Friday, November 05, 2010

Frog Head

Image by SnaggleTooth Nov 2010
"I see..." Said Froggel. "Just because I have eyes similar to Earth amphibians, you wish to nickname me Frog Head to amuse yourselves."

"Really, I'm quite unlike a frog. I have a red colored, hooded head, a single yellow nostril, n a red-lipped mouth with two, oval, pearl teeth showing. "

"Instead of a frogs white under belly, I sport a tattoo of a purple Mirth-monkey with open arms to invite friendship from all. Yet, you tease me..."

"I will now cast a double-blue aura cloud... until I'm again feeling sunny."


Photo by SnaggleTooth Nov 2010

(Yep, Froggel was born from this pic of the sunset over M-cove yesterday-)


At 6:11 AM, Blogger desk49 said...

A frog, an alligator oh what do I see
A green hooded bird peeking out at me
A alien with yellow gloves flying through the sky,
She has on goggles so no bugs will get in her blue eyes
A horse leaning on a fence with glowing red hair
Tell me, tell me Snaggle... how did they all got there.

At 6:38 AM, Blogger Granny Annie said...

How spectacular to be born out of a sunset.

At 6:55 AM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Holy cow, what a sunset.

I like his tattoo, hopefully BB won't read this post and notice as he is wanting a tattoo lately. NOt so keen on him with a tatoo, but if he must a single karrit on his upperarm will hopefully satisfy him.

Bye froggle.

And Snaggle.


At 8:49 AM, Blogger Lynn said...

That does kind of look like a frog with a tattoo. Love that sunset pic.

At 11:46 AM, Blogger TALON said...

That sunset photo is glorious, Snaggle! Beautiful!

I hope Froggel feels sunny again soon :)

At 3:07 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Ellis, Perhaps someone's been slipping vodka in the coffee...!
Cute little poem, almost as strange as my invention... Weren't expecting a froghead, were ya? A little bird told me, It was magic!

Gran Annie, Who doesn't want that beginng to boast of? Excellent observation!

JanF, The sunset was decidedly brownish- n the sun was glaring in my eye like that for a good while.
Now everyone will want a Mirth Monkey tat! Snaggle did somewhat inspire Froggel's nom.

Lynn, I get alot of pics I can't get any idea of what they look like, but this one reallty jumped right out at me! Thanks

Talon, Thanks. Couldn't tell what it would come out like at the time- A bit glarey! It was worth the walk to the bridge. Froggel kinda hit me as a bit of a non-stop gabber...


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