Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hell-o Dolly

We had some torrential thunder n lightening storms tonight while I was at work. The power only went out twice. Working in the dark is always fun, never mind messing up the night's schedule so that I get to be more sore than usual. Now it's supposed to rain for my Day Off. It's been awhile since I was subjected to a day of rain here on the Cape. It's been quite a dry summer, except for the humidity.
A hurricane named Dolly wasn't too nice to South-coastal Texas today, according to "World News Now" this early am. Governor Rick Perry declared 14 counties disaster areas already. Water n power are out for many communities. They got alot of wind damage as well as flooding, n many levees were put to the test. Dolly was only a category 2 hurricane...
I liked the shot they had of a "Hello Dolly" hotel marque knocked over. The director's cut-away started playing the old stage-show theme signature song. Then I had to sing it out loud to myself all the way thru. I know all the words like the back of my hand.
Alot of folks may not realize I played a supporting role in that production, "Minnie Fay", who is Dolly's friend, back in 8th grade school play of "Hello Dolly." I do know that tune word for word (n "Elegance"), permanently etched into my brain, thanks to director Mr. Murphy. I don't remember all my lines now... The old script is still packed away here somewhere.
In the backroom there's a four-foot long, "Livery Stable" sign I painted with a horse-head on it for that set. The main thing I took away from that experience, besides the sign, n befriending the other actors, was a feeling of adulthood. It was a big responsibility for a young age, n I felt old! Were were all playing adults, after all. People actually had to pay for tickets, too! That was one of two plays I was in that school year. The other was called "The Happiest Days of Your Life." a farce (comedy) about a school, for which I had to memorize 75 chunks of live speech.
Of course it wasn't as much fun as the high School plays I was in... like doing choreography for "Fiddler on the Roof" was a blast during my folk-dancing phase. Then Senior Year there was an original "Broadway Review" including a slew of show-tunes in which I got to play "Laurie" in "Oklahoma" n got to kiss "Curly" at the end of "People Will Say We're in Love." We endured massive amounts of ribbing from the student body for that one. It's nuts how school is so good at embarrassing you.
Classmates just don't let anything go unnoticed n un-made-fun-of... N just hearing about today's hurricane brought all that back- clear as day. I remember I saw a funnel cloud on the way into work today before that local storm wreaked havok with my duties. We don't get those often around here. Luckily, no wind damage was realized aside from the power out-age.
Day Off is here n it's time to snooze.
~"I feel the room swayin', for the band's playin' one of your old favorite songs from way back when, so..."


At 2:19 AM, Blogger Buddy T. Doxie said...

hi i din't always say anything but i do read everyday.. Buddythedoxie

At 4:40 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Buddy, that's good to know. You didn't even notice the dog in that last pic, did you?
Alot of folks aren't commenting anymore-


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