Thursday, May 28, 2009

Park n Ride

Photo by SnaggleTooth May 2009
The most annoying part of my trek north last week was due to the road construction on Route 95, driving on the rumble strip was required part of the way. My oldest front tire complained n started dropping air pressure fast. I got off the exit n right there was an open service station where I stopped to check the almost flat tire. They were able to put a new GoodYear on cheap. From that point I was only a short distance from where I was headed, n a couple hours early. I'd just finished the 400 mile haul.
The last thing I'd wanted to hear was I needed to drive another 25 miles n get the lugnuts re-torqued. If I didn't do it before 5 pm, they'd be closed n it wouldn't be safe for the 400 miles back. The service I was going to attend would run past that closing time deadline, so I decided to drive the 25 immediately, n still get back here in time to get dressed n ready.
On my improvised tour of Bangor during a crowded good, spring weather lunch-time, I found this little park. It's located on Route 2 across from the Penobscot River. The artifical pond with fountain was still waterless awaiting help from the maintanance Department.

Photo by SnaggleTooth May 2009.
This red Tulip made a good accent color against the bright yellowy-green shrubs. Of course it may've been good in front of the water too...
I didn't stop there long, n continued to waste time n miles thru stop n go traffic with more intown road work. They still employ folks to hold those round red signs on a pole. One side says "Stop," the other says "Slow." It was slow alright! It took a whole hour to put that needed mileage on Little Truck's odometer!
Finally, I got the tire torqued again, dressed, n to the place I needed to be on time. After, at the home of the departed I took a pic of her large frogs sitting on the wall, who usually accompany a small water garden with little waterfall.
Photo by SnaggleTooth May 2009.
No one will be setting up that classic water feature this season. There's an empty hole for the pond plastic, n a space for all the beautiful plants she knew how to set in n care for. No one else knows how she managed to make such a beautiful spot near the entryway into the home. Luckily I got to see it a few times in years past. It's rough walking by the spot now empty of her talent.
Amazing what water can do...


At 8:14 AM, Blogger Lynn said...

A lovely tribute to your friend. Thank you for sharing. (Hoping to visit Maine at some point - I've always wanted to go there.)

At 10:40 AM, Blogger TALON said...

The euonymous makes a perfect foil for the tulips. Nice pics.

Those frogs are full of character - much like she must have been.

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

When I saw that first pic I went "Oooooh!" out loud. So pretty, and pleasing composition. You do have "the eye."

Are we long-lost sisters? Soul sisters, I guess.

Always road construction somewhere, eh? I know next week as soon as Kelly's scool is out there will be a major major work on Bee Caves Road, which will be great when it's done but in the meantime...

Yes, lovely tribute to your friend indeed.

And lucky about the station and tire right off the Highway.

You ever been on Maine's Route 9? I haven't in some years but it was scary.

At 2:37 PM, Blogger Neo said...

Snag - Just curious, was there a third frog at one point in time?

Looks like the "Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil," display.


- Neo

At 3:22 PM, Blogger ... Paige said...

It will be a sad sight to behold but hopefuly the nice memories will block out some of the pain

At 3:55 PM, Blogger Mad Mom said...

neo- maybe the 3rd frog couldn't take the stress of ignoring evil anymore and made a run for it, lol

hey mom- great pictures! I knew when I drove past your house late last night and saw your truck in the driveway, I would have the pleasure of reading a new post today. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see you soon.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger Neo said...

BBM - Can you blame him?

Maybe wishing for blindness is too much to ask for? ;)

At 3:19 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Lynn, Thanks. I've been there many times, as it's full of people to visit. My Dad n his Dad were raised there further to the north. Beware the black flies!

Talon, thanks I couldn't remember that name, even tho I saw some in your Stripey series awhile back. She had great taste in decorating-

JanF, I've always had an eye for compostion, n going to Fine Arts University hammered it in tight- You can never have too many sisters. Is Bee Caves full of bees? Or like a honeycomb? (construction on a long trip stinks)! I've been on many roads, but don't remember 9 -

Neo, That's exactly what I think of, but have never seen the third frog. I wonder what ever became of him...?

