Saturday, October 18, 2008


photo by SnaggleTooth fall 2008

A trying time for Day Off again. Little Truck sprung a leak n wasted all my time n bux again.
I had to sweat out yesterday's ride to work, then home again. I performed alot of extra prayers for safety. Alot of fluid got wasted dripping down the pavement. Every few miles I had to stop to put in more to drip out, in hopes Little Truck's parts wouldn't run bone dry.
All the free-time for sleep I should've had was cast aside in favor of a quest to hurry n solve the problem before Little Truck needed a complete transplant, which would strand me.
But I made it thru the troubles to the other side of being able to get errands done in time for the next work shift, n Little Truck can still shift gears- whew!
I went to a little shop just down the street from this pic spot, where I shot this cute, wierd house across from the Wind Turbine in September (near the RR bridge in the BG). Thankfully, they didn't care it was Saturday Afternoon, n shouldn't have been open. I got to leave with a little money for necessities in my pocket, n Little Truck stopped peeing down the road.
Just when you've written off folks as mean n selfish, you can happen on the nicest people who go out of their way to prove you wrong.
My nail-biting angst is over for the day. Now all I need is the sleep I didn't get- Here I am feeling wide awake with tons of weight off my shoulder, while knowing an earlier work-shift is looming next.
How do you spell relief?


At 4:29 PM, Blogger Shelley said...


Glad you and Little Truck made it!

At 2:33 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Xray, Little Truck has alot more go-go than I do now! thanks

At 3:41 AM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

How do I spell relief... chocolate. And great coffee in the a. of m.

Yes, and sleep which I'll try to go back to now.

Appreciate your coming back to my humble site. My Wordpress was acting funny yesterday and the day before and for some reason it had set my post with a default of Comments Off. Weird. Then I realized. Oh?

Transmission probs? Vehicles, eh.

Pretty cool-looking abode. Was "Near the RR bridge in the BG" supposed to be a link, 'cause it's not acting like that for me. And this enquiring mind NEEDS to know.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Milk Brain said...

RR= Railroad; BG=background
(the grey structure if you look above the houses- that is the railroad bridge)

It is such a relief when you can find a mechanic who is more interested in being nice and helpful and less of a money pit. My guys name is Ray. and he is fantastic! Perhaps this little shop will get your business more now.

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Kush said...

Nice blog you have out here! I have a fascination for the way of life in America -- the land of freeedOm 'n appurchunitee.

At 3:17 PM, Blogger carmilevy said...

My bicycle is my relief. The rare times that it breaks, I can usually fix it myself or bring it in and have it repaired inexpensively by an expert.

I despise owning a car. I wish society didn't practically compel us to have one.

At 3:59 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

JanFun, Chocolate- I eat the very dark stuff, usually with dried cherries. I had to quit coffee, n do tea now. AM is when I get out of work, eat supper, n go to sleep!
That's not a link, I just always use that color for descriptions in parenthesis().

MB, thanks, I forget everyone hasn't done movie production! Hmm, maybe I'll link it to prev pics I took... no time now tho.
I abbrev lots just cause I know u understand it!

Rhet, thankyou for the visit n comment. Comon back now, ya hear?

Carmi, my poor old bike is in much worse condition than Little Truck, due to a shed roof leak. I'm about to put the tires on, but still need to fabricate a rear cable stop for the brakes (rusty).
Our town has a helmet law, n I don't have one yet- Oh well, always was a rebel...

At 11:46 AM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Thanks, now I get the different colored lines!

It does look really pretty in your neck of the woods. haven't been up there yet.

Been to Logan airport! which is actually quite a kick-ass airport 'cause it has those cool kinetic art things behind glass (tho the last time I was thru they were down to one.) And the childrens' play area. That area saved my bacon when Kelly was a tot.

At 1:27 AM, Blogger flleenie said...

I don't want to spell relief, I want to feel it!

My relief thing is English tea...

It rocks!

At 2:59 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

JanFun, I like the inspirational views I get around here- I tend to go to TF Green airport in RI because I try to avoid BeanTown- I grew up near there.

Fleen, I like Red Rose to wake up, Good Earth Green to unwind, n Chamomile to fall asleep- Every day.
I like your relief idea- Day off with sleep n wheels is good for me this week-

At 1:21 AM, Blogger Buddy T. Doxie said...

Wow so happy the little truck is ok,I now when "Pal's" truck is not workin so good, that meen's I have to stay home(That I hate lol)
Glad you got it fixed & hope you don't need it fixed again.
Hay give the cat a hug and kiss(Don't smile I do like cat's I am one of a kind Doxie lol)
love to you all BUDDYTHEDOXIE & "Pal"

At 3:50 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Buddy, I hope Pal's truck lets you take it out for a spin soon. Now that it's cold again, the truck is warmer than the house! Don't work those paws too hard-


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