wrote "Space n Time"...
And now that I'd like to rest, there's head-bangers blasting down stairs 10:50 pm again! Like clockwork whenever I want to get up early, they're always messin up my plan. I'm such a light sleeper, looks like 6 am is yet screwed again, messin with my attempt to get more done in fewer days...

There's been some nasty, rain-driven flooding in NH and Western MA, due to river and dam over-flows, quite like a mini-version of recent southern floods as earlier commented on under prev post . Glad that MB's home is still doing ok, but looks like some folks had float away homes, mud damage (in Hadley), and some roads and bridges have ceased to exist, again where nothing like this has ever happened in remembered history.
That seems to be the common thread in all the recent natural threat happenings ever since Tsunami day on Dec 26. ... Just one worst disaster after the next... We've passed threezees already! I can't fathom the loss of the 20,000+ in the Pakistan Quake 4 days gone....

I know flooding, my home being caught in a water-world, is my worst night-mare, an actual re-occurring dream I've had and remember well, about waking up to find my apt, has become a houseboat isolated and adrift. In real-life it's more likely to collapse than float, and the most depressing thing to me of that thought, is all the artwork which would turn to mush were it ever to occur, and all the stringed, wooden instruments which would warp beyond play-worthiness. I'm fairly certain I can't happily live without any play-able guitar! I wonder how many today are suffering that very fate... ?
On top of my link sidebar, I've just place the "Eden" blog link by proffesional photographer, Clayton, for those few of you who haven't yet noticed it up to 2nd place on the dashboard's most visited list this week, worth checking out. It's a tear-jerker by the time ya make it down to the first post, guaranteed. I'd like to thank Neo for first bringing it to my attention. An eye-openner! The main lesson being, the problems are lingering for those who need help, a month later there, the very basics are still absent for many...


At 4:40 AM, Blogger Ellen said...

I read the Op. Eden when Neo posted up the link... took a few hours and a box of kleenix to get through it. The pictures and stories were heartbreaking, and I found myself taking breaks in between storylines. I read all of the comments, and it amazed me that there were some who left
totally unsympathetic remarks concerning the plight of the area.
I liked the comebacks by Clayton, who suggested that they take a trip to the area, and warned them
not to be too suprised if they were
stoned to death for their stupid remarks.
For the most part, many were sympathetic ( at least 99%) and it renewed my faith a little in mankind. For those who weren't, I am convinced that Karma will play a big bad role.


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