Sunday, September 10, 2006


I'm wishin I had time for fishin...

Photo by SnaggleTooth

Some folks on the pier in this pic didn't seem to be gettin many bites. I took this shot a couple weeks ago. Now that the summer folks are gone, I bet the fish are perkin up up there again. They like it quiet, too!

from http://the in May '05 When I went archive hunting for that Shark- pic from the Vineyard contest last summer '05, I couldn't find the post, or the link I may've mentioned, so here it is again, Proof that there are definately "One-bite fits all" sea critters in these waters. I remember the story was about how these dudes got in seven minutes late for the shark-fishing contest, so didn't win with this 25-foot Tiger-Shark monster.

Those jaws are five-feet wide!


I'm a little bit burnt out this week doing day 8 in a row at work, ugh! Tried to post the shark pic the other day but blogger was hungry n ate it again... Time off soon, but will be very busy getting ready for a trip to New Hamphire for a wedding next week-end. I haven't been away in about a year, n gotta fish for the travel gear, then clean it.


I'm an honorary member of their family. the groom was four when I met him as a neighbor. That first year he tried to axe my guitar for firewood. Luckily he lacked the strenghth to lift the long-handled axe, n the fender acoustic only sustained a minor chip-mark in the finish... ah, the good old days!


He turned out pretty good after all, now 28. I went to his brother's wedding up there last fall. Gotta love the fall folliage in the White mountains. Maybe it won't rain this time (the last one poured).


Wow, am I zonked- time to sleep again,

Have a good Sunday folks! (I'm workin it)!


At 9:57 AM, Blogger Milk Brain said...

glad you made it through hell week! how's that knee? hangin'in there i hope. hi to the guys up in NH for me! can't remember when i saw them all together last.. i think it was when they were living next to GE. that was ages ago! as in high school era. feel free to give out my email address or whatever. hope it's fun!

At 7:58 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

MB, the knee still complains n a little lumpy, not as bad tho- just finished a 13 hour shift need Z's bad.
I should print out some of your busi-cards to hand out, hmmm
I'm sure it'll be a blast, thanks!


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