Paige, Going by her gardens was depressing, because she was such a great Gardener, n no one else there does it- everything was looking wild. We're her garden now... sigh- thanks.

BBM, I think hear no evil heard Bill coming a mile away! (on his new Harley)
Thanks, what'll you do when I decide not too? TG they gave me my reg days off this week after switching last week around. Hope 2CUsoon2

Neo, The froggie on the left could be either see or hear. My guess is they were cheap cuz one was missing. They're steel n two feet tall-

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Isn't Bee Caves a deliciously evocative name? There is town of Bee Cave, Texas not far from here. I'd love to visit the caves there if any do exist but I'd be afraid of getting stung.

At 12:19 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

JanF, I'm allergic to bee stings, are you?

At 8:05 AM, Blogger G. B. Miller said...

That picture of the solitary tulip was a perfect capper to what had must of been a very trying day.

At 12:50 AM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Well, Snag, I honestly do not recall if I have actually gotten stung by a bee in my whole long life. Mabye once as a kid but I am thinking not. Weird, eh?

I'd say about 8000 mosquitoes have gotten me tho.

And why do I suddenly have the urge for cake or a cookie at 11:42 p.m.?

But getting back to bee stings. have you ever been in an anaphylactic state with a sting?

I've had yucky reactions to fireant bites, went to EMS once after getting stung about 14 times. Had diarrhea for a week. (Well, actually for just a day, but it was not at all a pretty event.)

And had a scorpion hitch a ride on the inside of my housecoat once. He gave me a right nice little love-kiss. Luckily the sting was gone in about 30 mins but it hurt like a, like a, well, it hurt really really a lot much.

And God, I just saw G's new avatar. Kelly and I actually saw that pic on the "I can Has Cheeseburger," site in the looks-like category -- they compared Christina Ricci to that cat when her haircut was similar in shape to the melon.

I suppose sleep is not entirely out of the question here.


At 3:26 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

G, very perceptive of you! N at that point, I'd already been awake over 24 hours straight...

JanF, wow, I think you'd remember, cause it's a burning sore for days, much like the scorpion sting I gather- I've been stung 5 times, not in a few decades tho- now I know how to avoid it. I don't allow bee-swatting anywhere near me! If you breath out gently at them, the CO2 makes them fly away- easy!
Last bad-out of control swelling attack was due to a horsefly bite near my eye at fav beach- ER on the 4th of July- no fun!
Stop eating sugar, you'll never crash- get out that Sleepytime herbal tea!

At 6:43 AM, Blogger G. B. Miller said...

Jannie, I actually got my avatar via the e-mail back in the early part of the decade ('05 or '06).

I'm guessing it meets with your approval?

At 10:50 PM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

I guess I've probalby never been stung then.

I ctually have cut way down on sugar in general.

G: your avatar is a hoot!

At 2:31 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

G, the tennis-ball helmet must've been tough to get on the cat... So I guess he's not yours eh?

JanF, You'd def remember, it's that painful! No sugar? Maybe you're just used to being so busy, that you can't slow down. Better keep booking gigs...
I agree on G'e avitar-

At 1:38 AM, Blogger Buddy T. Doxie said...

WOW !!!! I didn't know you went so far away... Your note must have goten lost in my e-mail,boy what a trip, We hear are happy you are back in one peace..(With that tire thing)
My hoooman say's hi and have a great weekend..B I been having a thing about getting on bLOGGER but hope it is fixed this time.... Maby I'll try and see if I can get to work....
love & licks.....
Buddy & family

hay love the cat with the hat "G" Hay im a poiet,, (But can't spell..LOL)

At 2:44 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Hiya Buddy n Pal, good to finally hear from you. Yep 2 days, 800 miles, zero sleep. Still depressed too. Licks are better than ticks anytime! Hope the buggies aren't too bad there yet-


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