Thursday, March 03, 2016

The Brain isTaxed

Image by SnaggleTooth March 2016

Been trying to find one little section of something in the HC forms I'd found easily years ago, but the online clutter has become so bad, it is too well hidden, n so I don't have time for more searching plus blogging.

Image by SnaggleTooth March 2016

Yep, want to blog a few minutes. Being so time limited online is so limiting. So much to look for, n tired of always being in a hurry. Not able to figure out the home wifi on my machine there. Maybe I'm too far away from the router, but not going to move my stuff out of my room, especially with so many cats who attack everything. 

Image by SnaggleTooth March 2016

I'm a bit frazzled today. Had a rhyme written to go with this pic, but it will have to go on later. Thought I'd saved it to the stick-drive, but must only be on the home file.

Will put it in as an update post later. No other pics done this week to put up- have slowed way down with using the old, slow machine purchased back in 2001... Amazing it still works! Been preoccupied finding the better old photos I need to save, n can use alot more memory sticks to archive it all.

Image by SnaggleTooth March 2016

Photo by SnaggleTooth Jan 2016

Time is running out again, going to go read quickly n wait another week. Until Taxes are done, I can't do it as I'd like.
I'll be back next week to explain this pic...


At 12:07 PM, Blogger Granny Annie said...

Will look forward to hearing about the picture. My taxes are in to CPA and my bill are paid with even a couple of dollars left. Times are getting tighter and tighter for all of us I think.

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Lynn said...

Beautiful pic! I feel your pain about the taxes - I got that done last week. So glad to have that behind me.

At 3:34 AM, Blogger Buddy T. Doxie said...

Hay you said " Cat's " I thought you only had One ? Spunky

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Gran Annie, I've met alot of folks homeless around town this winter- I'm lucky I have a room, housing is so expensive n tied up with nothing available. I don't pay someone for doing taxes n do the work myself, tho torturous as you can imagine. At least pics are fun-

Lynn, Thanks, I do really like those close-ups of the color combos. I'm dragging butt on paying at the last moment. I have no health insurance, it's $600 per year cheaper not to...

Spunky tell Buddy, guess you didn't hear about Mischief not making it to my new place, n the kitten rescue going on with a stray mother here at the new location. They aren't mine- but I borrow them.


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