Friday, May 09, 2008

Breaking Waves

Photo by SnaggleTooth 2008
So much is going on. I've got so little energy left after hand-mowing the over-grown lawn. Every day I've had off has rained, thwarting my plan to mow before it got too tall. Today it began with precip, but then dried up enough to give me no excuse to ignore the chore longer, n besides more rain is forecast for the next several days. (I expect my connection to be messed up.)
So much is going on in the world. Cyclone Nargis has afflicted Myanmar, formerly Burma, with an horrendous aftermath to deal with. Yet another case where mixing religion with leadership policies is failing at it's most inopportune time. Another government is proven oblivious of it's peoples plight. Aid shipments awaiting destinations, are being ignored while folks have no food, water, or shelter. It's yet another case of an unusual water-related natural disaster, n another high death toll.
Hopefully I never have to report on anything like that occurring in my home zone. As the ice melts n the sea level rises, the likelihood of these gargantuan storm effects increases. I've been watching that Al Gore movie again, (n just before that happened too).
So at work- this dude I was trapped working with the other night, was talking about how the civilized world as we know it is going to end very soon, like within a year n a half! Don't you know Nostrodamus n the Bible even say so? "It's starting now, with the rice," he kept on n on.
I believe I've mentioned preferring not to talk while I work previously on ESR, (In case you were paying attention). Apparently, some folks are getting a bit paranoid. They didn't realize I had them beat by a few years already...
No, I don't believe anyone predicting to know about what will happen, because I don't think anyone can know. It's all we can do to figure out how to survive what we have to deal with, as life is, day to day.
There is so much to react to, with the state of the art communications getting the word out. There are more people living in danger zones with higher world population. I truelly wonder at the cruelty of these disasters, both man-made n natural, but realize I can do little about them, except bear the knowledge.
These worldly tragedies makes me feel a large burden of loss, even tho I didn't personally know the victims. It amplifies my gratitude of appreciating every day alive, even as I work myself to a frazzle in my effort to maintain self-sufficiency.
On the homefront, If it weren't for everyone trying to avert a constant barrage of economic disaster, it'd be pretty boring around here. Soon the tourists will arrive, n complain about the additional price burdens as they waste resources left n right, but still party n have fun, as I still have to work. Memorial Day is but a few weeks away.
So much peace about to become noise, is about to be going on...


At 12:27 PM, Blogger Shelley said...

The Bible says not to worry about those things. Which is exactly what people who aren't grounded in Christ do. It sucks what the Burmese gov't is doing by not allowing aide to those folks, and my heart breaks for them. I pray that they endure this disaster and come out strong.

At 4:27 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Xray, I know somewhere in the good book it states no one will be able to predict the final time, also. So folks should stop trying to-

I pray the govrnmt wakes up to smell the coffee before a million die of famine n desease due to neglect. Many souls to pray for again.


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